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Chinese Students Hiding Cell Phones in Oxford Dictionary Covers

Posted: 09/24/2014 3:45 pm

oxford faux dictionary cellphone coverGenerations of counterfeit culture have culminated in this.

China has come up with the perfect way to disguise a cellphone for use during class: use a faux cell phone cover that looks exactly like an Oxford pocket dictionary, reports Southern Daily.

oxford faux dictionary cellphone cover

What’s lost on these students is… does anyone use an actual printed dictionary anymore?

oxford faux dictionary cellphone cover

Netizens provide their comments on this new product:

This can only be used during English class.

Do you take your teacher for an idiot? While the teacher is giving his lesson on the podium, you’ve got either a cell phone or a dictionary in your hands. It’s so obvious at with one glance.

Gosh, now I want one too!

Not a bad idea.

Hee hee, and now I know. [nefarious.emoji]

Young people will be ruined by cell phones! It’s like a drug!

Bad influence

Whatever the motivation was of the people that designed this, this remains a disappointment.

Previously, student would have to dig out a hole in a real dictionary to hide their phones in. [laugh.emoji]

oxford faux dictionary cellphone coveroxford faux dictionary cellphone coverUnfortunately, using a dictionary cover to wrap around your phone will make it much harder to take selfies in mirrors, so it could be that carrying around a fabrication of a dictionary may prove to be a good influence in the end.

oxford faux dictionary cellphone coverPhotos: Southern Daily, Guangzhou Daily


University Student Dies in Freak Elevator Accident

Posted: 09/18/2014 5:54 pm

elevator accident fatality Xiamen [This article contains content that may be offensive to some readers]

An unidentified student is dead after an elevator crushed him at a campus building at Huaqiao University in Xiamen, Fujian Province, reports Sohu Video.

The accident happened on September 14, the first day of school. The student entered the elevator and it began to move, while the doors were open and he was only halfway inside. The elevator put enormous pressure on him for 35 minutes. Rescue workers say the student was dead when they arrived. It’s believed the elevator crushed the man’s lungs.


Photo: Sina Video


Scholar’s Address At Great Hall of the People Becomes Slumber Party

Posted: 09/17/2014 6:42 pm

scholars speech great hall of the people sleeping studentsIt’s good to be old in China. You get to do whatever you want, say whatever you want, and generally get away with it—it’s basically the same as being a teenager in the West, except people all unequivocally respect you.

So when a 92 year-old scholar took to the stage yesterday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to give a speech to some 6,000 post-secondary graduate students, you’d expect people to listen. But, as the People’s Daily Online reported, they didn’t.

Photos show a wide number of students sleeping in the back rows.

scholars speech great hall of the people sleeping students

What makes this incident even more embarrassing is that the speaker, Wu Liangyong, had last been at the Great Hall of the People to receive the nation’s highest award for achievement in science and technology in 2012.

This very prominent example of disrespect towards one’s elders in one of the nation’s most important venues is an enormous loss of face for these students. As such, netizens took this chance to explain how they would have done better in the same situation.

Here are some comments:

First, not just anyone is allowed to go to the Great Hall of the People, so it’s a good guess to say these students were all “hand-picked” to be present for this speech. Second, am I right to assume this scholar chose a complicated topic of academia to speak about in his speech? Students have become numb to this type of content since they have been constantly bombarded with it. Third, any time you let me attend such a speech, I can guarantee you that I won’t fall asleep. [pitiful.emoji]

Anyone able to attend the Great Hall of the People is fortunate! And yet, for 30 minutes these people can’t keep it together!

These are the best students as determined by the gaokao (university placement system). [haha.emoji]

You can’t just blame the students.

How many people are there that want to listen, but aren’t able to? How many people that listen, but don’t cherish these words?

Stongly propose to revoke the qualifications of these sleeping graduate students. Kick them back to being undergrads, and make them take the tests again.

Once (these people) become officials, they will take turns sleeping. They will sleep during meetings, they will sleep through their first mistress, second mistress, x number of mistresses.

Are they all sleeping face down on the desks because… there’s no place to lie down?

The biggest shock to everyone must be how the public is more familiar to seeing people photographed and recorded while being wide awake at the Great Hall of the People.

scholars speech great hall of the people sleeping studentsPhotos: cyol


Shenzhen Breaks New Ground with Senior Appointment of a Non-Chinese

Posted: 09/3/2014 4:23 pm

south university science technologyShenzhen looks to internationalize its education system with the appointment of its first ever non-Chinese vice-principal.

Dr Elisabeth Montgomery will serve as the vice-principal at the Experimental School of South University of Science and Technology of China, a brand new elementary school, reports the Shenzhen Daily.

