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Smelly Crocs For Sale in China Dangerous to Human Health

Posted: 07/1/2014 9:48 pm

crocsCrocs are as popular in China as Angry Birds or KFC, but now it appears they may be something besides hideous looking: they are apparently bad for your health.

CCTV is reporting that some varieties of Croc-style shoes sold in China pose a health risk to consumers due to some producers adding phthalates to the plastic shoes in order to increase their flexibility, durability, and longevity.

Guangzhou Daily blames domestic factories, which are trying to cut production costs by using the dangerous chemicals. The paper cites a German report noting six out of the ten Croc shoes tested contained polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH). PAHs can cause problems when exposed to humans, particularly to expectant mothers. They can result in kids with asthma, anxiety, and other issues.

It’s important to note, however, no authentic shoes made by the Croc company itself were found with the additive.

So how can you tell if your shoes are safe? Apparently the hazardous fake Crocs have a strong, acrid odor. If you ask some Chinese retailers, though, they’ll say the smell is nothing to worry about. A vendor at a stall at Beijing’s Xiyuan market says the bad smell is normal.

All of the shoes that are on sale here can be purchased at malls for hundreds of kuai. However, both these shops and my own all get our stock from the same source. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the quality of these shoes. Take these shoes home and leave them out in the sun, and after a few days the odor will disappear.

Meanwhile, knock-off Crocs are also sold cheaply online. On Taobao, one high-profile retailer had sold over 1,000 Crocs for 50 yuan. After some customers had complained of the smell, the retailer wrote:

No matter what material is being used, there is always going to be a smell. When retail stores display their shoes for a long time, the smell won’t be as strong after a while. Shoes having a smell is normal, and has nothing to do with the shoes being bad. You just need to place them in a place with ventilation and sunlight, and the smell with disappear.

We hope that people everywhere will protect their own safety before buying a faulty product that poses health risks. After that, we also hope that people everywhere will choose to uphold a basic standard of fashion.

Photo: Business Insider


[Photos] Englishman a Shoe-in at Shenzhen High Heels Race

Posted: 06/23/2014 12:02 pm

shenzhen silly run high heel raceLast Saturday provided a chance for cross-dressing men to not just emerge from the closet, but to run out of it. On June 21, Shenzhen Ocean World held a “Silly Run” that saw men and women take part in a 50 meter race while wearing high heels, reports

An Englishman named James was crowned the winner. The prize was not announced, but must obviously be a matching purse.

shenzhen silly run high heel raceshenzhen silly run high heel race

shenzhen silly run high heel race

shenzhen silly run high heel race



Random Knife Attack in Dongguan Leaves One Girl Dead, Another Injured

Posted: 06/5/2014 11:12 am

dongguan street crossing stabbing[This story contains violent content that may offend some readers]

One person is dead and another is injured after two teenaged girls were stabbed when crossing the road to return to their shift at a Dongguan shoe factory, reported Southern Metropolis Daily.

On the evening of June 3 at around 6:50pm, two female workers were returning to work after shopping at a mall. They were crossing Dongmen Middle Road at the intersection of Shuanglong Road, in Xiaobian Neighborhood, Chang’an County when they were attacked at the median.

One victim died at the scene, while the other was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Nearby witnesses say someone shouted, “There’s a stabbing”, at which time many workers that were also crossing the street dispersed.

An eyewitness said victims were stabbed by a man wearing black clothes using a knife with a blade 40cm long.

The injured victim says she does not recognize the suspect, and Chang’an police have described the case as a “random stabbing”.

The suspect is still currently at large.

dongguan street crossing stabbingdongguan street crossing stabbing

In other knife attacks around Guangdong province, two people are dead and one is injured following a dispute over the ordering of food at a small eatery in Shaoguan. The incident occurred on May 4 at 3pm at a restaurant on Daxue Road, Zhenjiang District.

Dead are the female proprietor and a peddler from a nearby store. A suspect named Zhong, 26 years-old, is in police custody.shaoguan stabbing zhenjiangshaoguan stabbing zhenjiangshaoguan stabbing zhenjiang

Photos: Sohu via Weibo, 21cn, Southern Metropolis Report via Weibo


Give or Take a Day, Shenzhen Jiahua Bargain Market to Close in May

Posted: 04/30/2014 4:26 pm

mother earth jiahua market foreign trade clothingDo hipsters cry? I mean, cry unironic tears? Will they openly weep at the tragedy that has befallen all those that are surly-mirthful in Shenzhen now that the main source of cheap, tight jeans will soon be closing its doors, forever?

