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[Surveillance Video] When a Simple BBQ Dinner Goes Horribly Wrong…

Posted: 09/4/2014 9:39 am

hot pot fire Indoor barbecue is a favorite for many people in China. However, diners should be aware the hidden dangers of these restaurants that use open flames or hot coals to cook meat.

Two Wenzhou university students cut short their celebrations of the new school year when their waitress inadvertently started a huge fire, reports ZJ News.

Xiaoqian and Xiaoqing, both 20 twenty years-old, were having a reunion dinner at the “Good Day” barbecue buffet restaurant in Wenzhou, Zhejiang when their waitress, Xiaoshan, came to refuel the fire by pouring alcohol on it.

hot pot fire

When flames suddenly shot out and scared her, Xiaoshan dropped the container of alcohol which fell onto Xiaoqian, causing her entire body to catch fire.

Xiaoshan and Xiaoqing both scurried from the table, and another diner came to Xiaoqian’s aid, trying to extinguish the flames with a shirt.

Xiaoqian was the most severely injured from the incident. She is now described in serious condition with life-threatening injuries, and has since been transferred to a hospital in Hangzhou. She is described by a doctor as never likely to be able to return to university.

hot pot fire

Xiaoqing received face and neck burn injuries from the incident.

Of the three, Xiaoshan had the least severe injuries with minor burns to her right hand and both knees. She can be discharged from the hospital soon.

Xiaoshan, 18 years-old and originally from Guizhou, had only been working at the Good Day restaurant for a month before this happened. You can watch surveillance video of below.

Photos: CCTV

  • Commander Jameson

    Well done China, unsurprisngly the culprit gets away with the least damage.

  • Toothless

    Always a new way for sht to happen in China

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