Montgomery describes international education as an amalgamation between Chinese and Western curricula that can invigorate students’ innate creativity at an early age. Montgomery said,

Students will have an environment of global classrooms with more interactions, and they will become aware of different cultures, not only of American culture, but from many places around the world, so they can have early education about what the world is and have incentives to explore more by themselves, which is also key to our education.

It’s reported that Montgomery has experience with local primary schools because her daughter attends Nantou Primary School, and that she has some Chinese language ability as a way to speak to students and staff.

The experimental school currently has a student body of 96 students, which are separated into 24 students for each classroom

Photo: Sina


High School Student Commits Suicide Following Mandatory Military Training

Posted: 09/1/2014 8:00 am

military training

A Liaoning high school student committed suicide after being disciplined by a military instructor during mandatory school training, reports 21CN. Wang Jingwei took her own life in the early hours of August 19, jumping out of her sixth floor window in yet another disturbing act committed under the auspices of mandatory military training for middle, high school and university students.

A recent investigation of the Fuxin Board of Education determined that the school’s faculty and military instructors were blameless in the incident, contrary to the accusations made by Wang’s family.

After being sent home at the request of her teacher, He, Jingwei told her family about being chastised by her instructor and threatened with expulsion:

The teacher said my posture wasn’t any good. I said that I was doing my best, but the teacher said that I was selfish, and ungrateful. The teacher threatened to expel me.

The teacher allegedly told Jingwei, “If you were a boy, I’d expel you immediately,” and “I don’t want to see you anymore” before sending her home.

Ten students, including Jingwei, were allegedly singled out for special training because of improper behaviour. Given that the military instructor did not have a specific recollection of Jingwei, her family suspect that a contributing factor in her suicide was being taken to his office for a private talk.

In response to the allegations, the education board determined that the teacher and the instructor did not insult or punish Jingwei, and that their conversation was nothing out of the ordinary. Moreover, the instructor claims he never threatened Jingwei with expulsion. hunan military training protest

This is not the first time mandatory military training for students has ended in controversy. Earlier this month, a massive brawl broke out following an incident between high school students and military instructors sent to the school. The official report on the incident has sent high school freshmen and their parents to the streets of Longhua in protest. The report made no mention of the inebriation of the military instructors, placing the blame solely on a teacher at the school.

While military training for students is controversial, there are no plans to cancel the practice anytime soon. In fact, on August 28, the Ministry of National Defense reaffirmed the importance and legality of the training to the long-term security of China.


Photo: 21CN, People’s Daily


Ugly Incident: Hunan Students and Chinese Military In Violent High School Clash

Posted: 08/26/2014 11:00 am

It’s an annual tradition in Chinese schools, just as regular as the famed gaokao: military training.

Every year, military personnel teach the public and university students the finer points of what exactly they do. The training is supposed to instill a sense of pride and discipline in the students as well as to have them better appreciate the military. However, this coming together of two very different cultures – civilian and military – doesn’t always happen smoothly.

A military training exercise at a Hunan school resulted in a violent clash between a combination of students and faculty against the officers sent to instruct them, resulting in 42 injuries, Beijing News reported on August 25.

The incident happened on August 24 at Huangcang Middle School in Hunan Province during the freshmen’s training sessions. Images posted online showed medical staff tending to injured students in military uniforms. One photo showed a student flanked by several of his peers, his hand covered in blood.

During the training, a male student was unhappy about the way an officer joked with a female student, and allegedly told the officer off. He was then assigned to do push-ups as punishment. Furthermore, reports said the angry officer stomped, kicked and beat a student.

The incident took a dramatic turn for the worse when a commanding officer began beating some of his male students, infuriated that a group of students had “humiliated” an officer, the report said.

The students’ teacher, Liu Yunjie, tried dialing 120 (emergency services) for medical help, which also drew the officers’ wrath.

As one student recalled: “Some of the male students were bleeding, and teacher Liu grabbed a cellphone and tried to call 120. The military officer leading Class 22 asked him to drop the cellphone. The officer even asked his fellow officers if they should beat the teacher. One man responded ‘Yes,’ and a crowd charged towards the teacher.”

Liu was among the most severely injured victims.

Seeing officers beat the teacher triggered angry reactions from the students, who fought back. Some of the students suffered contusions and fractured bones, according to the report.

Military training for Chinese students often includes military drills, marching and harsh physical training, all of which is meant to instill a sense of national defense, collectivism, perseverance and organization.

The incident is being investigated by the local education bureau and the police.

Photos: Sina Weibo


Student Behind Chinese Android Virus Nabbed in Shenzhen

Posted: 08/5/2014 2:44 pm

shenqi mobile phone virusThe man behind the latest cyber-scare threatening China’s mobile phone users has finally been nabbed by police. A 19-year old student behind the virus known as “shenqi.apk” that afflicted Android mobile phones was on summer vacation in Shenzhen when he was arrested, reports iFeng.

