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PHOTOS: A Day in the Life of a Professional Beggar in China

Posted: 09/15/2014 12:28 pm

zhengzhou henan professional beggarThere are a multitude of beggars in China. Some are children, while some are crippled by debilitating injuries, diseases, or deformities. Some beggars need to beg in order to survive. And then there’s another kind of beggar: the professional. This is the person that begs as a career to make enough money to live.

QQ sent reporter Cui Guanghua out to take these incredibly thorough set of pictures of a group of professional beggars in Zhengzhou, Henan. The photos follow the group from morning to dusk and shows what a day of work for a professional beggar is like:

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

During the morning rush hour at the northwest corner of Huayuan Road and Weiwu Road, an old man lies on the ground covered with a sheet while a middle-aged woman repeatedly kowtows beside him (above).

zhengzhou henan professional beggar

Half an hour later, a middle-aged man comes over to join the group. He looks
into the bucket, counts the money, puts it into his pocket. All three, including the man lying prone on the ground, get engaged in a light-hearted conversation.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

According to the QQ report, the middle-aged man that just joined the group is named Zhang; the man on the ground is Zhang’s cousin, while the middle-aged woman is Ye,
Zhang’s other cousin.

The group is from from Qiaoxi, Anhui Province, and has been in Henan for three years. Their assimilation into the local culture is so complete that Zhang and He can both fluently speak the Henan dialect.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

At 11:30am, the trio pack up their belongings and take the bus to go to another location.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

Twenty minutes later, the group arrives at Renmin Road, near “Danny’s” shopping center. It is now noon, and there are lots of pedestrians in the area. People drop money into the group’s cup.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

In the afternoon the members of the group enjoy popsicles while counting their earnings.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

Beer is used to fill up a water bottle that acts as a substitute for “medicine”.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

The group produces a sizable amount of garbage from consuming food and other products that a street cleaner sweeps away for them.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

At around 2:30pm there is less pedestrian traffic, so the group meets up with another beggar who happens to have the the same gear as they do.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

Zhang is seen counting the money again.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

The group then heads for a late lunch of fried chicken and beer.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

After eating, the group begs during the evening rush hour.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

Half an hour later, the group is forced to relocate next to a parking garage because of mall staff.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

After half an hour, they switch positions.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

A day of work finally concludes at 10pm when the group has dinner at a restaurant.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

Dinner is paid for in small bills.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

At one point Ye took offense to being photographed by the reporter.

zhengzhou henan professional beggars

To top it off, at some point Zhang was seen browsing at a Cartier jewelry store.

Photos: QQ, Shenzhen Evening Report


Beijing Expats Photographed Tormenting Chinese Drunk

Posted: 07/14/2014 11:07 am

beijing foreigners expat drunk manhandleA group of foreign expats in popular Beijing nightlife district Sanlitun were photographed mishandling a drunk Chinese man who had passed out by the side of the road, reports MSN People.

A Weibo post published yesterday described six foreign men coming upon an unconscious Chinese man, assumed to be drunk, at around 5:30 on Sunday morning. The post includes four photos that show the expats carrying the unconscious man around and taking pictures with him. At no time did they appear to offer any help.

An eyewitness named Xu described the situation:

First they used their feet to step on the man’s body and head. Then, they took turns to hoist the man up by their shoulders, and then put him down. They took pictures throughout.

beijing foreigners expat drunk manhandleXu said the foreign men “fiddled” with the drunk man for 20 minutes. The men also displayed poor manners by displaying their middle fingers to pedestrians and using coarse language.

A rickshaw driver present at the scene said he saw the foreigners “torment” the unconscious man. He explained why no one went to help him by saying:

The drunk person must have come here on his own; he had been lying there for a long time, and no one went to take care of him.


Because there were many (foreigners), and they were acting aggressively, nobody dared to stop them.

The report points out that unconscious man had his shirt pulled up past his waist in an “undignified” way. Sanlitun police say they were not notified when the incident occurred. As a result, finding witnesses is difficult. They said they will, however, increase police patrols in the area.

beijing foreigners expat drunk manhandleNetizen reaction towards this news includes:

Foreigners in China can not act wantonly. If the police really wanted to investigate, they could find a way. Bring them to justice!

Fuck laowai, fuck the blind adolation of foreigners. Our country is not united together.

Foreigners in China’s capital are strutting around out of control and yet unexpectedly nobody tries to stop them. What a disgrace.

