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University Student Dies in Freak Elevator Accident

Posted: 09/18/2014 5:54 pm

elevator accident fatality Xiamen [This article contains content that may be offensive to some readers]

An unidentified student is dead after an elevator crushed him at a campus building at Huaqiao University in Xiamen, Fujian Province, reports Sohu Video.

The accident happened on September 14, the first day of school. The student entered the elevator and it began to move, while the doors were open and he was only halfway inside. The elevator put enormous pressure on him for 35 minutes. Rescue workers say the student was dead when they arrived. It’s believed the elevator crushed the man’s lungs.


Photo: Sina Video


German Citizen Sentenced to Death in China for Double Murder

Posted: 08/23/2014 9:31 pm

marco polo hotelThe German government has vowed to do “everything in its power” to prevent the death of a German national sentenced to death by a Chinese court. The sentence announced on August 20 by a Xiamen, Fujian court follows a 2011 conviction, in which the German citizen was found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend and her partner.

German Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schäfer said Berlin is doing everything it can to stay the execution:

The German government categorically opposes all forms of capital punishment … and this of course applies all the more when German nationals are threatened abroad. Therefore, I can assure you that the federal government will do everything within its power with the aim that this sentence … if at all possible, is not carried out or that it is changed.

The death penalty was abolished in West Germany in 1949 and in East Germany in 1987.

Before the man can be put to death, the judgment must be confirmed by a higher court and then by China’s Supreme Court.

The convicted murderer has been identified as 36 year-old “Philipp B” from Teisendorf in Bavaria by the German press, but as “Phillip Martin” by What’s On Xiamen when the murders first took place.

Philipp B is guilty of murdering 29 year-old Venezuelan national “Jennifer M” and 39 year-old German national “Jörn-Christian H” with a hammer and knife in an alley near the Marco Polo Hotel in Xiamen at night on June 6, 2010.

Philipp B had studied sinology with his ex-girlfriend in Munich before they broke up in 2005. The victim went to study in Xiamen in 2006, and it is believed the killer stalked “Jennifer M” and followed her to Xiamen with the intention to commit murder.

Philipp B’s lawyer Chen Liqun said no decision has been made yet regarding a possible appeal. If the man is executed, he would be the first German national put to death since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

Photo: Hotel Ungou


Netizens Upset at “Blasphemous” Combo of Chinese Opera and Bikinis

Posted: 07/28/2014 4:47 pm

swimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional operaModern China can be described as a country rushing headlong into the future while keeping one foot in the past. Sometimes, though, this makes for an uneasy alliance.

Netizens are furious after pictures of a private fashion show in Fujian appeared online that showed models clad in bikinis and swimwear while wearing traditional stage headdresses from the local Fujian Chinese opera.

Linzi, an organizer of the show, explained they wanted to create something fresh, so they combined swimwear with traditional opera headdresses as something ”old and new”. Linzi said the performance was just a one-time small-scale fashion show, and she said she’s sorry if any netizens had their feelings hurt.swimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional opera

The response to the photos has been overwhelmingly negative, calling the fashion show “blasphemous” and “a violation of China’s innocence”.

Here are some netizen comments over the controversy:

Are they all prostitutes?

They should wear the dudou (an undergarment that covers the chest and abdomen). That way it’s sexier.

Historic traditions are for remembering, not to be remade! Don’t destroy several thousand years of Chinese history!

In order to made the anhiliation (of history) all the more thorough, is this some kind of draft (to work in) Dongguan?

This is a violation of our country’s innocence

swimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional opera

So hard on the eyes! Nothing good will come of this!

Nothing wrong here

The design composition of those pieces of cloth is not enough, I feel as though the top and bottom are not coordinated. The headpieces are too solemn and grandiose, while the clothing is too spartan.

Do you fucking take this to be a Category III film? Businessmen will do unscrupulous things for money; before long, the several thousand years of culture left to us by our ancestors will be completely destroyed by this scum.

swimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional opera

What a tragedy… people from generations past are more innocent. It never would have occurred to me that people of this generation would destroy the image of our country’s innocence.

Very ugly, including the faces. [happy.emo]

It has lost the feeling of beauty.

I feel as if I’m watching the Golden Lotus (a notorious Ming Dynasty known for its sexual content), but is an updated modern version!

I’d say I can accept this because this involves cultural content, and so will multiply without end.

A day without selling meat spells the end of your days.

Here are more photos from the fashion show:

swimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional operaswimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional operaswimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional operaswimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional operaswimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional operaswimsuits traditional headdress fujian chinese traditional opera


Photos: Guangzhou Daily


World Cup Sparked Increase In Illegal Online Gaming In China

Posted: 07/14/2014 9:13 am

The stakes were high for teams that were fighting for the World Cup championship. The winner can take it all – the glory, the pride and a whopping prize money of $35 million. But the football teams are not the only ones who had their eyes on the game. The illegal gambling bettors and bookmakers in China who had wagered millions on the game were glued to the television anticipating big payouts.

