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Photos: The Most Fashionable Man in China is a Henan Beggar

Posted: 07/21/2014 3:20 pm

luoyang old hipster fashion henan viralDa-yam: when you’ve got it, everybody knows. Photographs of an old man in Henan walking down the street have gone viral in China simply for this man’s fashion style.

A Weibo user from Guanlin, Luoyang posted pictures of the man, and wrote text to accompany them: (translated)

luoyang old hipster fashion henan viralWait until my hair grows to my waist, it will be better to marry you then.

luoyang old hipster fashion henan viralluoyang old hipster fashion henan viral

Now, this is what you call an ‘elegant demeanor’.

luoyang old hipster fashion henan viralluoyang old hipster fashion henan viral

Guanlin has a model for international style. luoyang old hipster fashion henan viral

Give me a ‘like’. luoyang old hipster fashion henan viral

However, while he’s lauded as an old hipster, he’s still a beggar, according to the original poster:

An old beggar, though his heart remains young. I am stupid, I am elegantly unrestrained.

And so, the compliments come in, perhaps even too easily now that everyone knows his social standing. Here are some comments from netizens from the original post:

He’s leading the way of the international trend!

Feh, he’s so handsome.

Don’t know which sect he belongs to. [confused.emo]

After going through the circuit of all the big stars, international fashion has lost all of its moxy in the blink of an eye.

Wow, so cool! He’s a model for international style! [laughing.emo]

He’s got the magic touch [thumbsup.emo]

He’s super cool [laughstifle.emo]

His shoes are very current; he reminds me of Brother Sharp.
[Brother Sharp was a meme from a couple of years back; he was also a homeless man just walking on the street when someone took a flattering picture of him]

Whatever people are isn’t important; what’s important is the attitude with which we treat them.

Other people laugh at me for being crazy, I laugh at other people for not wearing what they acknowledge (to be fashionable).

Photos: News China


Photos: Shenzhen Lingerie Supermodel Contest

Posted: 05/7/2014 1:33 pm

shenzhen lingerie model fashion week competition pageantA supermodel lingerie pageant called “Beautiful Chinese Dream” was held on May 5 to kick off a SIUF 2014 brand exhibition as well as to celebrate China-international Lingerie Week.

Organizers emphasized that the 50 contestants taking part in the competition are all comprised of top-tiered, elite models who all embody the vanguard of lingerie modelling and culture in China.

To underscore this claim, the models are all said to be the pedigree of top modelling agencies and noteworthy post-secondary institutions that include Beijing Academy of Fashion, Tianjian Engineering University, Shenyang Normal University, Sichuan Media Academy, and Guangdong Engineering University. As there were originally 2000 applicants to this competition, we can see that only the cream rises to the top, if but with the aid of a little underwire.

The winner of the pageant receives a contract with a famous Shenzhen lingerie brand, but we all know the real winner is each and every one of us.shenzhen lingerie model fashion week competition pageantshenzhen lingerie model fashion week competition pageantshenzhen lingerie model fashion week competition pageantshenzhen lingerie model fashion week competition pageantshenzhen lingerie model fashion week competition pageantshenzhen lingerie model fashion week competition pageantshenzhen lingerie model fashion week competition pageant

shenzhen lingerie model fashion week competition pageant

Photos: Yangcheng Evening Report


Give or Take a Day, Shenzhen Jiahua Bargain Market to Close in May

Posted: 04/30/2014 4:26 pm

mother earth jiahua market foreign trade clothingDo hipsters cry? I mean, cry unironic tears? Will they openly weep at the tragedy that has befallen all those that are surly-mirthful in Shenzhen now that the main source of cheap, tight jeans will soon be closing its doors, forever?

The Jiahua Foreign Trade Clothing Market will be shutting down on May 3. Included in this raze of the venerable retailer of the tacky and the counterfeit are the nearby Tongbao and Jijianian markets. Soon, there will be no T-shirts with poor spelling available on sale to fully express the dire consequences at hand here.mother earth jiahua market foreign trading clothing

For 17 years, the Jiahua Market along with its brethen have been providing hipsters, tourists and locals alike with the one true universal language: bargains. Located near Huaqiang Metro Station at the back of Maoye Department store, Jiahua was especially known for providing male clothes in large sizes that are hard to find in China. Referred to as “Mother Earth” for the longest time because of an advertisement out front, Jiahua was also reputable as a good place to find women’s fashions, shoes for both sexes, and outdoor apparel.

mother earth jiahua foreign trade clothing market shenzhen

But the affected are not just the big and tall. Jiahua was well-known as a place to purchase knock-off products: lovers of brand names can walk away from the market with several amazing deals.

However, Jiahua made every trip to browse its shops an interesting one by mixing up the inventory with both counterfeit and authentic branded clothes. If you were lucky, you could have showed up one day and purchased one out of a hundred in stock authentic branded T-shirts before they ran out. This reinforced the hard and fast rule of Jiahua Market: always bargain, and bargain hard.

Alas, we should remember the ones that will be hit the hardest by the closing of these three bargain markets: the hipster. It is the hipster that revels in the proliferation of clothes made at the cheapest cost for the least amount of taste. And while the Jiahua market did have some quality clothes for sale that can be appreciated unironically even by them, it’s the hipster that will most detest what will soon become of Mother Earth: a luxury shopping center.mother earth jiahua market foreign trade clothing

After the initial notice to vacate the premises was first given out last year, the property owners Jianian Company gave each of the stores a month rent-free on top of a four month grace period to help with the move. At least half of the store managers are said to have not yet found new store locations.

Although, we think this shopping mall should sell tight jeans. Beside the food court.

Photos: SZ Home, Bendibao, Shenzhen Daily 


Eight killed, three injured in fire in Dongguan Taobao building

Posted: 05/8/2013 7:00 am

The scene of the accident

Eight people were killed and three were injured in a fire in a building in Dongguan’s Humen Village on May 6, Southern Metropolis Daily reports. The cause of the fire, which stretched 200 square metres, is still under investigation.

Humen is known nationally as a trading hub for clothes and the first floor of the building in Longquan Subdistrict was used as the location for a Taobao business, the second floor for staff dormitories and the third floor for the family of five who owned the business.

At about 3 a.m., female staff members Qin Xiaoyan, 24, and Zhang Chenxia were woken up by the smell of the smoke. They opened the door of their room and were overwhelmed by the thickness of smoke. They called for help from their room.

A grieving relative

As well as the 20 firefighters that arrived, neighbours helped extinguish the fire. Zhang and Qin escaped with minor respiratory tract burns but five men and three women lost their lives. The dead are being identified.

The area has become known for small fires, but authorities did not do anything about it in time to avert this tragedy.

The reporter from the paper observed that there are no No Smoking signs around. That and the fact that clothes are highly flammable may provide a clue.

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