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Craving attention instead of pickles, pregnant woman fakes bomb attacks

Posted: 04/8/2014 8:45 am

There are moments when you felt neglected and bored of housework that you might turn to movie marathons and snacks for salvation. However, there are other people who will take a more extreme approach as did this six-month pregnant woman in Guangzhou.

Tired of housework, a 34-year-old woman surnamed Ou felt her family did not pay enough attention to her. In a desperate move to attract attention, Ou called the police on April 4 and told them that two kindergartens in Panyu district at which her family members work had been planted with bombs, Yang Cheng Evening News reported on April 6.

Amid rising public security concerns in the city after the Kunming attack, anti-bomb police squads quickly cordoned off the two kindergartens after receiving the phone call around 10am. Parents were called in to pick up their children at noon and more than 500 kindergarten students were evacuated because of the malicious prank call, the report said.

Ou was arrested by the police for spreading terrorism rumors, but given Ou is pregnant, the police granted her bail.

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  • Zen my Ass

    She wanted attention, now she got it. We should think carefully and more than once before making our desires come true.


    A women craving attention….can be a dangerous thing

    • terroir bon bon

      So: how many comments do you post in a day?

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