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Chongqing Doctor Claims Child Abuse Can Cure Children of Autism

Posted: 07/17/2014 10:24 am

autism therapy chongqing he xiaoyan hate therapy autistic children cureMental health in China is mostly a taboo topic, one that must be hidden rather than addressed publicly. And yet, a Chongqing doctor has attracted controversy not just because of her unorthodox methods of treating mental illness, but because she seems to be getting results.

The prevailing view is that autism is incurable, but a 36 year-old Sichuan native named He Xiaoyan claims she can do it, reports the Chongqing Commercial Report.

He operates the Leyi Amalgamated Kindergarten in Geleshan County. Throughout the past ten years, the school has taken in 960 children, some of which are autistic. He says she has “cured” ten of them.

He uses forceful and violent methods to treat these children using what she calls “hate therapy”. She uses a simple idiom to describe the treatment: ”If violence is used by the child, then violence will be returned on the child.”

As difficult as this is for parents to accept in the beginning, they usually come around to it. Here are a few cases of autistic children and the treatment they received:

  1. Four year-old Xiaoxiao was prone to biting, both herself and other people including students and teachers. To remedy this, teachers first tried slapping Xiaoxiao’s hand. When that didn’t work, He purposely provoked Xiaoxiao in order to incite her to bite. When Xiaoxiao bit someone, she was bit herself, sometimes even by He. Xiaoxiao was told, “Whether you bite yourself or others, it will hurt.” Half a year later, Xiaoxiao stopped biting people.
  2. Five year-old Tongtong was prone to falling on the floor whenever he was angry, thereby hitting his head and causing it to bleed. To treat Tongtong, He wrapped up Tongtong’s head in protective material and allowed him to repeatedly fall on the ground. This way, He allowed Tongtong to hurt himself, but not harm himself. Also, because Tongtong was afraid of heights, He suspended him from a tree a meter off the ground as part of his therapy. After screaming for three minutes, Tongtong was let down. A month later, Tongtong’s behavior changed.
  3. Six year-old Feifei was prone to running into walls. If there was no one to prevent him from doing so, Feifei continues to run into walls until he was bloody. He treated this case by provoking the child to run into a wall in the presence of a parent. He then took the child’s head, and rammed it into the wall with the parent watching. Next, He asked for the parent to comply, but they refused, causing the parent to further cry in front of the child. After two months, Feifei’s behavior changed.
  4. Six year-old Liangliang loved playing with water to the extent that he would get his entire body wet. He took Liangliang to a pool where he immediately jumped in. As part of his therapy, He took Liangliang by the head, went to the deepest part of the water, and held his nose and mouth underwater for an extended period of time, twice. Later, if Liangliang was seen playing with water at the kindergarten, he was pelted with water from head to toe. A year later, Liangliang changed his ways.
  5. Five year-old Shuaishuai was prone to throwing things around. At first, striking Shuaishuai’s hand with a chopstick proved to be useless. Then, He devised a treatment: Shuaishuai was given a ball and allowed to to throw around. Later, when Shuaishuai reached out for the ball, He hit his hand. Shuaishuai then changed his behavior so that he only threw objects when no one was watching. At this point, He would hide and jump out whenever Shuaihshuai was about to throw anything. Six months later, Shuaishuai stopped throwing things altogether.

He Xiaoyan graduated in 2003 from Serious Medical Clinical Pediatrics. She also qualified as national second-tiered psychological consultant in 2012. In 2013, she received her PhD in teacher management studies from Beijing Normal University.

Credentials aside, He addresses the controversy against her treatment of autism in this interview:

Reporter: When undergoing your “violent” educational practices, have parents criticized your techniques?
He Xiaoyan: (laughs) Each time I’m about to employ a technique, I always notify the parents to ask if they have any suggestions. If they agree with me, I will execute the procedure. If they have any worries, I will not do it.

Reporter: Through your procedures, will the children suffer any harm?
He Xiaoyan: At the present time, there is no clear drug available that will cure children with autism. I am a doctor as well as a national second-tiered psychological consultant; one must have a firm grasp, not too hard and not too light, in order to apply the principles of these special education techniques. “Hate therapy” must be an organic synthesis of medicine and psychology which must be focused and creative in its application.

Reporter: Whenever you “get angry” and you hear a child cry afterwards, what is your feeling?
He Xiaoyan: Cruel, just mercilessly cruel. But, the goal is to cure them.

Reporter: How do you deal with all the criticism?
He Xiaoyan: So long as I have the parents’ approval, I will implement these procedures. They are the source of all my actions. I feel that by doing this I can save the children, save the family unit, and even the entire extended family.

autism therapy chongqing he xiaoyan hate therapy autistic children cureOne such child that has been successfully “cured” of autism is nine year-old Chunchun. Chunchun is currently enrolled in third grade at a regular school and was able to answer all of the reporter’s questions, even if she was a little shy.

Chunchun was rated on the Childhood Autism Rating Scale (CARS) at 16, in which a rating of 30 is judged to be autistic. Chunchun was also judged to have an IQ of 40.

