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Dongguan Hotel Tycoon and Sex Industry Kingpin Under Investigation

Posted: 01/20/2015 11:30 am

Liu Boquan and his private helicopter

A Dongguan hotel tycoon, Liu Boquan, made a name for himself in 2010 after he used his private helicopter and speed boat to help local police chase down purse-snatchers. According to the Dongguan Times, Liu was awarded RMB 40,000 by the provincial and local governments for his heroic deed. But those were the good days, now the intrepid Samaritan has been stripped of his CPPCC membership and is currently under police investigation, China News reports.

The report did not specify what he has been charged with, but Liu, chairperson of several Dongguan four and five-star hotels, took a big hit during Dongguan’s anti-prostitution campaign when several of his hotels were caught offering sex services.

In one case, approximately 30 sex workers at Liu’s Huimei Tianlun Hotel went after the tycoon for outstanding salaries after the hotel was shut down in a police raid.

A parade of sex workers photographed at one of Liu’s hotels.

Ironically, Liu’s last public statement prior to his arrest included a pledge to always follow and obey the Party’s orders, Nandu reported.

Photo: Global Times Net 


    Obviously he didnt pay the required bribes to party officials and the local police….idiot

    • Zen my Ass

      I know a couple from Taiwan trying to start a recycling business: now that he has an opportunity to change life, he should join them.

    • mcleod

      Pay up or cease operating. ‘Tea money’ is more important than taxes.

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  • mcleod

    Corruption totally out of control – easy to see how government mafia types the world-over become billionaires, laundering ill-gotten gains and latterly buying significant percentages of major European football clubs.

    Doesn’t auger well for Europe’s professional clubs, as the flood-gates of Asian-style fixed games open, to drown the world’s favourite sport in an ocean of illegal betting, corrupt practices, criminal acts of staggering proportions; with vice, immorality and gangsterism controlling all aspects of the beautiful game. If half a dozen footballers in a side are approached with suitcases full of money, to throw a game to gain the result the gangsters want, then what does everyone imagine will happen? Suddenly whistle-blowers will surface, risking mafia-inspired career-terminating injuries or spectacular deaths? No chance! Money will change hands and games will be thrown.

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