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University Student Dies in Freak Elevator Accident

Posted: 09/18/2014 5:54 pm

elevator accident fatality Xiamen [This article contains content that may be offensive to some readers]

An unidentified student is dead after an elevator crushed him at a campus building at Huaqiao University in Xiamen, Fujian Province, reports Sohu Video.

The accident happened on September 14, the first day of school. The student entered the elevator and it began to move, while the doors were open and he was only halfway inside. The elevator put enormous pressure on him for 35 minutes. Rescue workers say the student was dead when they arrived. It’s believed the elevator crushed the man’s lungs.


Photo: Sina Video


Six Year Old Girl Shames Wuhan University Students For Being Lazy

Posted: 09/17/2014 10:52 am

cafeteria child laborerThat’s a picture of a six year-old girl who is picking up dirty dishes at a cafeteria in Wuhan, Hubei Province. As shocking as it is to see such a young person working, most of the online commentary in China is focused on the laziness of the school’s freshmen students, who don’t clean up after themselves.

These pictures were taken at Huazhong Normal University. The girl is the daughter of a stall operator that sells barbecue goose in the cafeteria. The People’s Daily Online says the girl comes out to bus tables when her father is too busy working.

cafeteria child laborer

The girl isn’t the only person cleaning up. There are a number of cleaners at the cafeteria who are responsible for busing tables and washing dishes, but there’s simply too much to be done. As a result, the university is trying to encourage students to collect their own dirty dishes and used cutlery, but students haven’t bothered.

cafeteria child laborer

Their behavior may change now that these photos have surfaced, though. The young girl is shaming the students in to taking action. One Weibo user said, “First year university freshmen, male and female, take this opportunity to learn good habits.” Another said, “Taking back used dishes to the service counter is a sort of friendship, a love that you show to the dining hall of the school.”

Other comments focused upon the school’s inability to hire enough cleaners and that people don’t normally collect their own dishes in China. But the majority believe the girl has shamed the students.

China’s primary school system begins for students aged six or seven

cafeteria child laborer

The sign at the area where dishes are to be bused reads:

We thank all students who voluntarily return their dishes
Warmly thank you for this simple service.

Photos: People’s Daily Online



Chinese Police Post Extraordinary List on How Not to Get Raped

Posted: 09/5/2014 9:18 am

wuhan iniversity policeAn increasing number of rapes, murders, and disappearances of female university students have been making headlines recently in China, stoking fears among students nationwide. Many people have asked how they can ensure their safety, so the Wuhan police have come up with a handy list.

The local Public Security Bureau for Wuhan University posted an extraordinary list of ways to avoid getting raped, which was then republished by Sina Guangdong. So, want to avoid having your dignity taken away? Here are nine suggestions from a Chinese police authority:

anti rape tips wuhan university policeDon’t take illegal cabs. (If you do,) get into the habit of memorizing the license plate. Sit in the back seat, and pretend to make a call.

Woman on cellphone in the back: Husband, come out and pick me up! The license plate of the car is xxx

anti rape tips wuhan university policeCarry a small spray bottle that contains Fengyoujing (a medicated balm lotion), and spray it into the eyes of an attacker.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeThrow your wallet somewhere far away instead of passing it over to the attacker.

Person throwing: Fly away!

anti rape tips wuhan university policeIf you want to take a picture of the bad man, you can pretend to be talking on the phone and surreptitiously record him by pointing the back of the phone towards him.

Be very careful using this one! If you are discovered doing this, you will die a grisly death.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeSometimes, teeth can be more effective than your own hands

Cannibal: If you’re not careful, you’ll have eaten the attacker.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeCut your fingernails into this shape. A blunt cut is fine; don’t make them too long or else they may break unexpectedly.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeUpon being raped*, you should defecate or urinate if you can, or stick your fingers down your throat to vomit.

An ordinary person will wilt at this sight.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeCarry a pen on your person (with the exception of a lead pencil). This is more convenient than a knife because you are able to pass through a security checkpoint.

anti rape tips wuhan university policeBe ugly; this is the safest way of all!


