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RMB 100 Million In Counterfeit Goods Seized in Tianjin

Posted: 11/21/2014 10:30 am

fake luxury handbags tianjin police bustTianjin police have busted a counterfeiting ring specializing in fake luxury handbags. The suspected dealers were arrested, and approximately 7,000 handbags were seized in the raid. The bags included popular couture brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry and Gucci. The entire stock had an estimated value of RMB 100 million.

The counterfeit luxury goods are manufactured by organizations that are protected by local officials. In these workshops, craftsmanship and skills are passed on to new workers through an apprentice program. Thirty workers in a small workshop are able to produce enough bags to generate millions of yuan in annual revenue.

fake luxury handbags tianjin police bustfake luxury handbags tianjin police bustfake luxury handbags tianjin police bust:

Photos: Southern Daily Report


The RMB 1 Billion Mecca of Fake LV Bags Busted in Guangzhou

Posted: 09/22/2014 6:34 pm
Knockoff bag handbag guangzhou counterfeit shanzhai fake luxury

Scenes from an undercover report on counterfeit handbag factories in May.

China is the undisputed king when it comes to making fake items, be they fake photos, salt, Viagra, drugs, or even policemen. But there’s one fake item China really excels at producing: fake handbags.

Police in Guangzhou have announced that they have busted the mother of all fake Louis Vuitton handbag rings worth RMB 1 billion, reported QQ News. The criminal ring utilized an official-looking website to sell counterfeit versions of LV bags to foreign consumers.

Fourteen suspects have been arrested and six factories that featured up to 27 production lines have been shut down.

The gang had 494 half-completed products, around 11,000 finished products complete with stamped LV logos in storage, and another 18,000 processed leather items.

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Protected by Officials

Earlier in May, a report detailed how one counterfeit luxury handbag factory was able to produce more than 100 fake Prada bags per day and sell over 3,000 fake bags every month to earn revenue worth several hundred million yuan a year.

The counterfeit handbag factory is comprised of a sophisticated apprentice program where workers master the ability to create one part of the fake handbag, and then teach the skill to another worker.


Photo: Guangzhou Daily 


Bigwigs Demand Bikini-clad Babes Buff BMWs in Beijing

Posted: 07/24/2014 4:52 pm

bikini car wash beijing sexist

bikini car wash beijing sexist

A car wash in Chaoyang District of Beijing is now offering its clients a special, priority service. For the low low price of RMB 880, clients can watch as bikini-clad attendants wash the car, providing care and attention to all of your tailpipes and rims. The catch? It’s by appointment only.

One could see this as a shrewd marketing move, but the origins of this service are much more humble: it started because clients wanted it.

We’re sure there’s some logic there, somewhere: you’ve amassed a fortune in order to purchase an extremely expensive luxury item, and now you want to pay top dollar to have someone take care of your investment based upon how skimpy their work uniform is.

Check out the photos below.

bikini car wash beijing sexistbikini car wash beijing sexistbikini car wash beijing sexistPhotos: Asia Today, People’s Daily Online


Forget Regular Guangzhou Taxis, Now You Too Can Be a High-Roller

Posted: 07/9/2014 5:10 pm

bmw taxi guangzhouAre taxis simply too close to being “public transportation” for you? Do you require the services of a vehicle that is more attuned to your needs?

Maybe you need the services of a BMW Series 6, or a Audi A6. And now, you can rent one as a taxi in Guangzhou, reports Guangzhou Daily.

Announced yesterday by taxi app Kuaidi, a new taxi app called “Line One Cars” gives users the option of reserving luxury cars for a trip or daily commute. It has been named as a competitor to the popular app Uber, which launched in Guangzhou and Shenzhen at the beginning of the year.

These high-end taxis are already available in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

bmw taxi guangzhou

Different prices and options are available for “Line One Cars”: There’s economy class, cozy class, merchant class, and luxury class. These get separated into various existing taxi companies and car brands: Dazhong, Tongyong, BMW and Audi.

While commuters seem pleased by the extra options available to them, Guangzhou taxi drivers are not, saying they will cut into their profits. The Guangzhou traffic department also expressed concern seeing as these BMW and Audi taxis aren’t actually taxis:

Even though luxury cars are nice, at present this just has the appearance of being a car for rent, and not an authentic taxi. It isn’t under the jurisdiction of the transport deparment. If there are any disputes arising between passengers and this company, passengers will only be able to rely upon the goodwill of the latter.


Photos: Guangzhou Daily


Survey: Chinese and Western Rich Want Different Things

Posted: 06/21/2014 5:03 pm

Chinese people love to buy property. It’s not only considered a great investment for Chinese people, but it’s also a key part of the culture that involves leaving something useful for their offspring.

But when it comes to buying luxury real estate, do the super rich in China have the same taste and requirements as their counterparts in the developed world? The recently published “Sotheby’s International Realty Luxury Lifestyle Report” shows Chinese preferences are basically “same same, but different.”

The report surveyed affluent consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and China.  Compared to the developed world, there are more high net worth individuals in China and they are more likely to purchase a “lifestyle” property as their primary residence.

