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Guangzhou Home to Largest African Expat Population in Asia, Many Illegal

Posted: 09/1/2014 4:08 pm

An African woman in Guangzhou’s Xiaobei Road, known to the locals as the “chocolate city”.

The African community residing in Guangzhou is now the largest in Asia, which is presenting another set of problems for Chinese immigration agents: up to half of the Africans in the city are apparently there illegally, according to a study released by the Guangzhou Developmental Academy of Guangzhou University.

The study, released last week, said Guangzhou is now home to more than 200,000 people from Africa, but up to half of them are sanfei foreigners or “three illegals”; that means they either illegally entered, are staying or working illegally in China.

In 2007, Guangdong authorities arrested 7,000 sanfei foreigners and detained more than 700 people. In 2008, the number swelled to 13,000, of which “Africans account for a large share”, the report said. The crime rate among the sanfei foreigners has been on the rise, and the report claims drug-related crimes alone accounted for nearly 60 percent.

Two African persons walking outside of a clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou.

As well, the study linked the city’s African community with “mass incidents”, a euphemism for protests, and other social vices including rape, AIDS and childbirth out of wedlock that “affect Guangzhou residents’ social life and the city’s social stability”.

On the flip side, African immigrants have contributed to the city’s burgeoning economy, and are heavily involved in business and trade with their home countries. Many have married Chinese wives and plan to stay long term.

In 2012, a large-scale protest erupted in the city after a Nigerian man died mysteriously in police custody. In mid-July of 2009, hundreds of Africans protested in front of a police station in Guangzhou after a Nigerian man jumped from second floor to escape a surprise immigration raid.

Africans first started to immigrate in large numbers to the city in the 90s drawn by Guangdong’s manufacturing industries. Clustering in Xiaobei Road, Huanshi Road and Sanliyuan, many Africans buy cheap clothes and electronics and export them to Africa.


Photos: Nandu, AFP

  • The master of none

    Round them up and mass deport them before they destroy the culture even more.
    They’ve fcked everything up in Europe. Go back to their homeland and sort their own mess out
    How is it everyone else jumps through hoops to be legal here and they just pour in and do what they fcking want , everywhere they go. Same story.
    Everyone knows what the majority of them are up to.
    Wake the fck up China government before all the riots start because that’s what follows these type people.

    • the peace maker

      you’re a racist. People like you don’t deserve to be even if born. How can a world be fair place when people like you exist. To be fair these people are just trying to make a living. You just don’t get it.

      • The master of none

        Yeah making a living selling crack and meth to young vulnerable chinese.
        Does having free speech make you racist then?
        News to me.
        You think black Africans are not racist?
        Are they not running around their homeland chopping each other up?
        Wake up you haven’t got a clue because you’ve never witnessed it before.

      • Neobooper

        They fucked up Indonesia pretty bad in early 2000 with illegal drugs trade then Indo govt got tough with the law and regulation, they basically migrated to China

      • Truthful

        “the master of none” is a Loser English Teacher who hates his pathetic life so much. Posting hate on this website is his only outlet. In the real world, nobody cares what he thinks, because he is an ugly, fat loser.

        • The master of none

          wow, pot kettle black.
          Am I causing you problems to your illegal status here?
          affecting your business?

          • Truthful

            First of all, it’s spelled “affecting” (not effecting) – you must not be a very good English teacher.

            Secondly, you are exhibiting the classic loser mentality – playing out your fantasies online by exaggerating your importance through your trolling and your claimed ability to have an influence on anyone on some random website. You are suffering delusions caused by your deep-rooted insecurities. Your self-loathing is obvious to everyone.

            I’m caling you out on it today because you post every day on this website, and you are obviously just a sad, pathetic, desperate loser calling out for help.

            Third, not that it’s any of your business, but I am in a higher class and league than you. I run a large foreign corporation here, so I don’t have to deal with the type of “visa problems” (lol) that you do. It’s really funny to me that you even have those problems. I have people who take care of that for me.

            Basically, I have the type of life, home, car, bank accounts, connections, etc. that you could only dream of.

            So get back to your kindergarten class now. Stop spreading your vile racism and rumors online. It’s disgusting.

            If you have proof of a crime, then write an article exposing it and/or just report it to the police.

            Put up or shut up.