As it were, comments to this post have been rather uniform:

[laughing.emo] No. 9 is the truth.

The most harmonious one is the last one…

So violent and bloody! Seeing that pen stab into the brain, it looks so painful! [illness.emo]

The last one is the most practical!

* The word “rape” is censored in Chinese


Photos: Sina Guangdong, Wuhan University PSB home page


Parents Sleep On Gym Floor After Dropping Kids Off At University

Posted: 09/2/2014 9:30 am

It’s a tough job being the parents of China’s “little emperors”, the sons and daughters of China’s one-child families. No one understands this better than the parents who just sent their children off to the Shenyang Aerospace University in China’s northeastern Liaoning Province before the start of the new semester.

After labouring all day, lugging heavy luggage that their precious little emperors were too cool to carry, the parents who weren’t able to book return tickets back home curled up on sleeping mats and slept through the night on the floor in the university’s stadium on August 30, China News reported.

According to the university, more than 400 sleeping mats were distributed to parents to temporarily accommodate them in the stadium. From the images shown in the report, parents were scattered around the floor, using their backpacks or bags as pillows.

The story has drawn a lot of sympathy online; most empathize with parents’ willingness to sacrifice for their children, quoting the Chinese phrase “nothing is as touching as parents’ love (可怜天下父母心)”.

But for the little emperors sleeping soundly in their comfortable beds, the phrase might be something they fail to fully comprehend.

Photos: CFP


Chinese Police Advise Female University Students: “Don’t Trust Anyone”

Posted: 08/25/2014 9:00 am

wolf sheeps clothing

Chinese women are being “advised” by the good men at the police department on how to keep themselves safe while away from home (while studying abroad or even just going out for a night at the neighbourhood pub). The sage advice includes “never get drunk in public” and “never trust anyone”, among other pearls of wisdom.

This 14-part list, which is circulating on Weibo, was apparently compiled by a retired police officer to best assist female Chinese university students:

The 14 Admonitions Bestowed by Your Civil Police “Papa”

tips for female students1. “There is no such thing as a free lunch” (the Chinese saying involves a pie falling from the sky). Remember, only rain and bird excrement fall from the sky. A charlatan will try to paint a pretty picture for you; but, what they are actually doing is digging a deep hole for you to fall in.

2. Never persist in trying to get everything for cheap. Remember the old saying, “Disaster looms for those that are spendthrifts”. When a stranger treats you to dinner or a drink, or gives you a present, simply refuse the offer. Be on guard for drugs put into food, or for gifts to contain illegal substances or concealed electronic (spying) devices.

3. Never believe anyone that calls themselves a police officer, official, bank personnel, social security personnel or public worker on your phone regarding matters of crime, winning a prize, or tax return. Never turn off your phone because of their threats. Upon encountering this kind of situation, you should first hang up, then immediately call your parents, and then call 110 (emergency services).

4. Never trust anyone calling themselves a director, a talent scout, a broker, a fuerdai (second-generation rich person), a second-generation official, etc.

5. Never get inebriated in a place outside of your home. This is an iron rule for women because you will risk losing your morals, your etiquette, your indiscretion, your heart and even your virginity (!)

6. Be vigilant of stranger’s cars or public vehicles without proper identification. Upon entering the vehicle, you will lose the opportunity to resist or escape the car once the car gains speed and the narrow passenger space is locked.

7. Be vigilant while outside the school campus, in public spaces, while striking up conversation, asking for directions, or money, and using your phone. When using public transportation, especially when travelling alone, do not provide your phone number, or accept invitations from a fellow traveler.

8. Do not believe that you will meet your Prince Charming. This is an iron rule for girls. Instead, the basis and guarantee of a good marriage come from having similar family backgrounds, education and life experiences as well as suitable careers and salary.

