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White Collar Workers Complain of High Cost of Living in Dongguan

Posted: 08/7/2014 12:00 pm

Dongguan blue collar workers have long since struggled with the city’s ever increasing cost of living, however even higher paid white collar workers are starting to feel the pinch. After one white collar worker in the city posted a full list of his budgetary expenses and claimed he could hardly make ends meet with his RMB 10,000 monthly salary, he quickly discovered he wasn’t alone. The post has since sparked spirited discussions online and resonated with many fellow workers in the city.

Any job that pays RMB 10,000/month in Dongguan is a high-paying gig given that the city’s average annual salary for a private sector worker is only RMB 37,020 per year, or RMB 3,080 a month but that hasn’t stopped some residents suggesting 10K just isn’t enough to get by these days.

The user, who works as a senior financial consultant, wrote in his post that his actual income after deducting social security funds, individual income tax and CPF is only RMB 7,457. Then of course there are his monthly expenses: a housing mortgage of RMB 3,000; electricity, gas, Internet, and TV cable fees totalling RMB 300; car maintenance that comes to RMB 1,370; fruit and snacks costing RMB 300; and mobile charges that amount to RMB 100. After expenses, all he is left with each month is RMB 977.3.

But these calculations were considered minimal by some. One user commented that if the additional costs of children’s milk formula, education fees and medical charges were also included, such a monthly salary wouldn’t be enough.

According to a survey conducted by Guangzhou Daily among 20 white collar workers, about 80% of respondents revealed that rent and housing mortgages are the biggest expenses each month.

 Photos: Guangzhou Daily; Sina


Parents Block Traffic To Ensure Students Can Take Gaokao in Silence

Posted: 06/9/2014 5:38 pm

nanjing block traffic exam

The gaokao is nothing short of being the most important moment in a young person’s life. And as desperate times call for desperate actions, parents with only the purest of intentions have taken the extraordinary step of blocking the traffic outside a school in Nanjing, Jiangsu to ensure silence where an English listening examination is taking place, reports Nanfang Daily Report.

A full half hour before the exam began on June 8, parents blocked traffic in front of the No. 9 Nanjing Middle School as media and police looked on. Parents stood in the middle of the road and prevented any motorbikes, electric bikes or bicycles from passing through.

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The parents asked each of the cyclists to take an alternate route, but some of the drivers didn’t take kindly to the inconvenience as several disputes broke out, surely breaking the silence that the parents had intended.

We’ve heard a lot of wild gaokao examination stories lately: students arriving late in Jinan and Hangzhou and forced to take the exam next year; parents blocking an examiner’s car in Zhengzhou because he dared to use his horn when he was late; and, of course, lots and lots of qipao. But this is the one that shows the gaokao is a total family affair.

No words as to whether the tactic aided the gaokao-taking students, nor whether the resultant noise from the arguing disturbed anyone.

nanjing block traffic examnanjing block traffic exam

nanjing block traffic exam

nanjing block traffic exam

The sign above reads:

English listening exam for the next 15 minutes; please find another route, thank you

Photos: 163


Guangzhou, Shenzhen Gaokao Applicants Sent Off With Emotion and Pageantry

Posted: 06/7/2014 12:02 pm

gaokao support examination pressure shenzhen guangzhouIt’s gaokao time! It’s the moment that Chinese students have been preparing for their entire lives: to take the national university entrance examination in order to be ranked in a list millions of names long and decide which student goes to which university… or not at all.

To make sure this important occasion goes smoothly, the City of Shenzhen has instituted a noise ban anywhere a gaokao is taking place, while armed Foshan police have been dispatched to examination sites to preserve the peace.

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The gaokao will determine the fate of the students for the rest of their lives, so simply saying that it’s a “big deal” is to omit the colorful metaphors required for the necessary emphasis.

But colorful metaphors were used when gaokao examination applicants arrived to take the test at the Guangzhou Zhixing Middle School only to be applauded by the 60-70 people that lined its entrance. One student said he didn’t feel like “he was alone in fighting this war.gaokao support examination pressure shenzhen guangzhou

Summer Hollywood blockbusters may have more hype to them, but the gaokao can be described as nothing less that the pivotal moment these young people have been living for their entire lives. At the Shenzhen Experimental School, teachers could not hold back their emotions as they sent off their students to an uncertain fate.

gaokao support examination pressure shenzhen guangzhougaokao support examination pressure shenzhen guangzhougaokao support examination pressure shenzhen guangzhou[Sign above reads: "Class seven of year three high school, you must succeed at the gaokao!"]

Back in Guangzhou at Huanan Normal University, a department store had employees dress up at the examination site to wish the students well.gaokao support examination pressure shenzhen guangzhou

And hype would be nothing unless there is glamour to accompany it, as these Guangzhou women dressed in dresses and qipao in honor of the occasion:gaokao support shenzhen guangzhou

We wish all the examination applicants well, and hope these young people will be able to unwind after being burdened with so much pressure. However, that also means finally revealing any fatally bad news that may have been kept from the students in order to help them concentrate.

Photo: Southern Daily via Weibo, Shenzhen Traffic Police via Weibo (2), Shenzhen Evening Report via Weibo, Southern Metropolis Daily via Weibo (2)


A 16-year old boy under pressure at school jumps to his death in Shenzhen

Posted: 01/28/2013 6:45 pm

There are two issues that seem to continually plague this part of the country: suicides from jumping off of buildings (Foxconn), and intense school pressure that takes some kids to the breaking point.

People in Shenzhen believe it’s the second reason which caused the death of a 16-year old student in Longgang District last Saturday (January 26).

Media reports say the senior high school student jumped from the eighth floor of his complex, shocking his parents and those living below.  He was quickly pronounced dead by doctors.

Neighbors suspect the boy had an argument with this parents before taking the drastic step to jump from his home. They say the boy, whose father is a civil servant, was very polite. His parents refused to answer questions when asked by the media.

Reporters who have spoken with Longgang Police say the boy may have committed suicide because of problems related to his performance in school. He had just gone to pick up his grades at 7 o’clock that morning, and returned home early at 11am before jumping to his death.

Some say it’s time either kids get used to the pressure, whether it be from school or just being scolded. Others, though, say kids need to know it’s okay to fail… sometimes. As long as you try your best.

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