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Kneeling is the Hottest Trend in Chinese Customer Service

Posted: 09/15/2014 10:30 am

kneeling stewardessesThe customer is king, and now Chinese businesses are starting to take that adage quite literally. Airlines in China are at the cutting edge of the hottest trend in customer service in China: kneeling.

Based on initial feedback, male customers love it. To best serve passengers, flight attendants adopt a uniform kneeling stance: both feet on the ground, one knee up with the other down, back straight, and both hands in the lap, just like so:

kneeling stewardesses

Flight attendants are taught the stance in large classes, where they receive instruction as they practice together in a line:

kneeling stewardesseskneeling stewardesses

The public can’t seem to get enough of it. To meet demand, pictorials shown on Caijing show flight attendants in the position.

kneeling stewardesses

Or stretching:

kneeling stewardesses

Or in this context, which just might be the beginning of a music video of a teen idol group, as directed by the late Stanley Kubrick:

kneeling stewardesses

“Kneeling service” has been noticed by many netizens, who have sounded off on the topic on Wiebo:

Upon seeing this, I have to cover my crotch.

Isn’t this to try to get them to show off their underwear? What’s good about this? Is this some kind of set deal you get at the airport with a bowl of beef noodles and a rice box? Take after the economical airlines (that offer competitive prices) and you will be king of the world…

My gosh, these photographs are enticing. If only their blouses were opened just one button more, then that would be perfect…

This is too artificial; bending at the waist should be enough. Are service personnel people as well? Don’t they need to be respected too?

I’m not able to hold back upon seeing these photos. If they were to kneel for me right now, I’d…

Are you sure these short skirts aren’t from a porn video?

Long, white legs [lovestruck.emo]

Take a look at the fatties and matrons stewardesses of US airlines. Now, take a look again at our own airlines and the torture we put these young women through

I’ve taken the airlines over dozens of times, and have only encountered two pretty girls. [crytears.emo]

Stewardesses work really hard; must they also must be tormented in this way as well?

kneeling stewardesses

We’ve heard from the male customers; but, we wonder what female customers think of “kneeling service”. Or, for that matter, what the flight attendants think.

Photos: Yang-Tse Evening Report, Caijing

  • Toothless

    British Airways stewardesses are not getting back up if they try this.

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  • David Fieldman

    Who thought of this?

    Although we men would like it, it’s despicable. It makes for obsequious flight attendants. Is this to make up for horrid service of China’s airlines, delayed flights, no information from the ground crew, terrible food and cramped seating, talkative passengers, illegal use of handphones during takeoff and landing?

    What do these young women think of this position and the smile they are forced to give while kneeling?

  • Free G

    Fuck flying in China. I’ve turned down lucrative work on the weekends because 1 hour flights become 6 hour ordeals.

    The hostesses are generally cute and I enjoy training staff at a regional carrier.

  • Mangrove

    From squatting to kneeling and easy transition. “Hey while you’re down there, could you do a friend a favor?”

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