9. Before setting out on your journey, be sure to inform your parents of your destination, time of arrival, and any traveling companions. While traveling,
you should be sure to first always keep open communication, then, always safeguard your cash and bank cards; and lastly, be sure to stay in reputable accommodation, such as a national hotel chain.

10. Never reveal your wealth to outsiders. Remember the old saying regarding this. Don’t show off your wealth in a public place, otherwise two things will happen as a result: you’ll become the focus of interest for bad people, and secondly, you’ll lose respect from everyone else. At the same time, don’t be caught by the allure of other people showing off their wealth. First, people that are in fact rich won’t want other people to know about it; secondly, other people’s money don’t belong to you.

11. Always remember, only by remaining level-headed will you be able to save yourself. By remaining calm you will be able to think clearly and find the best way out of danger. When you are threatened by a bad person, the more they put on a threatening display, the more they are afraid inside. Should this happen, don’t be afraid, remain calm, try to appease the bad person, and look for an opportunity to escape.

12. Do not randomly add people to your QQ friend list. Do not believe people on the internet who say they are lovesick, ill, dejected, or alone. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by their proud and aloof nature, their search for freedom, or their stories of hardship. Whenever a person online asks for money or some kind of financial help, never give them money. Instead, put them on your blacklist.

13. No matter what happens, if you are encountering danger, getting into trouble, or you have lost contact with your family and friends, you should always remember to call 110 for help.

14. Be sure to remember step 13.

We look forward to seeing the police safety list for young Chinese men going away to university. What will keep them safe?

Photo: Bob Thune, Kanka News


Group of Chinese University Grads Choose Prostitution in Tough Job Market

Posted: 08/19/2014 7:29 pm

university graduate prostitutes guangxi nanningFor many university graduates in China, achieving financial independence by finding your own job is the culmination of years of work. However, for one group of university students in Guangxi Province, anything else is more preferable than having to work for a living.

In Nanning, the university graduates wanted to find a job that wasn’t difficult nor strenuous, but was still able to provide them with a comfortable life. After weighing their options, they decided to turn to prostitution, reported Sina News Video.

The group turned to their WeChat social circles as a way to advertise their services and look for potential clients. This continued for a few days until the group was apprehended and detained in a raid caught on video.

As seen in the television report below, several different outfits were found on the premises including a fake police uniform. The police spokesperson interviewed for the report gave a grim assessment of the university graduates, who have all not been identified:

They all didn’t want to work after graduating from university because it is too difficult and tiring. Coming back here (to Nanning), they didn’t want to do any other kind of work, but they wanted to live comfortably. They didn’t have any other skills or abilities, and so could only get involved this kind of illegal activity.

university graduate prostitutes guangxi nanning

Here is the news video:

Photos: Sina News Video, screencaps from 56


Student Behind Chinese Android Virus Nabbed in Shenzhen

Posted: 08/5/2014 2:44 pm

shenqi mobile phone virusThe man behind the latest cyber-scare threatening China’s mobile phone users has finally been nabbed by police. A 19-year old student behind the virus known as “shenqi.apk” that afflicted Android mobile phones was on summer vacation in Shenzhen when he was arrested, reports iFeng.

The virus is able to read a person’s contacts file and determine the owner’s identity. Worse, it can send messages from the phone, including the virus itself to people in the contacts list.

The suspect, named Li, is from Xinshao, Hunan Province. He is a student of computer science at Zhongnan University and has no previous criminal record. He happened to be in Shenzhen over the summer to help his dad, who works at a local company.

Because Li was curious, he made a virus for cell phones that could be disseminated over a large-scale area throughout the country. Li completed the trojan horse virus on July 24 and then used his own phone to send it.

Photo: ewnews163


Hotels And Universities In List Of Guangzhou’s Unsafe Public Pools

Posted: 08/5/2014 2:36 pm

swimming poolSome folks like to ease their way into a pool bit by bit, but you may not even want to dip your toe in when you hear this news: over 30% of Guangzhou’s public pools do not meet public safety criteria.