          • The master of none

            Do you use LOL at lot when you talk to your contacts from your large foreign corporation.
            Must be doing well if you sitting on here trying to expose us lower class people all day.
            We not worthy master!
            You so great and big man China!
            Write what article? How to get my head chopped of and fed to pigs, you truly are retarded.
            Also still using deflection, read again above article, what rumors am I spreading?
            Trying to be smart are we, trick me!
            What Visa problems would i have?
            So your paying for illegally gotten visas are you?
            Your big foreign corporation not legal in China then for visas, no wonder you worried about deportation.
            Did you buy your driving license also?
            All is revealed now.
            Feel free to ignore me, i lower class people..

          • Truthful

            English teachers like you are definitely the most insecure people one can encounter in China. I can try to understand your perspective: you’re fat, ugly, uneducated, no prospects in life, no hope, etc. etc.

            So as an insecure loser, you feel that you must validate your purpose by tring to project your own inadequacies onto others. You feel that by lashing out at others, you have scored a small victory for yourself, by trying to make yourself relevant when you are, in fact, utterly insignificant and irrelevant in this world.

            News flash: not all of us are like you. Believe it or not, there are many of us who have senior professional positions here, and no problems of any sort. We can afford the type of vacations and lifestyle that a maggot like you couldn’t even imagine.

            All you can do is moan and whine (like a typical bitch that you are), blaming others for your problems. Today you blame Africans, tomorrow you’ll be online blaming someone else, but the reality remains that YOU are responsible for your own shitty life.

            It’s amusing how you keep accusing others of being “illegal” – I seriously suspect that your bizarre fixation with that word may be due to the fact that YOU are, in fact, illegally working here..?… I’m not sure what else would explain it.

            Now go back to your sad little life. Go look at yourself in the mirror and try to repair the damage you’ve done yourself through years of insecurities.

          • The master of none

            Your writing style changed again.
            How many on the case now?
            Standard tactic.
            Try supress the truth.
            Attack and rubbish the target with pathetic inaccurate insults.
            Carry on you’re revealing the truth more and more.

    • Truthful

      @ The master of none: There you go again, projecting your miserable little insecurities onto others.

      Under every article on this website, it’s the same pattern: YOU spewing your nonsense because you hate your worthless life as an English teacher (LMAO! hahahahaha)

      Let me tell you what is considered an open secret here:
      the Chinese govt actually prefers the Africans to you worthless Eurotrash types!

      How is it possible that so many Africans, likely born into poverty, have managed to build large and successful businesses here, while your Western dumbass can only watch, complain and troll websites making insignificant racist comments in between jerking off and preparing for your next kindergarten “English” class!

      • The master of none

        I’m spewing free speech, you a censor?
        Yes how is it they make successful business here when they come here with nothing?
        Drug money stupid!
        The government prefers their kids to buy drugs from Africans.
        Open secret? Why is it secret?
        Tell us more.

        I’m very retired by the way.
        I can jerk off any time i want.

        LMAO.? Are people around you wondering why your ass is on the floor?
        Only retards use those abbreviations LOL LOL LOL.
        Embarrassed for you.

        • Truthful

          Keep telling yourself that amusing story: ‘hundreds of thousands of Africans have all descended upon Guangzhou city in order to create a large drug cartel!’ Wow, that would make a great movie, you should write conspiracy fiction, little boy!

          You obviously don’t have a clue about how international business works, nor do you have a realistic perspective about the emerging African economies and your own failing Eurotrash economies.

          Now get back to your miserable life teaching English.

          • The master of none

            not just Guangzhou is it?
            They (you?) moved into many cities around the Universities and set up camp to supply the students drugs.
            Go take a look and tell me what international business they are doing there.

          • Truthful

            For argument’s sake: suppose that were true: How do they bring drugs into one of the most tightly-controlled countries in the world?

            A few of them are caught with drugs and you label hundreds of thousands of them as drug dealers? Did an African bang your mom or your wife, so now you are very bitter? Do you feel very threatened by Africans, who are not effiminate girly-boys like the majority of Euro-garbage-”men”? HAHAHA

            You are just repeating the same, old propaganda about Africans that your Eurotrash cousins before you sold to naive Koreans and Japanese. But I promise you that China is a different beast altogether and your propaganda really will NOT work here.

          • The master of none

            there you go again using HA HA HA
            Jesus how old are you 12?
            are you really that dumb?
            how they getting the drugs here?
            They make them and grow them!
            You really no idea have you whats going on or your trying to cover up the fact because your in on it.

          • Truthful

            “They make them and grow them”? —> Are you retarded? Do you even know what drugs are? Do you know the type of equipment and capital required to sustain that type of operation? Do you really believe that the Chinese authorities wouldn’t notice a drug production operation (being run by foreigners, no less) right under their noses?

