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Chinese Flight Attendant Trainees Pose Topless in Honour of Chinese Singer Yao Beina

Posted: 01/22/2015 11:00 am

yao beina breast cancer awareness

Last week’s death of popular Chinese singer, Yao Beina, saw the release of secret photos taken during her last moments in the hospital and immediately following her death.

In an effort to properly honour Yao, who was just 34 years-old when she succumbed to complications related to breast cancer, the students of the Chengdu Dongxin Airline Attendant Academy held a memorial in the singer’s honour.

The stewardesses-in-training mounted a breast cancer awareness campaign by agreeing to be photographed topless in a classroom and on a plane, or a stage that looks like a plane. A few of the photos feature airline attendants carrying signs promoting women’s health.

A second year student of the Airline Attendant Academy, Ao Min, explained the campaign:

As a student, this was our first time being photographed naked, something I was a bit embarrassed about. We hope that these photographs demonstrate to women that being healthy is beautiful. We hope that more of our sisters educate themselves about health related issues, and remain vigilant in the fight against breast cancer.

Here are more photographs from the campaign, as well as from the memorial the students held in honour of Yao:

yao beina breast cancer awarenessyao beina breast cancer awarenessyao beina breast cancer awarenessyao beina breast cancer awarenessyao beina breast cancer awarenessyao beina breast cancer awarenessyao beina breast cancer awarenessPhotos: scol

  • Just_Banlas


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  • Neobooper

    Attention Seeking Whores

    • mcleod

      Whoring is one of the world’s oldest ‘professions’ along with soldiering.

      There are a lot of Chinese people, so proportionally the number of whores are likely to be percentage significant.

      Somehow it’s doubtful that is applicable with these particular trainee flight attendants.

      Given the orient’s traditional obsession with status and pecking order, butter wouldn’t melt in the mouths of the majority of these young ladies, and full-tilt boogie whores will be quite far and few in-between the ‘good girls’ hereabouts.

      It really does not require emphasising, that employment with an airline is a considerable, nay, massive step up from being a sex-worker.

      Just as women are acutely aware of the the very thin line that separates ‘sisters under the skin’ from each other, where gossip and negative character smears can reign in an unparalleled fashion, so does guarding their fragile reputation become an obsession.

      Unless they’re poorly educated, or truly stupid, or merely cunning, girls of this ilk will most assuredly walk on egg-shells to protect their reputation.

      • Neobooper

        I didnt realize wikipedia moved to comment section

        • mcleod

          Ha, ha, ha, ha!

  • Zen my Ass

    Topless means boobs and I don’t see boobs here: I will sue The Nanfang for causing me emotional distress.

    • mcleod

      Apart from looking wonderful on women, and giving quite a few a fair degree of pleasure, their designated function of feeding infant humans is of more interest than as sexualized entities (pun absolutely intended) to drool and endlessly eulogise about in testosterone fashion.

  • mcleod

    An attention-grabber of some success, for this women’s issue awareness programme.

    Co-incidentally and paradoxically, killing any motivation to oggle women’s breasts – unless you’re a sociopath totally devoid of humanity.

    As heterosexual male, to me there are few things comparable to the beautiful female form.

    However, my heart goes out to women who may be faced with at best disfigurment; or terminally, a sad demise, occasionally way too early in life, that can be so unfair to women.

  • Yu_Suk_Kok

    I smell Chink Stink.

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