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Chinese Toddler’s Crotchless Pants So Shocking in America That Woman Calls Police

Posted: 11/6/2014 9:05 am

A kid wearing open-seat pants on the street in China

Yes, a pair of crotchless pants, also known as ‘open-seat pants’ that have a split in the crotch for toddlers, has become a contentious issue in the United States.

The sight of a toddler wearing them in Monterey Park, California was so shocking to some American onlookers that one American woman reported the run-in to the local police.

When police arrived and learned that the onesie is mainly to used to enable kids to answer nature’s calls easier and faster, the newspaper wrote that “the police couldn’t just believe what they hear.” However, when reached by a Chinese media outlet, the local police authority said they have yet to confirm the authenticity of the report.

The pants, which are ubiquitous in China, remain contentious even here, Nanfang Net reported. The anti open-crotch pants camp argues that the exposure is unhygienic and makes the child vulnerable to accidents such as boiling water and sharp knives.

One commentator named Daniel wrote, “wearing open-seat pants will indulge the kids to do their business anytime and anywhere they want.” Others argued that this outfit might draw pedophiles. Another commenter said, “there are so many perverts out there. Once the kids get hurt, you won’t even have time to cry.”

Those who are defensive about the look link it to Chinese culture (though our own research can’t find any particular cultural connection) and threw barbs at “narrow-minded” Americans. A user called Eternal commented, “For those who run naked for some holidays, what grounds you have to criticise us? Open-seat pants are a part of Chinese culture. What the heck do you know?”

Others even argued from an environmental point of view. 知雨 wrote, “wearing open-seat pants spared the use of so many pampers. (Do you know) how much waste we managed to save? Support tradition.”

Photos: Chaos taipei, Zhihuimami


Abusive teacher jailed for six and a half years for dropping Yaoyao on her head

Posted: 12/14/2012 7:00 am

Xu being escorted into the courtroom.

A female teacher was sentenced to six and a half years in jail yesterday after she punished a 4 year-old student by turning her upside down and dropping her on her head, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.

After we told you in October of the horrific injuries that the four year-old Yaoyao had sustained, outcry spread across the country over this and several other high-profile cases of child abuse.

Last month an op-ed in Shenzhen Daily called for reforms to China’s pathetic child protection laws that enabled a 20 year-old kindergarten teacher to escape jail time after abusing students in creative and horrific ways.

The sentencing of the teacher, surnamed Xu, at Panyu District Court sends out a message to other teachers who attempt corporal punishment.

The incident took place on the morning of Feb. 7 this year when, after repeated disobedience, Xu committed the act of abuse and Yaoyao was left lying unconscious on the floor.

On Oct. 10, Xu admitted to inappropriately lifting the student but insisted that dropping her was an accident.

Judges at the court explained that the sentence was so long because Xu was in a position of particular trust at Guangzhou Panyu Zihui Children’s Rehabilitation Centre and the child, who was not responsible for her own actions, sustained such serious injuries.


Hero of dangling Guangzhou girl identified

Posted: 06/13/2012 7:00 am

The search for the man who rescued a girl last week, found dangling from a fourth floor balcony in Guangzhou has ended in success, according to Southern Metropolis Daily. Identified as “yellow T-shirt man”, he climbed up to save the girl who was struggling to breathe after falling through a gap in the balcony. He then discreetly left the scene.

Zhou Chong, 23, comes from Xiao Gan, Hubei Province. With the help of Zhou’s friend, reporter Yang Cheng found him in Dong Pu Zhu Town, Tian He District. When the reporter interviewed him, he was wearing the same yellow T-shirt for which he had become known.

“When I passed by Zhongshan Avenue, I saw a crowd gathered in front of an apartment building. I went to have a look, and I saw the toddler hanging between the gap of welded mesh screen on the balcony! Then I ran to her.” said Zhou, ” I did not hesitate, but in hindsight, I don’t know why I wasn’t more scared. I had to climb up from the balcony on the third floor because the baby was hanging from the fourth floor balcony, we did not know whether the welded mesh screen was firm or not.”

Zhou has four years experience as an electric welder in his hometown. He has also worked as a construction worker, and is accustomed to working at heights. He came to Guangzhou to look for work last month and is currently living with his cousin, who runs a supermarket where he spends his free time helping out.

As the rescue gained media attention, the demand for Zhou’s identity grew.

“Though we do not live in the same city, I recognized him when I saw reports on the Internet. He is a straightforward, bold man who sticks to his principles,” said Liu Hui hu, one of Zhou’s friends. ”I am glad he did the right thing, and hope he will do similar deeds in the future. But I also hope he doesn’t endanger his own safety too much,” said Zhou’s girlfriend.

According to Xin Kuai Daily, the leaders of Tian He District received Zhou, and rewarded him with a certificate and 50,000 RMB. Shi Qizhu, Secretary of Tian He District Committee, also promised that he would help Zhou get a job.

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