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Dongguan’s Sex Trade Is Back

Posted: 10/24/2014 9:00 am

A woman walks past a banner that reads, “crack down on prostitution, gambling and drugs”.

Dongguan’s sex trade has proven to be more resilient than originally thought. The city, which has been targeted in a large-scale sweep over the past eight months, appears to have its mojo back.

Sixty people were arrested following raids on two of the city’s “entertainment venues” on Houjie Street: Junhao Hotel KTV and Dongcheng Shengshi Gechao KTV, both of which were offering sexual services. Their business licenses have already been suspended for six months.

The arrests come just two months after the city’s massage parlours, saunas, and hotels reopened for business after a massive clean-up, which followed CCTV’s exposé on the city’s rampant sex trade in mid-February. It alleged that the sex-trade contributed 10 percent to the city’s GDP.

Since being allowed to reopen, 2,684 entertainment operators, or 80 percent of the city’s entertainment businesses, have signed a pledge promising not to provide services related to gambling, drugs and prostitution.

In July, Guangdong province also introduced a series of detailed new regulations aimed at prohibiting the “vice trade”, including banning dim lights and private rooms. Evidently, the measures have proven to be of little use.

Photos: SCMP



Guangzhou Has Deported 768 Foreigners So Far This Year

Posted: 09/8/2014 10:30 am

Life is getting tougher for foreigners in China, whether it’s something as simple as more restricted access to western TV shows online or tougher visa regulations.

We have been reporting for a while now that Guangzhou has been cracking down on foreigners in the city, specifically visitors from Africa. One report said half of the 200,000 African expats in Guangzhou are there illegally.

No matter where you’re from, make sure you have a valid visa and working permit, because Guangzhou isn’t messing around when it comes to deportations.

So far this year, the city announced it has either detained or deported 768 foreigners for things like expired passports, overstaying visas, illegal entry, and other criminal acts. The city remains one of the most popular destinations for visitors from other countries, with more than three million foreigners arriving or leaving the city this year.

The report says Guangzhou is currently home to 86,000 foreigners.


Beijing Taxi Driver Dozes Off Behind The Wheel Before Fatal Crash

Posted: 08/25/2014 2:20 pm

bj taxi crash fatalitiesThree people traveling in a Beijing taxi cab have died after a collision in which the driver is suspected of being extremely tired from working a double shift, reports Caijing. The taxi collided with a tree while heading west on Third Ring Road nearby Wanfangting Park on Sunday morning.

The crash killed everyone inside the vehicle: the driver and two passengers, a man and a woman.

Other taxi drivers confirm it is very common for Beijing cabbies to work double shifts; sometimes they work for more than ten hours at a time.

bj taxi crash fatalities

To make matter worse, safety belts are not provided for passengers riding in the back seat of Beijing taxi cabs, something that is common in many other Chinese cities. Instead, the harnesses are often pushed inside the seat cushion and aren’t available.

Earlier this year, a Dongguan taxi driver died after working a 24 hour shift.


Photos: Caijing


Want a Late-Night “Massage” In Guangdong? You’ll Need to Show ID

Posted: 08/11/2014 3:31 pm

The crackdown in China’s undisputed capital of sex continues, despite recent reports that everything is returning back to normal.

That may come as good news to the 200,000 people who lost jobs as a result of the crackdown, which sent people fleeing from the city earlier this year. But while establishments are re-opening, they aren’t quite the same as they used to be.

Reports say that valid photo identification may be required for those late night massage visits, which we believe probably make up a majority of them, if a new proposal is approved. The proposal not only applies to Dongguan, but all of Guangdong Province.

From now on, any visits to a bath house after 2am would be subject to the new requirement. This will, more than likely, have a negative impact on these businesses. On the plus side? It’s sure to inject some stimulus into fake ID shops.

This new requirement has come to light alongside other stiff new regulations we told you about earlier, such as no lights off, no locks on the doors, and no prostitution (of course).

So where are these massage places? Far be it from us to tell you. Just remember, be safe.




