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Pervert caught at GZ metro station snapping up skirt pics, his phone had over 300 of them

Posted: 12/24/2012 2:11 pm

A woman in Guangzhou has posted the details of her experience catching a pervert who was snapping photos of her on Guangzhou metro line 8, according to media reports.

The woman, known online as “Yinchen Angel”, was on the metro on the evening of December 17 when she saw a man snap an up-skirt photo.  She was able to restrain him and called police, who checked the man’s mobile phone. Turns out, perhaps unsurprisingly, his phone was packed with over 300 pictures of female breasts and up-skirt photos.

While being investigated, the Peeping Tom argued that all of his pictures were downloaded from the internet.  When the policemen went to check the phone again, however, the photos had vanished.  According to “Yinchen Angel”, there was an app running on the phone that deleted the photos in an emergency if a code was not entered, although it’s anyone’s guess as to how she’d know this.  Police eventually concluded they couldn’t prove the man had taken the up-skirt photos.

According to Huang Pengyan at the Guangdong Shenglun Law Firm, females who find themselves the subject of pervert pics can seek help nearby or turn around and snap the pervert’s photo and call police.  The law firm, in what is becoming a common bit of advice in China, is also urging women not to “dress too provocatively”.

  • Ray

    Is that a real app? Seems great for both peeping toms and secret agents.

    But the guy got away with it in the end, even after the woman restrained him. Too bad!

    Meanwhile guess what I’m browsing on the rest of the internet…. (just kidding, I’m not into that particular pornographic genre)

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