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Bigwigs Demand Bikini-clad Babes Buff BMWs in Beijing

Posted: 07/24/2014 4:52 pm

bikini car wash beijing sexist

bikini car wash beijing sexist

A car wash in Chaoyang District of Beijing is now offering its clients a special, priority service. For the low low price of RMB 880, clients can watch as bikini-clad attendants wash the car, providing care and attention to all of your tailpipes and rims. The catch? It’s by appointment only.

One could see this as a shrewd marketing move, but the origins of this service are much more humble: it started because clients wanted it.

We’re sure there’s some logic there, somewhere: you’ve amassed a fortune in order to purchase an extremely expensive luxury item, and now you want to pay top dollar to have someone take care of your investment based upon how skimpy their work uniform is.

Check out the photos below.

bikini car wash beijing sexistbikini car wash beijing sexistbikini car wash beijing sexistPhotos: Asia Today, People’s Daily Online

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