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70 tons of dead livestock a day unaccounted for, could be sold illegally

Posted: 06/26/2012 1:00 pm

China is known to be struggling with food safety issues. Last year there was a nationwide crackdown on the sale of illegally recycled food oil. The country also saw cases of illegal pork additives.

The food safety debate is expected to rear its head again in Guangzhou, which is producing more meat than it can process.

Guangzhou can generate 100 tons of dead livestock everyday but it only┬ácan handle 30%. ┬áThe problem is it isn’t clear where the other 70% goes, Southern Metropolis Daily reported.

The Guangzhou Sanitization Center is the only sanitization center which is able to safely handle dead livestock in Guangzhou. Li Tinggui, director of city management committee, told the newspaper of the problem at the center’s 60th anniversary celebrations, “Where do the other corpses go? This could mean a lot of pork is being illegally sold to citizens,” Li said.

Sources with knowledge of the matter told reporters that the sanitization center only takes responsibility for dealing with livestock which was sent there. The center is not responsible for supervising farming or slaughtering.


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