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G-String Condom Invented by Guangzhou Students Becomes Retail Product

Posted: 06/16/2014 2:35 pm

g-string condomA thong-condom hybrid invented by six South China Medical University students has finally become a retail product, reports Want China Times.

The product is a condom with extra room down below to envelop the scrotum along with the shaft of the penis. The entire contraption is held in place by a thong meant to be worn by the condom user. Investors thought the product had so much potential they poured US$320,000 into it.

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to Reduce Unwanted Pregnancies

The invention had won the Competition of Cultural Innovation held by the city’s Communist Youth League, and was inspired by the cash award offered by the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “whomever designs the next generation of condoms”.

While 10,000 g-string condoms are headed to Australia for sale, the group of investors, which calls itself the “Eastern Resurgence” (seen below), has always maintained a Chinese perspective. Group leader Kong Yanxiang said, “Currently, sex education in China is quite backward and conservative. Condoms are a product into which little research is being done. So this is a market we could enter.”

Consisting of mostly women, the group emphasized that its product is an improvement over traditional condoms that mostly use oil-based lubricants, which can be irritating to the vagina. The g-string condom uses a soluble lubricant flavoured with Chinese herbs. The anti-slip micro-capsules reduce the risk of accidental pregnancy.

Based on our experience with condoms, we can’t figure out why the g-string apparatus would be needed unless the condom wasn’t fitting properly. To us, it seems like the simple condom is getting needlessly more complicated.


Photos: Want China Times, Nanfang


Dongguan taxation bureau caught touting adult products on its official website

Posted: 02/26/2014 9:05 am

We’ve read that money is tight in Guangdong these days. The government is tightening its spending (so it says), and one local official has recently quit his government post and turned to entrepreneurship, apparently because he wasn’t getting paid enough. But so far, we have to give it to the Dongguan Local Taxation Bureau for the most awe-inspiring way to generate government revenue in this grim financial climate – selling advertisements, including those for adult products, on its official website.

The bureau’s sly move was brought to light after a reporter from Nanfang Daily found the bureau’s official website was teeming with ads selling company loans, phone plans and adult products by typing Dongguan Dishui(东莞地税 )into the Chinese search engine Baidu, China’s equivalent of Google, the newspaper reported on February 25.

One official from the bureau told the newspaper that the domain name – (now the ads are all gone) – was its old website and was abolished last year. The bureau’s new domain name has changed to, according to him.

He said the two characters Guan Wang (官网), meaning “official website” in English, was generated by Baidu in its search results, and the bureau has contacted Baidu to fix the apparent “mistake”.

Home page photo from Nanfang Daily 


There’s still time to visit Guangzhou’s infamous Sex & Culture Fest

Posted: 10/8/2012 1:10 pm

A distinguished professor giving a highly informative lecture.

Guangzhou’s Jinhan Exhibition Centre commenced hosting China’s tenth annual Sex Culture Festival on October 6, according to local media. The festival ends tomorrow, so you still have time.

If you want to buy sex toys without feeling self-conscious, this is definitely the place. One attendee said the main purpose of people attending the event was to learn, although that is debatable.

According to one of the organizers, many attendees had suffered due to an unwanted pregnancy and were determined not to let it happen again.

The stated aims of the festival include “improving sexual morals,” and “encouraging safe sex.” They forgot to mention that sex is also fun.

Promoting safe sex can also be fun

Exhibitions have included those of 100 ancient sex relics, sexology forums, and lingerie catwalks, according to News GD.

We reported earlier this year though, based on a review by Alex Hoffard, that the festival might not live up to its lofty educational goals:

Ostensibly, the expo is supposed to be about sex education, but somehow over the years it has degenerated into a perv fest. The biggest draw for most fair-goers seemed to be the ‘lingerie show’, where middle-aged men appear to be the main demographic.

Middle-aged men, who, strangely enough, came equipped with a wide variety of cameras, hand-held mobile devices and camera phones.

After the prudishness of the 1960s and 1970s, China is undergoing something of a sexual revolution. To learn more about this, check out Richard Burger’s “Behind the Red Door.” One of the country’s most renowned sexologists is Li Yinhe, widow of novelist Wang Xiaobo, who himself was no blushing flower.

Let’s hope this guy’s wife isn’t around

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