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STDs on the Rise in Guangdong with Seniors Particularly at Risk

Posted: 11/18/2014 9:21 am

Guangdong is known for its raunchy nightlife, KTV parlors and saunas, and now it looks like venues like these – some which provide sexual services – could be behind a sharp increase in the number of sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed in the province.

There are now 158,192 people in the province with an STD. The rates for syphilis and gonorrhea in Guangdong actually lead the country, according to figures released by the province’s Dermatosis Prevention and Curing Institute.

There were 10,000 cases of syphilis in Guangdong in 2013, outranking Zhejiang Province with the second highest infection rate. From 2002 to 2013 the province’s number of patients with syphilis and gonorrhea has continued to surpass national average, the report said. And many patients were in labor-intensive areas in the Pearl River Delta, it added, like Dongguan.

What is most interesting is who appears to be most at risk: senior citizens. While most cases are youngsters and middle-aged men, the sharpest increase is among the senior set, partly due to the fact that many lonely seniors tend to seek sexual services in low-end sexual venues often without protection, said Yang Bing, director of a medical institute.

From 2004 to 2013, the province reported more than 4,000 cases of third-phase syphilis with many being male senior citizens, according to Yang.

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Some Men Never Change… 85 Year Old Caught with Prostitute Set Free

Posted: 09/3/2014 6:13 pm

old man prostituteIt’s great to be old in China: people look up to you, they listen when you talk, and laugh at your jokes. In fact, being old in China can have other advantages like being set free by the police when caught red-handed with a prostitute.

That’s what happened to an unidentified 85 year-old man when police came to investigate a report of illegal sexual activity, reports QQ.

At 9 o’clock last night (September 2), police in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province found the elderly man in a hotel suite with an unidentified woman who was not his daughter, or his granddaughter, nor his great-granddaughter.

In front of the police officers eyes, the old man became very regretful at his shameful actions. Not without mercy, the police respected the old man too much to arrest him for the crime of soliciting prostitution. And so, the old man was set free, having only paid RMB 80 to the woman for her services.

The woman, however, was not as lucky. No such respect was shown to her, and she was taken into police custody to be properly processed by the law.

The report does not mention the age of the woman, who is assumed to be “not old”.

Photo: Caijing


Want a Late-Night “Massage” In Guangdong? You’ll Need to Show ID

Posted: 08/11/2014 3:31 pm

The crackdown in China’s undisputed capital of sex continues, despite recent reports that everything is returning back to normal.

That may come as good news to the 200,000 people who lost jobs as a result of the crackdown, which sent people fleeing from the city earlier this year. But while establishments are re-opening, they aren’t quite the same as they used to be.

Reports say that valid photo identification may be required for those late night massage visits, which we believe probably make up a majority of them, if a new proposal is approved. The proposal not only applies to Dongguan, but all of Guangdong Province.

From now on, any visits to a bath house after 2am would be subject to the new requirement. This will, more than likely, have a negative impact on these businesses. On the plus side? It’s sure to inject some stimulus into fake ID shops.

This new requirement has come to light alongside other stiff new regulations we told you about earlier, such as no lights off, no locks on the doors, and no prostitution (of course).

So where are these massage places? Far be it from us to tell you. Just remember, be safe.




Look Out: Perverts Using Crazy New Ways To Take Nefarious Upskirt Pics

Posted: 06/23/2014 8:22 pm

guangzhou subway pervert camera upskirt
When the weather heats up and people wear fewer layers of clothing, you can bet the perverts will come out of the woodwork.

The most recent case of sexual deviancy reported in the Pearl River Delta took place on June 19 in Nanping, Zhuhai. A woman browsing in a book store became suspicious when a man kept following her, trying to slide his right foot under her dress. When police confronted the man, it was discovered he had a cell phone hidden in his sandal and was trying to take upskirt photos with it.

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Another news report documented an incident on May 26 when a passenger on the Guangzhou Metro named Ah Cheng spotted a pervert. Upon getting on Line 1, Ah Cheng noticed a man peering at a cell phone while standing next to a woman in a crowded train, and became suspicious. Ah Cheng noticed the man was holding a shopping bag with his other hand and was trying to maneuver it underneath the skirt of a woman that was standing next to him. Ah Cheng moved to confront the man.

It what appeared to be an impromptu cell phone photo of the pervert in action (seen above) has now become a full video with multiple angles that also appears to star Ah Cheng himself:

guangzhou subway pervert camera upskirtguangzhou subway pervert camera upskirtguangzhou subway pervert camera upskirt

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guangzhou subway pervert camera upskirtguangzhou subway pervert camera upskirt

Elsewhere in China, six sex perverts in Fujian Province were tried and convicted on June 4 for using a camera to spy on unsuspecting victims. The group had set up cameras in the women’s bathroom of the local university where they had taken some 40,000 pictures.