Though details of Chunchun’s treatment weren’t revealed, he is said to have progressed so far at the school that he was able to sing the songs The Agreement of the Rainbow and Only Mother is Good in This World as well as perform the Cow Dance at the kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Because of successful cases like Chunchun’s, He has the support of her patients’ parents. Over 90% of the parents approve of  He’s procedures even though they consider them to be “cruel”. The parents believe as long as the child is cured, any method to achieve it is acceptable.

A Chengdu parent said:

When a child is afflicted with autism, it’s the whole family that must bear the pain. By sending the child here, there’s a hope that Miss He will be able to cure the child.

autism therapy chongqing he xiaoyan hate therapy autistic children cureMr Liu of Dadukou, Chongqing, had once gone to the kindergarten only to see his child’s condition flare up. That’s when he saw Miss He take the child’s head and ram it into the wall. Regarding the incident, Liu said:

As I watched, tears flooded my face and my heart felt wrenched out of my body. However, Miss He used the proper amount of force and didn’t allow my child to come to any harm.

Liu supports He to do the necessary job at hand. Liu said:

If it happens at home, we wouldn’t be able to act (like Miss He does against our child).

He has been rehabilitating autistic children with her “hate treatment” for some time now, and it looks like she will continue to do so as expert opinion remains divided upon the proper way to deal with autism.

Mei Qixia, Deputy director of the Chongqing Pediatric Growth and Development, supports He Xiaoyan and encourages “brave and creative” responses:

In regards to autistic children, if medicine will adversely affect the outcome of treatment, a normal way is to adopt training as the main method. Drugs can still be used to complement treatment during the procedure. After undergoing “special training”, the IQ and speech ability of some children can be recovered to the level by which some of them will be able to read normally. Speaking from a medical perspective, the methods of “violent” teaching can attempt or even encourage bravery or innovation. However, specific needs must be determined for each situation. They must be individualized and not treated the same way.

autism therapy chongqing he xiaoyan hate therapy autistic children cureTaking the contrary opinion is Dr Zhang Zhongming, Secretary-General of the Psychological Teaching and Work Committee of the National Psychological Association. Zhang stresses caution and calls for more research:

The causes of autism are not clear and I am against this type of “violent” rehabilitation. Through this training, the child can easily incur more hurt and harm, and does not bring about an easy application. Even though some cases have gotten good results, but we must first research the evidence.

With so much controversy surrounding her, we are reminded as to why He Xiaoyan opened a school to treat autistic children in the first place:

After seeing parents with tears running down their faces and a helpless expression, I made my decision.

Photos: Chongqing Commercial Report


Five Injured When Police Handgun Goes Off At Kindergarten Safety Demonstration

Posted: 05/30/2014 10:07 am

henan gun dischargeFive people were hurt when a police handgun accidentally went off during a safety demonstration given by police at a kindergarten in Henan Province, reports CCTV News.

The incident occurred yesterday at around 10am at the Haiwen Experimental Kindergarten in Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou.

Nobody was hit when the gun went off, but some were injured when the bullet hit the floor, causing fragments of concrete to hit spectators.

Injured are four parents and one child, mostly with light wounds. All victims have been treated at the No. 3 People’s Hospital in Zhengdong New District and are expected to be released from hospital in the next three to five days.

Photo: CCTV via Weibo


Craving attention instead of pickles, pregnant woman fakes bomb attacks

Posted: 04/8/2014 8:45 am

There are moments when you felt neglected and bored of housework that you might turn to movie marathons and snacks for salvation. However, there are other people who will take a more extreme approach as did this six-month pregnant woman in Guangzhou.

Tired of housework, a 34-year-old woman surnamed Ou felt her family did not pay enough attention to her. In a desperate move to attract attention, Ou called the police on April 4 and told them that two kindergartens in Panyu district at which her family members work had been planted with bombs, Yang Cheng Evening News reported on April 6.

Amid rising public security concerns in the city after the Kunming attack, anti-bomb police squads quickly cordoned off the two kindergartens after receiving the phone call around 10am. Parents were called in to pick up their children at noon and more than 500 kindergarten students were evacuated because of the malicious prank call, the report said.

Ou was arrested by the police for spreading terrorism rumors, but given Ou is pregnant, the police granted her bail.

Home page image: CFP


Abusive teacher jailed for six and a half years for dropping Yaoyao on her head

Posted: 12/14/2012 7:00 am

Xu being escorted into the courtroom.

A female teacher was sentenced to six and a half years in jail yesterday after she punished a 4 year-old student by turning her upside down and dropping her on her head, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.

After we told you in October of the horrific injuries that the four year-old Yaoyao had sustained, outcry spread across the country over this and several other high-profile cases of child abuse.

Last month an op-ed in Shenzhen Daily called for reforms to China’s pathetic child protection laws that enabled a 20 year-old kindergarten teacher to escape jail time after abusing students in creative and horrific ways.

The sentencing of the teacher, surnamed Xu, at Panyu District Court sends out a message to other teachers who attempt corporal punishment.

The incident took place on the morning of Feb. 7 this year when, after repeated disobedience, Xu committed the act of abuse and Yaoyao was left lying unconscious on the floor.