When a foreigner loses a bicycle, they will be able to get it back within minutes. Whenever a foreigner harasses someone, there’s always a difficulty about it, or that they’re afraid, or don’t have any self-confidence.


The pictures are so clear, and yet [the police] can’t find them? How can we allow foreigners to humiliate the Chinese people on our very streets?!

Make our (dancing) grannies occupy their countries.

Chinese people are all like this. (Upon hearing about it), they will angrily protest and say these people must be severely punished, but when actually encountering such a situation, they will hurriedly pass by.

beijing foreigners expat drunk manhandle

Photos: MSN People


[Look] China’s University Grads Transform the Traditional Grad Photo [UPDATED]

Posted: 06/25/2014 9:28 am

student graduation photos

UPDATE: Added Cultural Revolution cosplay at end of post.


Students of China: You’ve worked hard your whole life, passed the gaokao, entered university, graduated from university… now, then, is the time to party. For many university students in the country, one way of enjoying one’s youth is to look like it.

With that we have a compilation of zany photos of university graduates showing how crazy they can get now that their work is complete.

Here are students from class 1 of the broadcast television news class at Dongguan Science and Engineering Academy finally getting around to performing co-ed hijinx in the bathroom along with a lot of jumping:

student graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photos

Likely inspired by the recent trend of taking wedding photos underwater, these Chongqing students aren’t just brainy academics, but brainy academics that look like ethereal fairies:

student graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photos

Or you may be more of the pensive type who prefers a morbid remembrance of your university days:

student graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photosstudent graduation photos

UPDATE 11:13am June 26: And then there’s cosplay from the Cultural Revolution seen in these graduation photos from a university in Heilongjiang Province, complete with Red Guard uniforms and white wedding dresses that may be an anachronism:cultural revolution cosplay university graduatescultural revolution cosplay university graduates

Photos: MSN, Southern Daily, Renren Network


Weekend Gallery: Look Your Ideal Best Through Animization and 3D Pregnancy X-Rays

Posted: 05/11/2014 1:17 pm

animization ideal beauty plastic surgery makeover

Weekend Gallery is our seven-day wrap up of pictures from around the internet.

We had previously featured the process of animization in our feature “How to Attract a Chinese Man Part 1: A Cartoon You is a Sexier You“, and here are some more examples on how to flatten your face and give yourself flawless skin in the perfect makeover you’ve been waiting for:animization ideal beauty plastic surgery makeoveranimization ideal beauty plastic surgery makeoveranimization ideal beauty plastic surgery makeover

animization ideal beauty plastic surgery makeoveranimization ideal beauty plastic surgery makeoveranimization ideal beauty plastic surgery makeover

And here’s the ideal example in both human and anime forn, Fan Bingbing:

animization ideal beauty plastic surgery makeover

On the related topic of ideal optimization of physical appearances, a Weibo user named “Shallow Creek Luo” (罗浅溪) has taken the trend of bodypainting on pregnant bellies to the next level by painting 3D pregnancy x-rays:3d pregnant xray bodypaint3d pregnant xray bodypaint3d pregnant xray bodypaint3d pregnant xray bodypaint3d pregnant xray bodypaint

Photos: (Animization) Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8); (3D Pregnant X-ray body paint) Weibo


How to Attract a Chinese Man Part 1: A Cartoon You is a Sexier You

Posted: 05/5/2014 7:31 pm

how to attract a chinese man animization photoshop cartoon drawing beautyHey, expat ladies: does being single in China suck? Are you tired of being an amazing catch that no fisherman is interested in? Take our Nanfang China Insider Sex Tips for the easy way to make yourself more appealing to the Chinese man!

As the prominence of social media continues to grow, so too will your appearance online. For you to properly send out the right signals, you’ll need to look your best in order to compete with the many pictures of last night’s dinner on Weixin.

We are all for being fabulous and free as a single woman in your thirties, but it remains that Chinese men are fickle with their choices. Don’t wind up being a leftover!

Entire lives and websites are devoted to fashion styles, clothes and make-up in China, but for this installment of Nanfang China Insider Sex Tips we’re going to focus on one thing: how to have an aesthetically-pleasing online appearance by Chinese standards.

If you thought posing like an alluring Chinese girl was as easy as flashing the peace sign, well sorry, girlfriend—you just Dewey Decimaled yourself a place back up on the shelf. It’s high time your avatar got a makeover.

Taking a headshot and digitally adding stars and rainbows is so pre-millennial. Nowadays, all the hippest Chinese girls are going back to the drawing board—literally.

