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Look Out: Perverts Using Crazy New Ways To Take Nefarious Upskirt Pics

Posted: 06/23/2014 8:22 pm

guangzhou subway pervert camera upskirt
When the weather heats up and people wear fewer layers of clothing, you can bet the perverts will come out of the woodwork.

The most recent case of sexual deviancy reported in the Pearl River Delta took place on June 19 in Nanping, Zhuhai. A woman browsing in a book store became suspicious when a man kept following her, trying to slide his right foot under her dress. When police confronted the man, it was discovered he had a cell phone hidden in his sandal and was trying to take upskirt photos with it.

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Another news report documented an incident on May 26 when a passenger on the Guangzhou Metro named Ah Cheng spotted a pervert. Upon getting on Line 1, Ah Cheng noticed a man peering at a cell phone while standing next to a woman in a crowded train, and became suspicious. Ah Cheng noticed the man was holding a shopping bag with his other hand and was trying to maneuver it underneath the skirt of a woman that was standing next to him. Ah Cheng moved to confront the man.

It what appeared to be an impromptu cell phone photo of the pervert in action (seen above) has now become a full video with multiple angles that also appears to star Ah Cheng himself:

guangzhou subway pervert camera upskirtguangzhou subway pervert camera upskirtguangzhou subway pervert camera upskirt

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guangzhou subway pervert camera upskirtguangzhou subway pervert camera upskirt

Elsewhere in China, six sex perverts in Fujian Province were tried and convicted on June 4 for using a camera to spy on unsuspecting victims. The group had set up cameras in the women’s bathroom of the local university where they had taken some 40,000 pictures.

But the most sensational method of taking pervert pics involved the use of a cane with a spy camera. As reported by the People’s Daily, a nefarious man employed demonstrated the dastardly trick at a car show, revealing to the audience how it’s properly done.

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The report also revealed that 10 seconds of footage is somehow worth RMB 500-1000.

Pornography is illegal in China. While R-rated movies with brutal violence are regularly broadcast on weekend mornings and afternoons, nudity has yet to appear on national television, making its broadcast a more private affair.


Photos: People’s Daily, Guangzhou Public Safety


Factory in Dongguan puts cameras in the bathrooms to catch smokers

Posted: 11/14/2013 11:00 am

A factory worker in Dongguan has revealed that security cameras are used in the bathrooms at his work in an attempt to catch smokers. The factory has confirmed the claims, Shaanxi-based media have reported.

A security guard is sent around to do this, image courtesy of Nanfang Television.

Xiao Peng told reporters that if security cameras found him or one of his colleagues smoking in the bathroom, the foreman would be waiting at the door when they came out. If caught once they get a 500 yuan fine (the minimum wage in Dongguan is just over 1500 yuan a month), and if caught twice they get fired.

A representative of the factory explained that the premises had a designated smoking area, so workers should simply use that.

Philip Brown, a tenured Economics professor, lost his job at Colby College in Maine, USA after being caught filming female students in the bathroom during a trip to China. He was also labelled a pervert in international media.

Is this Dongguan factory really any better?


Dongguan man runs into trouble taking daughter into the women’s loo

Posted: 08/26/2013 3:04 pm

When a parent is alone in public with their child of the opposite sex, which bathroom should they take them into?

A father in Dongguan found out the hard way that it’s probably not a good idea to go into the bathroom of the opposite sex when he took his 3 year-old daughter into the women’s bathroom at a mall on August 20 after checking to see whether the coast was clear.

When a woman saw him in there, she called him a “stinky pervert” and a “retard” as well as numerous other names, Guangzhou Daily reports.

The following day Mr. Chan went on an online forum to explain his actions, saying he initially opted to use the men’s toilets but changed his mind when he saw that there were other men in there and decided that his daughter was old enough to feel self-conscious.

Chan says he then waited outside the women’s toilets for 30 seconds and then peeked in to make sure it was empty. But as soon as he entered, the drama started.

Chan’s online post gained 2 million responses within a few days. Some came out in support, others said there was never a good reason for an adult to go into the bathroom of the opposite sex.

Guangzhou Daily sent some reporters to shopping malls in Dongguan to ask people’s opinions on the matter, and most agreed it was extremely rare for a father to take his daughter into the ladies’ room or a mother to take her son into the gents’.


Watch: Guy gropes and kisses female stranger at Shenzhen subway station

Posted: 07/26/2013 11:00 am

The problem of gropers on public transport in China has become so severe that an extraordinary range of preventative measures have been dreamed up by entrepreneurs and government officials. These include designated women-only areas, anti-pervert hairy stockings, and anti-pervert shoes.

However, some gropers are so determined and shameless that the problem is unlikely to completely go away. Check out this guy who approaches a teenage girl from behind, bear hugs her and then forcefully kisses her on an escalator in Shenzhen’s Tianbei Subway Station, footage courtesy of Jiangsu Television.