The virus is able to read a person’s contacts file and determine the owner’s identity. Worse, it can send messages from the phone, including the virus itself to people in the contacts list.

The suspect, named Li, is from Xinshao, Hunan Province. He is a student of computer science at Zhongnan University and has no previous criminal record. He happened to be in Shenzhen over the summer to help his dad, who works at a local company.

Because Li was curious, he made a virus for cell phones that could be disseminated over a large-scale area throughout the country. Li completed the trojan horse virus on July 24 and then used his own phone to send it.

Photo: ewnews163


Guangzhou Student Loses RMB 20k in World Cup Bet, Jumps Off Dorm Roof

Posted: 06/24/2014 4:12 pm

panyu world cup gamble suicide A man that fell to his death from a building at the University of Panyu is said to have committed suicide after losing a RMB 20,000 bet on the World Cup, reports 21cn.

Students at the university say the victim is a second-year student that had previously made bets on the World Cup, but his identity has not yet been verified.

Eyewitness Xiao Cai said the incident happened yesterday morning at around 10 o’clock. Xiao was on the sixth floor of the front wing of the Weiyi building when she saw the victim on seventh-floor roof of the back wing sitting on a chair and talking on the phone.

Despite being over 50 meters away from her, Xiao said she was able to hear everything the man said because he was in an excited state. According to Xiao, she heard the man say phrases like “Don’t force me” and “Give me two more days.”

Xiao explained what happened next:

He spoke on the phone for over ten minutes. I saw that he stood up after hanging up the phone, and then all of a sudden he disappeared. This made me very afraid. I hurried downstairs and discovered that he had jumped.

The victim was reportedly sent to the hospital, but succumbed to his injuries.

world cup betting sites

Students at the university revealed in a video interview that online betting is popular among students, especially at World Cup time. After making bets online, transactions can be completed using a third-party e-commerce system like Alipay.

In other World Cup gambling news, authorities in Macau recently busted a World Cup gambling ring worth approximately $645 million.


Photo: Dongguan Times


Guangdong Student Stabs Teacher 10 Times In Ambush Attack [UPDATED]

Posted: 06/19/2014 5:43 pm

jiangmen student stabbing teacherA 15 year-old Guangdong student stabbed his teacher in a vicious attack in broad daylight, reports the Southern Metropolis Report.

A third-year junior middle school student named Xie knifed a female teacher ten times in an attack described as an “ambush”. The incident occurred at around 5pm on June 18 on Baoyuan Road near a China Construction Bank in Kaiping, near the City of Jiangmen. Xie was apprehended at the scene by an off-duty police officer and a crowd of bystanders.

Today, police confirmed that the stabbing victim was Xie’s primary school teacher from a school he had graduated from three years prior.

UPDATE 9:51pm June 19: Some additional details left out from our report: Xie explains that the reason he attacked his former schoolteacher is because her “discipline was too strict”. Meanwhile, the victim has non-life threatening injuries.

jiangmen student stabbing teacherjiangmen student stabbing teacher

Photos: Southern Metropolis Report


Parents Block Traffic To Ensure Students Can Take Gaokao in Silence

Posted: 06/9/2014 5:38 pm

nanjing block traffic exam

The gaokao is nothing short of being the most important moment in a young person’s life. And as desperate times call for desperate actions, parents with only the purest of intentions have taken the extraordinary step of blocking the traffic outside a school in Nanjing, Jiangsu to ensure silence where an English listening examination is taking place, reports Nanfang Daily Report.

A full half hour before the exam began on June 8, parents blocked traffic in front of the No. 9 Nanjing Middle School as media and police looked on. Parents stood in the middle of the road and prevented any motorbikes, electric bikes or bicycles from passing through.

READ: Guangzhou, Shenzhen Gaokao Applicants Sent Off
With Emotion and Pageantry

The parents asked each of the cyclists to take an alternate route, but some of the drivers didn’t take kindly to the inconvenience as several disputes broke out, surely breaking the silence that the parents had intended.

We’ve heard a lot of wild gaokao examination stories lately: students arriving late in Jinan and Hangzhou and forced to take the exam next year; parents blocking an examiner’s car in Zhengzhou because he dared to use his horn when he was late; and, of course, lots and lots of qipao. But this is the one that shows the gaokao is a total family affair.

No words as to whether the tactic aided the gaokao-taking students, nor whether the resultant noise from the arguing disturbed anyone.

nanjing block traffic examnanjing block traffic exam

nanjing block traffic exam

nanjing block traffic exam

The sign above reads:

English listening exam for the next 15 minutes; please find another route, thank you

Photos: 163

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