Beijing Says H&M, Vero Moda, Zara and MUJI All Sell Poor Quality Products

Posted: 08/9/2014 12:12 pm

vero modaMore top brand names have been cited for violating government standards in China, and perhaps by coincidence, the majority of inferior products involve denim.

On August 5, the website for the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce announced four major brands are selling inferior products that do not conform to government regulations in seven separate cases. The four brands named are MUJI, H&M, VERO MODA, and ZARA.

This announcement follows an earlier report by the same government agency that announced there are 64 brands that are on a “black list” for violating government quality standards, but did not mention all of them specifically.

MUJI is cited for having three violations, while ZARA is cited for two. H&M and VERO MODA are cited for one violation each. They are:

bj blacklist

  • A Shanghai MUJI store that sold a US cotton blend denim women’s skirt that has problems with durability, friction, and an ability to retain color.
  • A Shanghai MUJI store that sold a US cotton blend denim jacket shirt that has problems with durability, friction, and an ability to retain color.
  • A Shanghai MUJI store that sold a US cotton blend denim women’s fitted skirt that has problems with durability, friction, and ability to retain color.
  • An Shanghai H&M store that sold women’s casual shoes that has problems with its ph level, durability, friction, an ability to retain color.
  • A Beijing ZARA store that sold jeans that had problems with durability, friction, and an ability to retain color.
  • Another Beijing ZARA store that sold jeans that had problems with durability with washing, and an ability to retain color.
  • A Tianjin VERO MODA  store that sold jeans that had problems with friction, and durability ZARA, Beijing.

The Nanfang will continue to keep you informed in case other brand names are added to the black list.

Photos: hd315, eksms


No More Free Toothbrushes and Other Toiletries at Guangzhou Hotels

Posted: 07/17/2014 2:28 pm

hotel disposable itemsFree slippers, shower hats, toothbrushes and even soap may be as rare as a free lunch in the future. Disposable hotel toiletries will no longer be offered for free in Guangzhou hotels in order to cut down on garbage, reports the Southern Daily.

Guangzhou is currently deliberating a policy which will encourage the use of reusuable items in order to reduce the impact on the environment. Yin Ziyong, department head of the municipal management works committee, explained the policy:

This is to promote regulations. Guangzhou’s hotel industry has traditionally gifted (its guests) with with six complimentary items. Following the development of society and economy, many clients have brought up environment-saving measures used by international hotels in which guests are to pay for these complimentary products. Right now, we are soliciting different parties for their perspectives. It is to promote the reduction of disposable items, and is not an inflexible policy to be uniformly applied.

Photo: Alibaba


No Lights Off, No Private Rooms, and Other New Massage Rules in Guangdong

Posted: 07/8/2014 3:17 pm

massage Massage parlors in Guangdong are going to be under new rules designed to help clean up the profession, reports MSN.

Guangdong Province is looking for suggestions from the public on how best to police the industry in light of its frequent association with prostitution. According to the report, steam room and bathing facilities will be mandatory in all Guangdong massage parlors in the future.

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Other proposed guidelines include:

  • can not provide services within any enclosed rooms
  • can not set dividing partitions or screens
  • can not turn off lights
  • can not have non-transparent doors
  • can not engage in prostitution

Furthermore,  massage parlors must register the personal identification of all clients that request services from 2am to 8am, and then log it with the local PSB.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a fine ranging from RMB 10,000 to RMB 30,000. The regulations will cover any place that provides massages and includes services such as saunas, hydrotherapy, Chinese manual health therapy, and reflexology.

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Do Not Amount to Prostitution

Meanwhile, regulatory bodies that will enforce these rules will also be given their own guidelines in which regulatory teams:

  • must consist of at least two people
  • must always provide proper identification
  • can never open massage parlors of their own
  • can not frequent massage parlors
  • can not misuse their authority over massage parlors

Starting on August 6, provincial residents will be able to leave their suggestions on the provincial law office website.


