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Guangzhou Photographer Reveals the Lonely Face of Foreigners in China

Posted: 10/10/2014 3:42 pm

foreign face of guangzhou expats

To some, foreigners are magical. They are beyond the rules and context of Chinese culture, making them a subject of fascination in China.

One Guangzhou native named Hai Bin has decided to document the daily comings and goings of foreigners in this set of photographs. All shots are taken in public places, and it’s anyone’s guess as to whether he got permission to take these snaps.

foreign face of guangzhou expats

Hai’s voyeurism has made him sympathetic to the plight of the foreigner, drawing up an unflattering comparison to make a conclusion that isn’t without irony:

(These foreigners) have left their native home to come here to Guangzhou, just the same as the migrants who come here to work. They get just as lonely.

Here are more of Hai’s photographs:

foreign face of guangzhou expatsforeign face of guangzhou expatsforeign face of guangzhou expats

Photos: Nandu

h/t: @MissXQ


    Foreign females are lonely and desperate in China…foreign men that have an IQ higher than 80 have no problem finding friends…and bed partners

    • disqus_ldTeP6rX6V

      My iq is at least 81 so this is good news!

    • Zen my Ass

      I personally know a female English teacher that pretends to be a gay male online in order to get some attention from the guys.

  • Sarah Caroline Gillette

    This is a great idea!

  • Martin

    I find it easier to befriend other expats than Chinese people. I am German and even though I speak fluent Mandarin I have much more in common with expats from the Philippines or Nigeria than local Chinese people.

    The problem is, most (if not all) Chinese see us foreigners (from any country) as an asset, as a mean to learn English, to make some money or to gain face “look at my laowai friend”. It’s nearly impossible to find a true disinterested friendship in China as a foreigner. It’s not complicated, let’s hang out, chat, laugh, have fun, it doesn’t have to be about showing off your new foreign buddy around like you show off a new sport car then letting him/her down as soon as the novelty wears off.

    When living there I had no problems making friend with Japanese or South-Korean people, didn’t have troubles making friends with who I am still in touch when I was in Vietnam for a month. What’s wrong with China?

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