But the most sensational method of taking pervert pics involved the use of a cane with a spy camera. As reported by the People’s Daily, a nefarious man employed demonstrated the dastardly trick at a car show, revealing to the audience how it’s properly done.

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The report also revealed that 10 seconds of footage is somehow worth RMB 500-1000.

Pornography is illegal in China. While R-rated movies with brutal violence are regularly broadcast on weekend mornings and afternoons, nudity has yet to appear on national television, making its broadcast a more private affair.


Photos: People’s Daily, Guangzhou Public Safety


G-String Condom Invented by Guangzhou Students Becomes Retail Product

Posted: 06/16/2014 2:35 pm

g-string condomA thong-condom hybrid invented by six South China Medical University students has finally become a retail product, reports Want China Times.

The product is a condom with extra room down below to envelop the scrotum along with the shaft of the penis. The entire contraption is held in place by a thong meant to be worn by the condom user. Investors thought the product had so much potential they poured US$320,000 into it.

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to Reduce Unwanted Pregnancies

The invention had won the Competition of Cultural Innovation held by the city’s Communist Youth League, and was inspired by the cash award offered by the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “whomever designs the next generation of condoms”.

While 10,000 g-string condoms are headed to Australia for sale, the group of investors, which calls itself the “Eastern Resurgence” (seen below), has always maintained a Chinese perspective. Group leader Kong Yanxiang said, “Currently, sex education in China is quite backward and conservative. Condoms are a product into which little research is being done. So this is a market we could enter.”

Consisting of mostly women, the group emphasized that its product is an improvement over traditional condoms that mostly use oil-based lubricants, which can be irritating to the vagina. The g-string condom uses a soluble lubricant flavoured with Chinese herbs. The anti-slip micro-capsules reduce the risk of accidental pregnancy.

Based on our experience with condoms, we can’t figure out why the g-string apparatus would be needed unless the condom wasn’t fitting properly. To us, it seems like the simple condom is getting needlessly more complicated.


Photos: Want China Times, Nanfang


Guangdong Prostitution Crackdown Leads to Arrests, Closed WeChat Accounts

Posted: 06/12/2014 3:54 pm

prostitution crackdown Over 3,000 people have been arrested as part of a police crackdown on prostitution in Guangdong, reports Caijing.

Ever since a high-profile CCTV report on prostitution in Dongguan, 3,033 people have been detained for prostitution-related crimes, of which 1,497 are described as profiteers or operators of prostitution-related businesses. The crackdown involves a total 1,121 cases in which 214 prostitution rings are said to have been busted.

Guangdong police have checked over 947,000 establishments in which 3,553 have been deemed illegal. Of these illegal establishments, 269 have been banned, 19 have had their certificates suspended, and 3,129 have closed.

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As well, Guangdong police announced that 1,200 websites associated with prostitution have been shut down, and that one million QQ, WeChat, and Weibo accounts have been cancelled.

On Wednesday, WeChat announced they have shut down over 20 million WeChat accounts related to prostitution nationwide this year alone.

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These announcements come as a group of legal experts allege convicted sex workers have been sent to labor camps for re-education, reports Radio Free Asia.

A letter signed by the group criticized the new “custody and education” system implemented in place of the controversial “re-education through labor” system abolished last year, saying there’s no difference between the two.

Under the new system, the critics allege a person can be incarcerated by police for up to two years without trial for involvement in the sex industry, whether as a sex worker or a client.


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Bikini Babes Welcome Summer at Guangzhou Water Park Promotion

Posted: 05/20/2014 12:12 pm

guangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterparkThe recent rain in the PRD has been dreadful, but the sun took time to come out on May 18 when Chimelong Water Park kicked off its 7th Annual 10,000 Bikinis event.

The focus of the event was a leaping dolphin comprised of several hundred bikini-clad women.

Last year’s event had used the gathering to draw “2013″ using the silhouette of a snake, the animal totem for last year’s zodiac. Being an unpopular year and avoided by pregnant mothers, next year’s animal zodiac, the sheep, is likely never going to be associated with anything sexy.

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at Guangzhou Water Park

Anyone thinking that this is simply bush league should make note of the foreign models in attendance who took time off from hiding when a crackdown on improper visa use targeted the industry weeks ago.

