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Factory in Dongguan puts cameras in the bathrooms to catch smokers

Posted: 11/14/2013 11:00 am

A factory worker in Dongguan has revealed that security cameras are used in the bathrooms at his work in an attempt to catch smokers. The factory has confirmed the claims, Shaanxi-based media have reported.

A security guard is sent around to do this, image courtesy of Nanfang Television.

Xiao Peng told reporters that if security cameras found him or one of his colleagues smoking in the bathroom, the foreman would be waiting at the door when they came out. If caught once they get a 500 yuan fine (the minimum wage in Dongguan is just over 1500 yuan a month), and if caught twice they get fired.

A representative of the factory explained that the premises had a designated smoking area, so workers should simply use that.

Philip Brown, a tenured Economics professor, lost his job at Colby College in Maine, USA after being caught filming female students in the bathroom during a trip to China. He was also labelled a pervert in international media.

Is this Dongguan factory really any better?


No toilet, no problem: high-school student defecates into a trash can on the GZ metro

Posted: 03/2/2013 1:45 pm

Just no shame: A high school student in Guangzhou has been caught using a trash bin as a toilet, and probably having a poo. The picture of the kid is the latest to go viral on Sina Weibo.

As you can see in this picture, he’s not bothered that he’s taking his business in a very public place, in this case the Guangzhou metro. What’s worse is that the station staff has allowed him to carry on, raising his hand to stop a netizen taking a picture – to shame him.

Acutely aware of the incident, Guangzhou metro has gone to the trouble of posting a picture on Weibo making sure users are aware of the nearest toilet in their stations.

While it is a disgusting and shocking practice, this incident is not the first of it’s kind on the Guangzhou metro.

We reported last November how a boy was caught short on the train, and crouched down beside the door to relieve his bowel while his dad stood by.

However, in more recent times, we’ve had a mother letting her son poo in the middle of the airport terminal in Taiwan, and just two weeks ago, a child was having a poo in the middle of an airplane aisle mid-air.

This reporter has seen mothers burst off the train, holding their babies over trash cans, to stop their kids wetting themselves in an all too common occurrence.

Feel sorry for the cleaners who have to clean up this mess.

Source/Images: Will Crook/Beijing Cream and Guangzhou Metro

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