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Chinese Toddler’s Crotchless Pants So Shocking in America That Woman Calls Police

Posted: 11/6/2014 9:05 am

A kid wearing open-seat pants on the street in China

Yes, a pair of crotchless pants, also known as ‘open-seat pants’ that have a split in the crotch for toddlers, has become a contentious issue in the United States.

The sight of a toddler wearing them in Monterey Park, California was so shocking to some American onlookers that one American woman reported the run-in to the local police.

When police arrived and learned that the onesie is mainly to used to enable kids to answer nature’s calls easier and faster, the newspaper wrote that “the police couldn’t just believe what they hear.” However, when reached by a Chinese media outlet, the local police authority said they have yet to confirm the authenticity of the report.

The pants, which are ubiquitous in China, remain contentious even here, Nanfang Net reported. The anti open-crotch pants camp argues that the exposure is unhygienic and makes the child vulnerable to accidents such as boiling water and sharp knives.

One commentator named Daniel wrote, “wearing open-seat pants will indulge the kids to do their business anytime and anywhere they want.” Others argued that this outfit might draw pedophiles. Another commenter said, “there are so many perverts out there. Once the kids get hurt, you won’t even have time to cry.”

Those who are defensive about the look link it to Chinese culture (though our own research can’t find any particular cultural connection) and threw barbs at “narrow-minded” Americans. A user called Eternal commented, “For those who run naked for some holidays, what grounds you have to criticise us? Open-seat pants are a part of Chinese culture. What the heck do you know?”

Others even argued from an environmental point of view. 知雨 wrote, “wearing open-seat pants spared the use of so many pampers. (Do you know) how much waste we managed to save? Support tradition.”

Photos: Chaos taipei, Zhihuimami

  • Just_Banlas

    The epitome of Chinese innovation….


    Americans love being offended and calling the police.
    In China, half the time I walk around with my dick hanging out of my pants and Chinese aren’t offended… they are in awe and several girls have actually proposed marriage to me

    • Orly Frank


  • Neobooper

    “For those who run naked for some holidays, what grounds you have to criticise us? Open-seat pants are a part of Chinese culture. What the heck do you know?”

    The same culture as “We need new apartment or house to get married, its our culture”

    Big Giant BS! Overseas Chinese kept most of the original culture, untainted by Cultural Revolution, do you see them running around wearing this? Not in my 40years going around the world

  • Homara Woodhead

    I have been to China many times and although was a bit surprised and amused at first, understand the use of these pants for toddlers. People in America need to open up their minds and realise there are many ways to do things in the world. Maybe we could learn from each other!

  • foreignerinchina

    The reasons given for being against it aren’t very sound. Im a foreigner in China and I’ve seen many children wearing pants like that – they are healthy and safe. There aren’t many (if any) cases of it drawing in pedofiles…if that type of person has those kind of thoughts they will do it regardless if the child wears crotchless pants or not. And boiling water, and knives will hurt us if we are wearing crotchless pants or not…

    Also I think its healthier than wearing diapers like back home which are LOADED with unhealthy chemicals that seep into the childs skin….not to mention the amount of waste. The alternative to that is cloth diapers but back to my original point – crotchless pants are harmless.

  • Sarah Caroline Gillette

    And making a baby sit in their own filth is more hygienic?

  • Myth

    Great way to save on Diapers? hahahaha the kid is innocent. Technically if you think about it actually makes sense…. seriously logically it makes sense.

    BUt in the west Crotchless clothing is what adults go to buy at those XXX stores.

  • lestourmentsdes4vents

    The news portal did a follow-up to this and interviewed three policemen in three different cities in LA county, and none of them knew about the crotchless pants. Here are some quotes.
    Lieutenant Dave Elliott in Monterey Park said he would first go up to the parents to enquire about it, and then suggest they do as the Americans do, i.e. using diapers. But he would not fine them.
    Captain Whalen Vaughn in Arcadia said he would first enquire about the parents’ sanity and determine if they were suspected of child abuse, when he saw a Chinese toddler wearing such pants urinating or defecating in public. If they were abusing the child, then he would take the child away from the parents. If not, he might fine them.
    Captain Devane Ane in Temple City said he would ask them to use diapers and clean the pooh and would not fine them, because it was the same as when people walked their dogs, the dogs would crap, and their masters should clean it.…/2014-11/06/content_29704322.htm

  • Verity Faith Sandahl

    From a practical standpoint this is genius. However, as a parent there are other things I prioritize with my children (over earlier potty training) like teaching them consideration of others’ discomfort and modesty.

    I would not judge other parents who employ this because they very obviously have different priorities in their parenting.

    But I would never use this outside of our home.

  • Gee, why?

    What nobody has mentioned yet is that the kids do their business right on the sidewalk or in the street due to these open-seat pants. Talk about unhygienic. I’m not saying open pants are better than diapers or vice-versa. I am saying that you should not let your child shit on the ground in public.

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