We’ve included a number of photos of the event for inquiring minds…

guangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterparkguangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterparkguangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterpark

guangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterpark

PHOTOS: Bikini-Clad Beauties Advocate the Use of Breast Milk
at Hong Kong Border

guangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterparkguangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterparkguangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterpark

VIDEO: Bikini-Clad Shenzhen Girls Call for “Rational” Protest
Against the Japanese

guangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterparkguangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterparkguangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterpark

And here’s the snake rolled out from last year’s event:guangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterparkguangzhou bikini swimsuit guangdong summer waterpark

Dongguan Plumber Proposes to Girlfriend in Bra and Panties

Photos: QQ, Yancheng Evening ReportiFeng 


Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival Wraps Up With Striptease, SM Performances

Posted: 05/19/2014 8:00 am

Guangzhou’s annual sex culture festival ended on Sunday at the Zhongzhou Exhibition Center with everything you can expect from a sex show that includes half-naked women, arrays of sex toys, and more.

A lingerie show, body painting, SM performances, and a striptease were all featured at the three-day event from May 16 to May 18, QQ News reported. The theme of this year’s event was “harmonious society, quality life and health first” and included seminars on male AIDS prevention, sexual diseases and health.

Pornography and prostitution are banned in China, yet the country is responsible for producing more than 70 % of the world’s sex toys. And sales of sex products in China are estimated at RMB 50 billion ($8.02 billion) annually with a whopping growth rate of 63.3% each year, according to the event’s official website. The market is expected to maintain this same growth momentum for the next 15 years, it added.

Judging by the excited reactions of the mostly male audience, the market surely looks to grow with prolonged interest and better results.

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Squeamish Video Shows Laowai Stealing Girl from HK Boyfriend in Lan Kwai Fong

Posted: 05/15/2014 11:42 am

It’s surely happened in bar districts all over Asia, but now it’s been caught on tape: a brazen laowai picking up a Chinese girl from right under the nose of her boyfriend.

The video was shot this past weekend in Hong Kong’s notorious Lan Kwai Fong bar district, not a locale known for the virtuous. It opens with the girl sitting with her boyfriend (although the exact nature of their relationship is being debated) along a railing, and the foreigner slowly moving in. It ends with him taking her away from a clearly exasperated – and we’re quickly assuming – ex-boyfriend.

Not sure whether to berate the guy for his ineptitude and weakness or feel sorry for him, the video has stirred up all kinds of feelings in Hong Kong Golden, one of the city’s top forums.

It turns out the video was shot by a guy named David Bond, who is the other foreigner sitting along the railing. He styles himself as a professional pick-up artist and has traveled throughout Asia. Hong Wrong blog has this:

The man himself entered the debate on Reddit posting a screenshot of his ‘conquests’ folder on his PC. He also posted a sarcastic video response to those objecting to his use of supposedly ‘hidden cameras’. The incident has also spawned a blog and Facebook campaign page

It’s almost Chinabounder, redux.

[h/t Hong Wrong]


Obscene Content May Be Banned from China’s Video Game Ads

Posted: 04/25/2014 12:16 pm

online video game girl obscene naked ban

The raid on the Shenzhen offices of Kuaibo on April 22 was regarded as an initiative by the government to get tough on copyright infringement. However, news of the police raid has sent shockwaves through the Chinese online video game industry as rumors swirl of a “obscenity ban“, iQiLu reported.

The rumored ban would prohibit video game companies from using licentious material in any of its advertising. Apparently a notice has already been sent to game companies that says video game advertisements that expose sensitive body parts through the use of short sleeves, shorts, skirts, and bathing suits are prohibited. Any physical contact between men and women characters are forbidden, though its not sure how violence is covered under these rules.

The rumors true or not, yesterday saw a downward trend in the stock market for just about every Chinese online gaming company. Shares plummeted for video game companies like OurPalm, Shunwang Technology, and Aisidi.

Besides its reputation as a notorious pirate that rebroadcast unlicensed material, Kuaidi is well-known for its racy video game advertisements.  An unnamed industry insider likens the investigation to an “attack” and gave this analysis:

What can most attract traffic on the internet is lascivious material. Reading material and news can not compare with this. Because of its individual characteristics, it was very easy for Kuaibo to attract online gaming companies to purchase advertising on its streaming products.

The fear is resonated by this representative of an unidentified Beijing-based online video game company:

The investigation of Kuaibo is a signal. During this initiative, will they continue to investigate other promotional avenues of the online gaming industry? What’s next, investigating the content of online games themselves?

For its part, Kuaidi has admitted that police visited their offices, but denies that any arrests were made. The company is adamant that is has resumed normal operations.

The government initiative to police the Chinese internet of obscene and copyright infringement began earlier this month.

Despite its effect upon the industry, Caijing reported the rumored ban as false, confirming that there is no such ban after contacting several video game companies.

Between this and the prostitution crackdown in Dongguan that continues to plague the city’s economy, we can only hope that adhering to moral principles doesn’t have a detrimental effect upon China’s economic prosperity.

Photo: 55g, kaifu

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