The assault, which took place on the afternoon of July 22, happens at 00:35:

The girl immediately called the cops. And last night, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau reported on its microblog that the man, surnamed Wang, had been arrested.

Left-wing U.K current affairs magazine The New Statesman published an interesting piece this week about a woman’s emotional recovery from being sexually harassed on the London Underground. Her method? To do an interpretive dance on the spot on which she was harassed.


Pervert caught at GZ metro station snapping up skirt pics, his phone had over 300 of them

Posted: 12/24/2012 2:11 pm

A woman in Guangzhou has posted the details of her experience catching a pervert who was snapping photos of her on Guangzhou metro line 8, according to media reports.

The woman, known online as “Yinchen Angel”, was on the metro on the evening of December 17 when she saw a man snap an up-skirt photo.  She was able to restrain him and called police, who checked the man’s mobile phone. Turns out, perhaps unsurprisingly, his phone was packed with over 300 pictures of female breasts and up-skirt photos.

While being investigated, the Peeping Tom argued that all of his pictures were downloaded from the internet.  When the policemen went to check the phone again, however, the photos had vanished.  According to “Yinchen Angel”, there was an app running on the phone that deleted the photos in an emergency if a code was not entered, although it’s anyone’s guess as to how she’d know this.  Police eventually concluded they couldn’t prove the man had taken the up-skirt photos.

According to Huang Pengyan at the Guangdong Shenglun Law Firm, females who find themselves the subject of pervert pics can seek help nearby or turn around and snap the pervert’s photo and call police.  The law firm, in what is becoming a common bit of advice in China, is also urging women not to “dress too provocatively”.


Guangzhou women secretly photographed while swimming

Posted: 06/12/2012 7:00 am

There has been a rash of scandals involving lone perverts in China recently, such as the man who installed a hidden camera in a girl’s dormitory at Shenzhen Polytechnic, and another who hid 20 cameras in a women’s changing room at a gym in Hainan Province. It appears the world’s perverts are getting increasingly tenacious, as another scandal has arisen, this time involving women being photographed while swimming.

According to local television, last weekend a number of women were secretly photographed with iPhones at a swimming pool in Guangzhou. A women identified as Ah Zhu was swimming in the pool at The People’s Municipal Fitness Center in the city’s Yuexiu District around 7.30 in the evening when she saw three men near her with mobile phones. She thought it odd that they would have phones near a swimming pool, and made a mental note of the men’s appearances. The men all had non-local accents, she told 163 news.

One of the men, very tall, thin and thought to be in his twenties, sat by the pool playing with his phone, while the other two men would swim in the water with their iPhones, which had waterproof jackets. The men would periodically get together to look at each other’s screens, then laugh at what they saw.

Ah Zhu observed them for some time and noticed they would go under water to take photographs any time a female entered the pool, this included little girls and middle-aged women. She later told her boyfriend Ah Qiang who said that if he had been there, he would have started a fight. Concerned that the men might upload the photographs to a pornographic website, Qiang called for the health center to ban mobile phones from the pool area.

While the health center has yet to introduce a ban, according to lawyer Huang Zhiyong, it is a criminal offense to publish somebody’s picture on a pornographic website without their permission. In Huang’s opinion, the health center should take the necessary steps to protect the privacy of swimmers, and ensure such an offence isn’t committed again.


20 hidden cameras found in a women’s changing room in Haikou

Posted: 05/16/2012 10:17 am

There’s a run-of-the-mill “Peeping Tom”, and then there’s a sophisticated video monitoring installation.  Women at a gym on Hainan Island have found themselves victims of the latter.

An estimated 20 hidden cameras have been found in a women’s changing room in a gym in Haikou City, capital of Hainan Province. A male member of the Xiandai Gym was reported to police after trying to blackmail three women with footage of them taking showers and changing clothes. The third of the three women went to police.  

The gym is estimated to have more than 1,000 female members, all of whom use the changing room. A user identified as Mrs. Wang told local television that she noticed the cameras when she looked at the roof while in the changing room. 

The member who installed the videos joined the gym in September 2011. Women have blamed the gym’s management and security system for allowing the man to gain access to the women’s changing room. The gym is yet to give an explanation and the manager cannot be reached for comment.  

Netizen c7680 opined that it was probably an inside job because an outsider would never be able to gain access to the changing room of the opposite sex. Another user blamed the manager for allowing ”unsuspecting women to become yellow movie stars.” 

This obviously isn’t the first time hidden cameras have been found.  In July 2011, a camera was installed in the women’s toilet on the third floor of a Guo Anju store in Bao’an District, Shenzhen.  The explanation? The store claimed the camera was installed to monitor the saving of water.


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