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Factory in Dongguan puts cameras in the bathrooms to catch smokers

Posted: 11/14/2013 11:00 am

A factory worker in Dongguan has revealed that security cameras are used in the bathrooms at his work in an attempt to catch smokers. The factory has confirmed the claims, Shaanxi-based media have reported.

A security guard is sent around to do this, image courtesy of Nanfang Television.

Xiao Peng told reporters that if security cameras found him or one of his colleagues smoking in the bathroom, the foreman would be waiting at the door when they came out. If caught once they get a 500 yuan fine (the minimum wage in Dongguan is just over 1500 yuan a month), and if caught twice they get fired.

A representative of the factory explained that the premises had a designated smoking area, so workers should simply use that.

Philip Brown, a tenured Economics professor, lost his job at Colby College in Maine, USA after being caught filming female students in the bathroom during a trip to China. He was also labelled a pervert in international media.

Is this Dongguan factory really any better?


Guangzhou strives to enforce anti-smoking regulation

Posted: 09/3/2012 7:00 am

Fifteen government departments in Guangzhou are collaborating in a new measure to crack down on smoking in the city, according to Southern Metropolis Daily. Eleven smokers received 50 yuan fines for smoking in non-smoking areas on Sept. 1, the first day of the new regulation.

Departments such as the Urban Administration Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, and the Sanitation Department are collaborating to enforce the regulation, with a combined total of more than 200 people assigned to target those who violate it.

Most hotels, internet bars and KTVs in Guangzhou have a no-smoking policy but an investigation showed that many smokers are ignoring the policies.

At around 3:20 p.m. Saturday, police were called to the KTV on the 9th floor of Zhonghua Square on Zhongshan San Road. Once they got to room V16 they say a man smoking in one of the private rooms. Police tried to put the cigarette out, but they met with violent resistance from the man and his three friends.

When the men realised they were being filmed by the media, the smoker accepted the ticket and paid the 50 yuan fine. Over 100 journalists are collaborating in the drive to enforce the regulation.

At 4:45 on the same day, there was another incident in a KTV in which a woman shouted, “Don’t film us. There’s a government official in the room.” A female journalist from Guangdong television then had her camera knocked to the floor.

Police are investigating the case.

The hotline to report people who smoke in non-smoking areas is 12319.

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