            If there are Africans involved (probably a handful of petty street dealers), then they are more than likely working as mules for some higher-up local gangs here. The ROOT of the problem is the SOURCE, which in a place like China, is almost definitely the organized criminal (Chinese) gangs.

          • The master of none

            No no no.
            don’t try to cover it up.
            Its grown here, it manufactured here by Africans.
            They enlist naive stupid Chinese girls to distribute it around Universities and bars.
            You are either very stupid or trying to cover it up because you are part of it.

            Plenty of proof on momo and wechat. Not even good at keeping it a secret! I seen plenty of mugshots of Africans siting around with piles of drugs and scales.
            Chinese girls love take photos and post them!

            Get down on the ground and you will see it.
            But you know already, you are just trying to protect the operation by deflection.
            No trick me!

          • Truthful

            Yes, you got me! I’m trying to cover it up. Dumbass.

            I’m actually trying to expose your idiotic racism on this website, but it appears that the more you speak, the more evident it becomes for all to see.

            And yet, I’m still willing to play along with your bullshit…

            OK, let’s suppose everything you say is true – then WHY haven’t you reported it to the proper authorities?

            If you have actual, verifiable knowledge of such a crime being committed, then why don’t you report it to local law enforcement?!
            There is probably a substantial cash reward offered for such tips! More importantly, reporting it is the right thing to do.

            So, again, if true, then why haven’t you reported it??

          • The master of none

            I have done.
            I hope more will follow and eradicate these scum from China.
            See the truth and stop the spread of it.
            If they doing nothing wrong all is good yeah?
            Why don’t their own community’s do some thing about clearing this up instead of protecting them.
            Your saying its OK? because all they are doing is making a living?
            Is ok because they were poor so they have the right to destroy a county and culture?
            Thats all OK with you right?

          • Truthful

            Stop trying to conflate the issues. I’m more educated than you, so it really won’t work.

            I’m NOT saying it’s OK. I hate illegals, and I hate drugs even more!
            BUT, the extent of the problem sounds exaggerated, and the claims usually come from the same type of Europeans who are usually just racist and will believe anything bad about Africans. Where I come from, you need PROOF and FACTS to substantiate such claims.

            It would be better for cleaning up the drug trade if China actually made an effort to crack down by using undercover police and investigating (and staking out expat clubs and bars). And while they’re at it, they should also deport all the illegal Eastern European/Russian DJs/models/hookers!

            But racism in these discussions will only alienate people, and the racism usually seems to come, sadly, from fellow Westerners who should know better.

          • The master of none

            I agree.
            Glad you listed all the problems here.

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  • lacompacida

    There are many illegal Chinese residents in many countries, why should China be spared of that trouble ?

    • The master of none

      those countries haven’t got the balls to sort their own sht out.
      i have faith China will before it turns into a sht hole the west as become.

      • Truthful

        It’s always amusing to me how loser Westerners like “the master of none” think that by attacking other expats using the same old, tired, racist Western fairy tales, they will somehow endear themselves to the Chinese.

        Chinese only care about money, not about your bullshit Western propaganda. This isn’t Korea or Japan. Your propaganda falls on deaf ears here. Take a close look at who China’s closest allies are, and get a fucking clue.

        • The master of none

          I’m so gutted China people no love me!
          Only care money!
          expats? Is that the same then as illegals, no visa,no passport, sell drugs, bring disease.
          Explain please.

          • Truthful

            Illegals are NOT the same as legitimate expats.

            But you equate people being illegal here as though they are also engaged in serious crime, which is nonsense.

            “Bring disease”? Again, give us a break. The diseases come from you homosexual, effeminate European girly-boys bringing your depraved habits and diseases to Asia. Everyone knows what you are.

          • The master of none

            you are very racist towards Europeans, wonder why.
            You only got to look at the spread of disease and the locations to make the deduction whose bringing it here.
            Illegal yes, how can they be not doing illegal crimes here if they are illegal?
            If they are here legal then they are doing legal work.

            are you retarded?

          • Truthful

            I’m not African, but I despise racists like you.
            I love Europeans and all people, but I despise Eurotrash like you.
            See the difference?
            I despise all criminals, but I will not label members of a particular race as criminals in order to ingratiate myself with the locals (“I’m a good foreigner, not like those baaad foreigners…”) = tsk, tsk, so pathetic. Is this what you feel you must do to make yourself look better by comparison? Spreading rumors about others?

            I’m sorry that you may be suffering from “diseases” that you possibly contracted by getting butt-banged by Africans.