On Oct. 10, Xu admitted to inappropriately lifting the student but insisted that dropping her was an accident.

Judges at the court explained that the sentence was so long because Xu was in a position of particular trust at Guangzhou Panyu Zihui Children’s Rehabilitation Centre and the child, who was not responsible for her own actions, sustained such serious injuries.


Kindergarten teacher ‘attacks students with scissors’

Posted: 07/3/2012 7:00 am

To spank or not to spank? Any discussion about corporal punishment is sure to provoke heated debate. China has a complicated relationship with the issue. The Ministry of Education is proposing that schools crack down on teachers who violate, or try to skirt around, the nationwide ban on corporal punishment after a student in Shanxi Province was beaten by a teacher for not bringing an I.D. card to school.

Violence towards children is thought to be common in the country. Now Shenzhen has seen a corporal punishment scandal of its own.

A kindergarten teacher surnamed Liu has been accused of attacking three female students with scissors, causing minor injuries, according to local television. During afternoon nap time, Liu allegedly warned a student named Liang Zhi to stop talking. According to Liang, the teacher waved a pair of yellow-handled scissors while making the threat, and when Liang didn’t stop, she slashed the girl’s ankle.

On the evening of June 28, Liang’s mother, Su, was giving her a bath when she noticed a cut about 3-4 centimeters deep in the child’s ankle, she told local media. Su asked her daughter what had happened, and whether she had been naughty. The child explained what had happened, and now Su is demanding an explanation from Qingshuihe Kindergarten in the city’s Luohu District. The other two girls are said to have sustained wrist injuries.

An emotional Su added that she understood the need to discipline children. But insisted that a teacher’s punishment should be no more severe than a slap to the butt.

The head teacher of the kindergarten claimed that Liu had been using the scissors to do handicrafts. Liang was tossing and turning and had shaken off the blanket, the teacher moved to put the blanket back over her and accidentally cut her with the scissors. Liang did not scream, so the head teacher did not hear anything. The first she heard of the incident was when Su came to the kindergarten to complain. Liu resigned the day after the incident.

Although Liang claimed that two other students were injured, no other parents have come forward and complained.

Who do you believe?


School bus inferno: bus carrying 20 students catches fire in Longgang, Shenzhen

Posted: 06/5/2012 7:00 am

School bus safety has been in the news in China following a series of bus crashes over the past year.  Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be getting any better.

It’s not for lack of trying, though.  In January this year, the Shenzhen government introduced rules stipulating that all school buses must be equipped with seat belts, and if a child on a school bus is found not wearing one, the driver will be fined 200 yuan (US$32). Bus owners or operators who fail to install seat belts will be fined 5000 yuan. But there are other aspects of safety they may have overlooked.

A school bus carrying 20 people caught fire at a toll booth in Shenzhen’s Longgang District on the morning of June 3, according to The Daily Sunshine. The workers at the toll booth immediately put the fire out, and the driver guided all passengers, which included 16 kindergarten students, out of the vehicle to safety. The cause is under investigation.

The incident happened at the Bulong toll booth on Shuiguan Expressway at 9:08 a.m. A toll booth worker identified as Mr Yu told The Daily Sunshine, “I couldn’t tell whether the fire was coming from the back or the front, but my colleagues and I opened the door, rushed out with the fire extinguisher and managed to put the fire out before anybody was hurt.” According to the teacher, the students were going on a school trip.

It is thought that the fire was caused by a problem with the engine. Three towels placed on the front seat of the bus were the first objects on board to catch fire. The driver used the fire extinguisher on board to put it out after guiding the passengers off the bus, and it took an estimated 30 minutes to put out the fire completely.

The driver suggested that the city force all school buses to go through safety checks every three months. The name of the kindergarten was not written on the bus. The newspaper contacted all of the kindergartens in the vicinity, but all denied that there had been an incident involving one of their buses.

This isn’t the first issue with school buses.  In December last year, 15 were killed in a school bus crash in Jiangsu Province. The accident occured only a day after the state council moved to strengthen school bus safety after a crash killed 19 kindergarten students in Gansu Province the previous month.


6 year old girl diagnosed with gonorrhea

Posted: 03/22/2012 9:41 am

Via Guangzhou Daily, a Mrs. Yang up in Zhuzhou still has little idea how it came to be that her 6-year-old daughter’s kindergarten called her up last week with the news that little Qianqian had been diagnosed with acute gonorrhea.

Qianqian, sent to her boarding kindergarten just last month, has told reporters that she has played “Doctor” with one boy also at her school, the closest anyone seems to have come to identifying the source of the transmission. That a 6yo boy may also have the clap no doubt only makes things worse for the school. Qianqian’s parents appear to be running with the boy story, rejecting the school’s claim that Qianqian became infected on a weekend trip home and blaming teachers there for letting kids play together while naked.

For its part, the school claims that all teachers there have received health inspections in line with police regulations. They also denied Qianqian’s statement regarding stripping games played between students, adding that no such activity can be found in video surveillance footage of the classroom.

However, when Guangzhou Daily asked to see the tapes, the kindergarten headmaster refused, citing the children’ s privacy.

Police say they’re still investigating the situation.

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