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Photos Surface of Naked, Corrupt Henan Officials Cavorting with Prostitutes

Posted: 01/30/2015 10:00 am

An official, identified by his surname, Lu, was photographed naked.

Two officials from Henan Province’s Xinyang Housing Administration are under investigation after being photographed naked among several prostitutes, allegedly paid for with bribe money, according to New Beijing Daily.

Zhu Huagang blogged that the two officials spent more than RMB 200,000 of his money on banquets, entertainment and prostitution after assuring him that they would redress his grievance with the Housing Administration.

One of the officials, surnamed Lu, was said to be a division head at the Administration. The second official was a clerk-level public servant. On several occasions, Zhu paid for banquets and karaoke for the public servants. Each time the two officials would ask him to send them to the same hotel and for Zhu to pay the RMB 500 prostitution fee.

When contacted by the media, a representative of the Housing Administration explained that the two officials in question were simply low level public servants. He added that an investigation is underway to verify the story.

More photos below:

Photos: China Youth Net 


  • Zen my Ass

    “Low level public servants”… and you wonder how people in higher positions feast…

  • jacob

    “low level public servants” so is ok ??? or maybe administration have some HR problems and hires low level idiots ? I would be furious if my work office called me low level. Low level but they managed to get enough bribes to have fun. High level can’t anymore.

  • Cynic-Al

    $32,000 for “low-level” public servants? How much does it take to actually have a grievance heard by this government?

  • mfw13

    These people disgust me, the Chinese have a very long way to go before I consider them to be anything but self-serving scumbags, completely untrustworthy and corrupt.

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