            I’m against illegals, and anyone who is illegal should be deported immediately. Including illegal Africans, illegal Europeans, illegal Indians, illegal Latinos – anyone who is illegal should be jailed then deported!

            But you made a leap by saying that the illegals (tens of thousands!) are involved with drugs! That doesn’t add up, and it is hard to believe. It sounds like your own racism rearing its ugly head.

          • The master of none

            Where did i say tens of thousands?
            Says something about 60% above.
            You lost me now.
            Your being racist to me directly is it?
            So confused.
            But business is booming for you, so great.
            Hope PSB helps protect your business.
            Hope it doesn’t all go belly up when the natives riot.
            Which they will when the deportations start.

          • Charlemagne

            Truthful, you are showing your racism.Your hatred of Westerners/White people is obvious.Are you Indian or from an islamic country?..or are you a Chinese who lost his GF or wife to a Westerner?..btw..please tell me of one,only one, Western country/city that that has benefited from the negro.

          • Truthful

            Showing my racism? That’s funny. I am defending the rights of individuals from sick racists like you and your ilk.

            I’m not Chinese or Indian, lol nice try. But it doesn’t really matter what I am in a logical discussion: That is a diversion from the facts and the topic being discussed. You are intellectually WEAK (to put it mildly) and thus, you need to place a “face” onto the discussion.
            Racists like you always need to “group” or “collectivize” people in order to condemn large categories of people you simply don’t like because you refuse to recognize individuals as distinct people with inalienable rights. Your godless Communistic ideas refuse to allow you to see anyone as being an person. This type of thinking is where hatred – and many other crimes against humanity – stem from.

            Since this is your first post “Charlemagne” (lol), I assume that you are simply “The master of none” with a new troll account from which to spew your hatred of others anonymously. Or perhaps you are yet another English teacher loser who hates his life and came to China to get what you perceive to be some respect from the “inferior races” … this is EXACTLY how sick racist losers like you think. But don’t be fooled. The Chinese people don’t really respect you at all, regardless of any lip service – it is simply an act. You see, they, too, have been raised to collectivize people, and for them you are simply another Western pig who couldn’t make it in his own country.

            I’m sorry that some black guy stole your girlfriend and kicked your ass. I’m sorry that you are so effeminate like most Eurotrash men these days that the only place in the world you feel that you can assert your imaginary masculinity and revalidate yourself is in Asian nations like China, whose men had the testosterone beat out of them long ago.

            Wow, you must feel like a real big man here, eh? An ugly white face makes you feel so special doesn’t it? You can openly make racist comments in this country against the Africans (“the negro” as you put it) and label them as criminals, and scare the locals with scary tales of blacks in your country so they can identify you as the “good foreigner” by comparison.
            Perhaps you should make these claims in an open forum, in person, somewhere (I’d be happy to recommend some venues). I wonder how long you’d last before the Chinese authorities expelled YOU for promoting genocide against blacks.

            You are sooooooo pathetic that it defies description.

            Chinese don’t care for your propaganda. I will repeat: take a close look at China’s closest allies and get a fucking clue. YOU ARE THE ENEMY HERE, and everyone knows it! They will even give the Africans some slack, but YOU will not receive any mercy when the time comes.

            Now get back to your miserable life teaching English, you insignificant asswipe.

  • charlemagne

    To Truthful..
    I believe we can be good friends as you will obviously need my support to help you overcome your frustrations and hatred of Westerners/White men.
    Let us begin with your ad hominen attacks..
    Your reply smacks of prejudice and racism..Let me begin by pointing out the obvious.
    You said,you are “Defending the rights of individuals” are you God or a king?
    You said “you are intellectually WEAK” are you superior to me?
    You said “Individual dinstinct peoples/crimes agains humanity” You are unwell friend
    You said “English teacher who hates life”Thats funny
    You said “Western pig couldnt make it etc..” Thats even funnier
    You said “Some black guy stole my Gf and kicked my ass” He can keep her
    You said “effeminate Eurotrash” That one I AGREE WITH YOU..There are too many homosexuals and paedophiles in the West especially the UK..Although I’m sorry to dissapoint you,I’m not one of them..I despise them as much as you do.
    You said “ugly white face”..mmmm.The ladies I’ve been with, think I’m kind of OK, but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    You said “scare the locals with scary black tales”..I dont need to scare the locals,they are intelligent to think for themselves and now what is what.
    You also mentioned things like “you are the enemy” “insignificant asswipe” and whatever else, but I’ll stop now and I would like you to reflect on what you have just said to me… honest with yourself…Dont you think that its you who has a problem?

  • Toothless

    Lot of hatred around here.

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