The Guangzhou Department of Health posted its results after testing city pools in May and June. Of the 366 pools tested, 254 passed regulations and have good water quality. However, 112 pools, or 30.6% of the total, do not comply with city regulations, reports Guangzhou Live. The report, unfortunately, does not name all of the unsafe pools, but it does mention a couple of them.

There are seven Guangzhou universities that have public pools with unsafe water quality: Huanan Normal University, Guangzhou University, Huanan Engineering University, Guangzhou Art College, Guangdong Engineering College, Guangzhou Chinese Medical University, and Sun Yat-Sen University. Furthermore, all of these pools save for the first two (Huanan Normal University and Guangzhou University) have been on the city’s blacklist for years.

Guangzhou hotels with unsafe pools include Guangzhou Haili Garden Hotel, Guangzhou Ramada Pearl Hotel, Guangdong Xingang Pearl Hotel, Guangzhou Chateau Star River Hotel, and Guangdong Victor Hotel.

As well, Guangzhou public school pools with dangerous water include Haizhu District Nanwu Experimental School, No. 6 Middle Dchool, Huangpu District No. 86 Middle School, and Nansha No. 1 Middle School.

The top three contaminants are urine, bacteria, and chlorine particles.

Photo: Guangzhou Live


[Look] China’s University Grads Transform the Traditional Grad Photo [UPDATED]

Posted: 06/25/2014 9:28 am

student graduation photos

UPDATE: Added Cultural Revolution cosplay at end of post.


Students of China: You’ve worked hard your whole life, passed the gaokao, entered university, graduated from university… now, then, is the time to party. For many university students in the country, one way of enjoying one’s youth is to look like it.

With that we have a compilation of zany photos of university graduates showing how crazy they can get now that their work is complete.

Here are students from class 1 of the broadcast television news class at Dongguan Science and Engineering Academy finally getting around to performing co-ed hijinx in the bathroom along with a lot of jumping:

student graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photos

Likely inspired by the recent trend of taking wedding photos underwater, these Chongqing students aren’t just brainy academics, but brainy academics that look like ethereal fairies:

student graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photos

Or you may be more of the pensive type who prefers a morbid remembrance of your university days:

student graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photos

UPDATE 11:13am June 26: And then there’s cosplay from the Cultural Revolution seen in these graduation photos from a university in Heilongjiang Province, complete with Red Guard uniforms and white wedding dresses that may be an anachronism:cultural revolution cosplay university graduatescultural revolution cosplay university graduates

Photos: MSN, Southern Daily, Renren Network


Guangzhou Student Loses RMB 20k in World Cup Bet, Jumps Off Dorm Roof

Posted: 06/24/2014 4:12 pm

panyu world cup gamble suicide A man that fell to his death from a building at the University of Panyu is said to have committed suicide after losing a RMB 20,000 bet on the World Cup, reports 21cn.

Students at the university say the victim is a second-year student that had previously made bets on the World Cup, but his identity has not yet been verified.

Eyewitness Xiao Cai said the incident happened yesterday morning at around 10 o’clock. Xiao was on the sixth floor of the front wing of the Weiyi building when she saw the victim on seventh-floor roof of the back wing sitting on a chair and talking on the phone.

Despite being over 50 meters away from her, Xiao said she was able to hear everything the man said because he was in an excited state. According to Xiao, she heard the man say phrases like “Don’t force me” and “Give me two more days.”

Xiao explained what happened next:

He spoke on the phone for over ten minutes. I saw that he stood up after hanging up the phone, and then all of a sudden he disappeared. This made me very afraid. I hurried downstairs and discovered that he had jumped.

The victim was reportedly sent to the hospital, but succumbed to his injuries.

world cup betting sites

Students at the university revealed in a video interview that online betting is popular among students, especially at World Cup time. After making bets online, transactions can be completed using a third-party e-commerce system like Alipay.

In other World Cup gambling news, authorities in Macau recently busted a World Cup gambling ring worth approximately $645 million.


Photo: Dongguan Times

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