Photo: fh21


Jinan Restaurants Snub Health Inspectors, Close En Masse Instead

Posted: 07/3/2014 11:45 am

jinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulationLooking for a good restaurant in Jinan in Shandong Province? You may want to reconsider as hundreds of restaurants there have closed rather than submit to health inspections, reported the People’s Daily.

On July 1, a “secret” national hygiene municipal inspection was to be carried out in Jinan on a vast scale.  One-thousand volunteers wearing armbands conferring their official status were sent to inspect all of the city’s restaurants. When the eateries found out about the supposed “secret” inspection, they closed up shop.

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Poppy Powder to Food

Many of these pictures were taken at around 4pm, just before the dinner rush, and yet there are hardly any people around. We wish we could tell you at least one restaurant defied the trend and stayed open, but the report doesn’t mention any.

Apparently, some restaurants have been ordered to take down their signs because they don’t meet health regulations, presumably due to the improper disposal of garbage that the volunteers were still able to inspect from outside the premises. The businesses are apparently waiting for the health inspection period to wrap up so they can re-open.

jinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulationjinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulationjinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulation

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jinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulationjinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulationjinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulation

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jinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulationjinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulationjinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulation

Here are some pictures of the volunteer health inspectors, seemingly left with little to do:

jinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulationjinan restaurant health check closed shandong national hygiene regulation




No More Clubbing for Guangzhou Officials

Posted: 05/8/2014 8:00 am

When night clubs meet officials, it’s bound to be epic! Officials should resist them, but still they fall for them. It’s often the set piece to a tragic fall when decadent cadres are seen dancing and singing with young girls as well engaging in some under-the-table activity.

Just look at what happened to the poor Shanghai officials who were caught on camera during their fun outings. Four Shanghai court officials were sacked last year after a video clip showed them spending a night with prostitutes at a night club.

In order to stave off corruption in Guangzhou, the city’s Discipline Inspection Commission has introduced the “Ten Prohibitions”: ten guidelines on official conduct to hopefully revive the last remaining moral standards in Guangzhou officials, reported the Nanfang Daily on May 7.

One prohibition says that Guangzhou officials cannot enter night clubs or cabarets. Another one for some reason is more specific and says that officials are not allowed to park government cars at golf courses, night clubs or cabarets.

Other prohibitions cover banquets, use of government cars, relationships with businessmen, receiving gifts and kickbacks from attending events, and giving out autographs or calligraphy (润笔费).

Some netizens applauded the detailed and ambitious rules, but most greeted the new rules with skepticism with many dubbing them as “halfway measures”.

刘胜军改革, a columnist for Financial Times’ Chinese edition, wrote on Weibo, “This is attending to the symptoms, but not curing the real disease (治标不治本) .”

我是北腿老爸 commented, “This tells the officials to stop horsing around and start finding an Ernai (a “mistress” in English).”

Another Weibo user named Mia-tendo wrote, “Does this mean the ladies have to go to officials’ houses and deliver the services at their home?”

Another Weibo user Yunzhi杨云志 asked the question that probably got every official thinking: “Not even if they pay for themselves?

Home page: Shanghai court officials filmed in an elevator at a luxury night club.
Photo credit: Sohu 


New Shenzhen “pee straight” funnels aim to help you avoid costly fine

Posted: 09/2/2013 4:20 pm

We told you last month that a new regulation unveiled in Shenzhen will begin punishing those who miss the bowl when urinating. If you can’t aim straight, you’ll be hit with an RMB100 fine.

Never to miss a business opportunity, some migrant workers in Shenzhen have introduced the “pee straight” funnel to help those who struggle to hit the target. An older man and woman set up shop outside of a public toilet on Baodeng Street in Futian District to peddle their wares for RMB10 per unit.

As you can see in the brilliant demonstration below, the device aims to avoid the messy puddle that’s often found in-and-around urinals.

Judging by personal experience in Shenzhen washrooms, these funnels are sorely needed. Remember everyone, RMB100 if you miss (and get caught… somehow). The new regulation came into effect on Sunday.

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