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Some Men Never Change… 85 Year Old Caught with Prostitute Set Free

Posted: 09/3/2014 6:13 pm

old man prostituteIt’s great to be old in China: people look up to you, they listen when you talk, and laugh at your jokes. In fact, being old in China can have other advantages like being set free by the police when caught red-handed with a prostitute.

That’s what happened to an unidentified 85 year-old man when police came to investigate a report of illegal sexual activity, reports QQ.

At 9 o’clock last night (September 2), police in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province found the elderly man in a hotel suite with an unidentified woman who was not his daughter, or his granddaughter, nor his great-granddaughter.

In front of the police officers eyes, the old man became very regretful at his shameful actions. Not without mercy, the police respected the old man too much to arrest him for the crime of soliciting prostitution. And so, the old man was set free, having only paid RMB 80 to the woman for her services.

The woman, however, was not as lucky. No such respect was shown to her, and she was taken into police custody to be properly processed by the law.

The report does not mention the age of the woman, who is assumed to be “not old”.

Photo: Caijing

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