The Jiahua Foreign Trade Clothing Market will be shutting down on May 3. Included in this raze of the venerable retailer of the tacky and the counterfeit are the nearby Tongbao and Jijianian markets. Soon, there will be no T-shirts with poor spelling available on sale to fully express the dire consequences at hand here.mother earth jiahua market foreign trading clothing

For 17 years, the Jiahua Market along with its brethen have been providing hipsters, tourists and locals alike with the one true universal language: bargains. Located near Huaqiang Metro Station at the back of Maoye Department store, Jiahua was especially known for providing male clothes in large sizes that are hard to find in China. Referred to as “Mother Earth” for the longest time because of an advertisement out front, Jiahua was also reputable as a good place to find women’s fashions, shoes for both sexes, and outdoor apparel.

mother earth jiahua foreign trade clothing market shenzhen

But the affected are not just the big and tall. Jiahua was well-known as a place to purchase knock-off products: lovers of brand names can walk away from the market with several amazing deals.

However, Jiahua made every trip to browse its shops an interesting one by mixing up the inventory with both counterfeit and authentic branded clothes. If you were lucky, you could have showed up one day and purchased one out of a hundred in stock authentic branded T-shirts before they ran out. This reinforced the hard and fast rule of Jiahua Market: always bargain, and bargain hard.

Alas, we should remember the ones that will be hit the hardest by the closing of these three bargain markets: the hipster. It is the hipster that revels in the proliferation of clothes made at the cheapest cost for the least amount of taste. And while the Jiahua market did have some quality clothes for sale that can be appreciated unironically even by them, it’s the hipster that will most detest what will soon become of Mother Earth: a luxury shopping center.mother earth jiahua market foreign trade clothing

After the initial notice to vacate the premises was first given out last year, the property owners Jianian Company gave each of the stores a month rent-free on top of a four month grace period to help with the move. At least half of the store managers are said to have not yet found new store locations.

Although, we think this shopping mall should sell tight jeans. Beside the food court.

Photos: SZ Home, Bendibao, Shenzhen Daily 


Thousands strike at Nike, Adidas, Reebok factory in Dongguan over invalid contracts

Posted: 04/7/2014 9:02 am

Thousands of workers took to the streets on Saturday at a shoe making factory in Dongguan under the Taiwan-based Pou Chen Group when workers discovered that the factory has cheated them by using invalid contracts and signing up long-term workers with temporary staff social insurance schemes.

Yuyuan shoe factory in Gaobu Town in Dongguan is the biggest shoe making factory for more than 30 world famous sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Salomon. It has been operating in Dongguan since 1998 and currently has more than 60,000 workers, China News reported on April 5. It was also the factory where basketball legend Michael Jordan visited in 2004 on a China tour. 

One of the workers surnamed Li said he had been working in the factory for more than 10 years and was on a permanent work contract, but when he used the work contract as a proof to enroll his child into a local school, he was told the contract was not legally binding. Many other workers also reported similar instances, the report said. Migrant workers in Guangdong must present documents proving their long-term residency in the province, consecutive five-year records of social insurance fees, and one-child policy certificates in order to enroll their children into local schools, according to article 27 in the province’s laws managing migrant workers.

In addition to cheating workers by using invalid contracts, workers discovered that many of their social insurances schemes were downgraded to temp staff packages. According to the report, the downgrades were not only discovered in one of Yuyuan’s factories, but several other factories under Yuyuan as well. Workers had been negotiating with the factory, but nothing fruitful had come of it. It eventually escalated into Saturday’s protests.

Meanwhile, insurance standards in the factory also vary, according to the report. One of the workers surnamed Jiang said she paid more than RMB 40,000 ($6,440) for her insurance package, while another worker, who enrolled in the factory around the same time Jiang did, only paid a little over RMB 10,000 ($1,610). It was unclear what kind of packages Jiang or her coworker were entitled to.

One person in charge of one of the factories at Yuyuan declined to comment and said the factory is scheduling another round of negotiations with workers on April 14. The factory’s production has so far been uninterrupted by the protests.

Home page and content page photo credit: Net Ease 

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