Chinese women are taking pictures of their faces and accomplishing what make-up and plastic surgery can never do: becoming the paragon of pulchritude that is a cartoon character:how to attract a chinese man animization photoshop cartoon drawing beauty

Finally, ladies—we can look our best without tramping around in high heels all night. Apply the Chinese aesthetic to your own face: flatten your face, enlarge your eyes, and make your skin into smooth, creamy porcelain. And get rid of that nose while you’re at to attract a chinese man animization photoshop cartoon drawing beauty

Animization isn’t just about making your character portrait into a cartoon profile, Another popular method is to enhance reality into the idyllic dream it ought to be:how to attract a chinese man animization photoshop cartoon drawing beautyhow to attract a chinese man animization photoshop cartoon drawing beauty

If the Chinese man of your dreams has been obsessing over a two-dimensional fictional character, why let that stop you? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

Here’s a picture of fine, young Chinese woman. She’s very pretty, and that wink is a nice touch:

how to attract a chinese man animization photoshop cartoon drawing beauty

However, by online standards in the ever-competitive world of social media, that isn’t enough. Ladies, you’ll need to bring your A-game to the table, and by “A” we mean “Anime”:how to attract a chinese man animization photoshop cartoon drawing beauty

Animization—it’s even better than the real thing.

If fumbling with phone apps of a foreign language or bugging your creepy co-worker to sketch you up isn’t a job in the cards, well don’t fret, you can still get of picture of the “ideal you” that has been waiting to transcend from its boring reality equivalent.

With so many people using smart phones to take “selfies”, it’s high time that a camera was specifically made for this purpose. And that’s what the Casio EX-ZR1000 is: a camera that is designed to be held at arm’s length and pointed at your own face. This camera has a screen that swivels out to allow us to take proper pictures of ourselves without needing to stand in front of the bathroom mirror.

And to help us ladies out, the Casio EX-ZR1000 is equipped with a number of built-in features that allow us to skip the hassle of Photoshop and other programs (Math and sciences—yuck! Am I right, ladies?) A special feature of this camera is a make-up filter that lightens the skin and softens the tone of everyone in its field of view—in up to twelve separate increasing increments!makeup filter casio ex zr1000makeup filter casio ex zr1000makeup filter casio ex zr1000

We’re not sure if increasing the size of the filter will make your smile bigger, or in fact makes you truly happier.

(No word as to what will happen when a user with beautiful dark skin uses this filter, but then this problem likely has solved itself by not being on sale in places that aren’t in Asia.)

Chinese culture has its own standards of beauty, and while there isn’t much you can do to change your physical features, there is a lot you can do to change the way your physical features appear.

Ladies, it’s time for you to be fabulous and become the sexy cartoon character you’ve spent your entire career trying to overcome.

Photos: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), Youtube screencap


Guangzhou women secretly photographed while swimming

Posted: 06/12/2012 7:00 am

There has been a rash of scandals involving lone perverts in China recently, such as the man who installed a hidden camera in a girl’s dormitory at Shenzhen Polytechnic, and another who hid 20 cameras in a women’s changing room at a gym in Hainan Province. It appears the world’s perverts are getting increasingly tenacious, as another scandal has arisen, this time involving women being photographed while swimming.

According to local television, last weekend a number of women were secretly photographed with iPhones at a swimming pool in Guangzhou. A women identified as Ah Zhu was swimming in the pool at The People’s Municipal Fitness Center in the city’s Yuexiu District around 7.30 in the evening when she saw three men near her with mobile phones. She thought it odd that they would have phones near a swimming pool, and made a mental note of the men’s appearances. The men all had non-local accents, she told 163 news.

One of the men, very tall, thin and thought to be in his twenties, sat by the pool playing with his phone, while the other two men would swim in the water with their iPhones, which had waterproof jackets. The men would periodically get together to look at each other’s screens, then laugh at what they saw.

Ah Zhu observed them for some time and noticed they would go under water to take photographs any time a female entered the pool, this included little girls and middle-aged women. She later told her boyfriend Ah Qiang who said that if he had been there, he would have started a fight. Concerned that the men might upload the photographs to a pornographic website, Qiang called for the health center to ban mobile phones from the pool area.

While the health center has yet to introduce a ban, according to lawyer Huang Zhiyong, it is a criminal offense to publish somebody’s picture on a pornographic website without their permission. In Huang’s opinion, the health center should take the necessary steps to protect the privacy of swimmers, and ensure such an offence isn’t committed again.

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