The Ministry of Public Security said 108 people were arrested for illegal online gambling involving a total value of RMB 18 billion after busting a gambling ring in Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province, Xinhua reported on July 12.

The ring operates in eight different provinces including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian and Gansu Provinces through an overseas online gambling website whose server address is tracked to Philippines. According to the report, the website hired bookies and bookmakers in China to take online bets and commissions, and the gambling bets were particularly frequent during the World Cup.

The bettors were able to directly access the website and place bets. The website would calculate the wins and losses and earn commissions from the bets, the report said. The website also introduced a “super membership scheme” for members who placed a deposit worth RMB 200,000.

In June alone, the ring earned RMB 200 million in profit as the football tournament kicked off in the same month.

All forms of gambling, including the lottery, were considered capitalist practices and were banned in 1949. Only the state lottery is now allowed to operate. The ministry has prosecuted 7,267 gambling related cases and arrested 23,000 people since the start of the year.

Photos: Nandu; Getty Images


Foreigner Stabbed to Death Outside a Nightclub in Fujian

Posted: 06/17/2014 6:27 pm

foreigner stabbed to death fuzhouA male foreigner was stabbed to death outside a nightclub in Fuzhou, Fujian in the early morning of June 16, reports Xinhua.

The foreigner, a black man, was beaten and stabbed by a number of attackers following a short chase around 4am near Yuefeng Tower on the north side of Fuxin Road.

An eyewitness said he was making a phone call nearby when he heard a commotion behind him. After turning around, he saw a man with dark skin run out from the entertainment club chased by a crowd of people, some of whom were armed with knives.

According to a source, the deceased is a foreigner around 30 years old. The exact circumstances of what transpired remain sketchy, but some witnesses say the foreigner was involved in intimate contact with a 20 year-old woman inside the club when he was told to leave. A group then began to chase him.

Though the man’s nationality is currently unknown, some media outlets like have labeled the man as “Fuzhou’s black laowai”.

Police are currently conducting an investigation.

Photo: Xinhua


Tropical Storm Hagibis to Hit China Later Today [UPDATED]

Posted: 06/15/2014 11:41 am

tropical storm hagibis

UPDATE 2:35pm June 15: There have been train delays and suspensions of service in Guangdong due to the storm, reports the People’s Daily.

As of now, service on train G6309 has been suspended from Guangzhou South Station to Chaoshan. Train service on the Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway is limited to only 80 km an hour from Huizhou Station in Zhan’an District. Other trains have been reported late.


A code white typhoon warning is in effect as tropical storm Hagibis is expected to make landfall with mainland China later today, reports CCTV. In Hong Kong, typhoon signal number one has been hoisted.

Hagibis is estimated to land in the coastal region between Shantou, Guangdong and Xiamen, Fujian later this afternoon or evening. The four cities expected to be hit the hardest include Shantou, Shanwei, Chaozhou and Jieyang.

At 7am today Hagibis was located 280 km southeast of Shenzhen, moving in a northerly direction. It was recorded yesterday moving at a rate of five to 10 kilometers per hour, and is expected increase its rate of speed to 15 km/h upon making landfall.

Guangdong will have precipitation today with some areas like Shenzhen experiencing torrential rains. Coastal regions will experience wind rated at category eight or nine and gusts up to category 10.

Waves are expected to be very high. At 8am, the Guangdong Emergency Response Center initiated a level 3 alert, mandating the return of all sea-going vessels.

There is one positive outcome of the arriving storm: Shenzhen can expect cooler temperatures of approximately 26 degrees Celsius later today as well.

tropical storm hagibisPhotos: Shenzhen Weather, CCTV News


Shenzhen Woman in Emotional Reunion with Mother 25 Years After Abduction

Posted: 05/21/2014 6:13 pm

shenzhen kidnapping human trafficking child Back on January 12, 1989 in Rui’an, Zhejiang, four year-old Li Ruru was stolen away from her own family. Yesterday, over 25 years later, a long journey for a Shenzhen woman named Weng finally came to an end when she met finally met the birth mother she had never known.

Li Ruru was sold to the Weng family that lived in Putian, Fujian, and became their daughter. The family had wanted a daughter to complement the two boys in the family. At eight or nine, Weng was told she was adopted, but it wasn’t until she reached 30 that she decided to look for her birth family.

shenzhen kidnapping human trafficking childThen, on May 9 of this year, a positive match was made in a national DNA database for missing and abducted children. It was confirmed that she was the missing daughter of parents Li Mianquan and Cai Juanjuan, born in April, 1984, and their only child.

