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Group of Chinese University Grads Choose Prostitution in Tough Job Market

Posted: 08/19/2014 7:29 pm

university graduate prostitutes guangxi nanningFor many university graduates in China, achieving financial independence by finding your own job is the culmination of years of work. However, for one group of university students in Guangxi Province, anything else is more preferable than having to work for a living.

In Nanning, the university graduates wanted to find a job that wasn’t difficult nor strenuous, but was still able to provide them with a comfortable life. After weighing their options, they decided to turn to prostitution, reported Sina News Video.

The group turned to their WeChat social circles as a way to advertise their services and look for potential clients. This continued for a few days until the group was apprehended and detained in a raid caught on video.

As seen in the television report below, several different outfits were found on the premises including a fake police uniform. The police spokesperson interviewed for the report gave a grim assessment of the university graduates, who have all not been identified:

They all didn’t want to work after graduating from university because it is too difficult and tiring. Coming back here (to Nanning), they didn’t want to do any other kind of work, but they wanted to live comfortably. They didn’t have any other skills or abilities, and so could only get involved this kind of illegal activity.

university graduate prostitutes guangxi nanning

Here is the news video:

Photos: Sina News Video, screencaps from 56

  • The master of none

    one group?
    this is widespread, quick big money, plenty of desperate men in need off.
    Blame LV.

  • Zen my Ass

    A great business idea, I never heard of such a venture before. I foresee a great success.

  • Commander Jameson

    So they have graduated from University but “they didn’t have any other skills or abilities.”
    Says it all really

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