At 1:20pm yesterday at Shenzhen Bao’an Airport and with dozens of spectators looking on, Mrs Cai and Weng met, grabbed each others’ waists, hugged, and wiped away the tears. The first thing Mrs Cai said to Weng was,

Child, is it really you?

shenzhen kidnapping human trafficking childMrs Cai had brought along her most valuable possession after the kidnapping. For 25 years, Mrs Cai treasured the few and simple photographs that she still possessed of her young daughter. Yellowed with age and protected in laminate, Mrs Cai said that these photographs are what helped her remember her stolen child during all these years.

But now what? We’re reminded of this by the highest-rated comment on the Sohu news report with 4582 upvotes:

Reuniting with one’s own family is worth celebrating. But I hope you won’t forget about your adoptive family. They took you from the traffickers and brought you home to raise ever since you were four years old. Raising and making you part of the family is not easy.

Mrs Cai knows this. While it was the illegal act of human trafficking that landed Li Ruru into the Weng family, 30 year-old Weng is not her daughter by law. As Mrs Cai said herself, she would respect whatever decision Weng may make regarding her choice to take care of either her adoptive or natural parents in their old age.

We’re happy to see mother and child reunited again, and as we said, a bold move.

shenzhen kidnapping human trafficking childPhotos: Guangzhou Police via Weibo, Sohu


Divorcee Goes on Rampage, Kills Children With Car [UPDATE]

Posted: 04/28/2014 7:12 pm

minhou crash driver divorced dead traffic accidentA driver in Minhou, Fuzhou, Fujian Province went on a deadly rampage today by using their car to aggressively crash into other vehicles, reported the South East Report.

The driver of a tan sedan plowed into several electric scooters driving along the road that stretched several kilometers.

There are somewhere between 10 and 20 victims, as it’s too early for an exact number. Six are being treated at Minhou People’s hospital, including two teachers and four students.

Proclaimed dead at the scene are two children.

The suspect is said to have been recently divorced. Police found two gas canisters that were diffused by the bomb squad.

The suspect is currently in police custody.minhou crash driver divorced dead traffic accident

UPDATE April 29, 2014: Six are now confirmed dead from the incident, with three being children. The number of injuries now stand at 13.

The suspect, named as Lin Jianxin, was experiencing marital problems at the time of the incident, say police. Immediately after attending court for their divorce, Lin had burned his ex-wife car before going on his rampage.

If you’re wondering how the crowd reacted when finally catching the suspect, the picture below should clue you in:minhou fuzhou crash divorcee rampage

Photo: Weibo (1, 2), Dongguan Times


Nanfang TV: Suicidal man leaps from Shenzhen metro station, lands on air cushion

Posted: 08/2/2012 1:00 pm

China’s suicide rate is among the highest in the world. Moreover, it may well lead the world in bizzarre suicides. Earlier this year, two school girls in Fujian Province drowned themselves believing that they were set to go time travelling.

At one point, spectacular and public suicides became so common that Beijing stepped in.

A Shenzhen man has failed to become part of that tradition, but got lots of publicity along the way.

The man climbed the arched ceiling of Shenzhen’s Mumianwan subway station and tried to commit suicide by jumping off on July 29th, causing the service of Metro line 3 from Yitian to Shuanglong to shut down for an hour, according to local media.

After police spent four hours trying to talk him down, the man dressed in a pink t-shirt, finally jumped off at 7:30 in the evening and fell onto an air-cushion that the fireman had laid down. Upon landing, he was quicky seized by police.

From around 4 p.m. that day, passengers were complaining on Weibo that metro line 3 was not moving and somebody had even passed out aboard a train. A large amount of passengers were forced to get off and got held up in stations.

The Longgang metro line resumed normal operation at 5:07 p.m.

Outside the station there was also chaos. The rescuers laid out a huge life-saving air-cushion at 4 p.m., which occupied three of the four lanes on the section outside the Mumianwan station, causing the air to be filled with the sound of beeping horns for miles around.

Up above, the man began to do some dangerous moves on the roof, walking back and forth, stretching and crouching. At 5:30 p.m., he sat down and started twiddling with his thumbs. According to a witness, the guy entered the railway track area at around 3 p.m. and initially tried to throw himself in front of a train.

At around 6:30 p.m., two firemen took a scalding ladder up there but their attempts to take him down proved fruitless. At 7:30 p.m., four hours after he had ascended the roof, the man suddenly jumped backward in a Y shape with his arms overhead. He landed on the edge of the air-cushion and rolled over onto the street.

The cause of why he did what he did is still being investigated.

You can watch the incident in the latest Nanfang TV.

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