Among the Chinese surveyed, 98% want a lifestyle property while 74% in the US said the same.

Among those Chinese, 54% want waterfront property.

There was also a big difference in other demands:

A whopping 93% of affluent Chinese consumers surveyed said they would like to make a “legacy home purchase”, which is a property intended to remain in the family or be gifted to children, while only 64% of Americans said the same.

The Affluent Chinese Consumer

Ninety-six percent of affluent Chinese consumers surveyed said they’d bought a property within the past three years.  Wealthy Chinese are not only investing in property, they consider themselves part of the investor class.  Eighty-two percent of Chinese luxury real estate purchasers consider themselves “investors”, while only 67% of Americans think the same.

Here are some additional stats on the priorities of Chinese property investors:

You can read the full report here.


Ferrari Closes Dealerships As Luxury Car Sales Fall Across China

Posted: 06/12/2014 5:50 pm

ferrariIt’s tough being rich. While your average Joe Qingdao-sixpack is concerned with today’s news that sales of new homes in Shenzhen have plummeted 48.8% from one year ago, there’s more worrying news for those with the money for the finer things in life.

Ferrari’s sales company has abruptly terminated sales and cooperative agreements with two dealerships, one of which is in Dongguan, reports Beijing Business Today.

Furthermore, other reports say Ferrari-Maserati China has broken similar agreements with two other Chinese dealerships, leading some analysts to speculate the company is looking to reduce its Chinese sales and marketing operations.

Photos: Gold Lamborghini Spotted in Guangzhou

A general malaise has hit China’s luxury car market with Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini all reporting sales slumps. Autonews reports Lamborghini sales in China fell 16.7% in 2013, while those of Ferrari fell by 33%.

The hard times of the Chinese luxury car market can be mostly attributed to recent austerity and anti-corruption measures. However, for the rest of us, the fewer luxury sports car dealerships that remain in the PRD will mean there be fewer sightings of this:



Photos: Weibo, 16888


[Photos] Gold Lamborghini Spotted in Guangzhou

Posted: 06/4/2014 11:05 am

gold lamborghini guangzhouSomeone once said, “I want a Lamborghini with a shiny, gold-colored paint job,” and one Chinese dream later, here it is.

Spotted in Guangzhou outside a restaurant on Jinju Road just south of Great Bridge on May 27, the gold-colored car appears to have an impossibly dense mass that attracts everyone in its vicinity.

While a few brave souls went to affirm their experience with this paint job by going over to touch the world’s fastest fingerprint accumulator, the People’s Daily Online reported that one guardian held their child tight when walking past the car and said:

Don’t make any rash movements, that’s a real car there!

Another bystander was reported to have lauded the car by comparing it to a sofa chair after a read through the Sunday paper:

The owner had just left, and the car is still warm!

As inspiring as this flagrant display of accumulated wealth is to the rest of us non-gold colored Lamborghini-driving plebians who are saddled with non-aesthetically pleasing license plates, it unfortunately remains true that China lags behind the West when it comes to luxury sports car paint jobs. Deadmau5 is driving around with a Nyan Cat decal on his Ferrari, while Justin Bieber is known for his leopard print Audi.

We can only hope that the proper technology and skills will come to China to address this flagrant discrepancy with the lamborghini guangzhougold lamborghini guangzhougold lamborghini guangzhougold lamborghini guangzhou

Photos: People’s Daily Online


Keep Up, Kim Kardashian! Zhongshan Bride Wears 70 Gold Bracelets [UPDATED]

Posted: 05/26/2014 1:30 pm

zhongshan bling wedding gold braceletUPDATE: We’ve got more pics, and they are everything your imagination could have ever asked for. Congratulations to the fabulous couple, Desmond and Neves! Good luck on naming your baby!

Demonstrating that China has taken the position as world leader in the battle of showmanship previously dominated by gangster rappers and flamboyant homosexual pianists, the city of Zhongshan was the location of an extravagant wedding that featured a blushing bride not in white, but gold. Pounds upon pounds of gold.

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Unwanted Attention

The evening of Friday, May 23 was fabulous. A lavish wedding consisting of a wedding party of 20 bridesmaids and bridegrooms—fabulous. A foreign groom wearing seven to eight gold necklaces—fabulous. The parking lot to the wedding reception filled with luxury cars of brands like Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini—all fabulous. In a detail not lost to the press, the fact that many of these cars were themselves adorned with vanity plates of lucky number “8′s” and “6′s”—absolutely fabulous.

zhongshan bling wedding gold bracelets

A fabulous wedding like this deserves a fabulous bride, and this one complied by wearing the proper gold required: a gold belt, gold necklaces, gold rings on fingers of both hands, and a total of 70 gold bracelets worn on her wrists and around her neck.

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A reporter with Guangzhou Daily confirmedsuch fabulousness had indeed occurred by contacting the bride’s father Mr Li, a retired general manager of a water company in Shaxi County. Li fully admits that his daughter was married in such a fashion, and does not mind the public knowing about it. Li said,

They wanted this type of wedding; I have many foreign relatives; so what if I want to act like a traditional old fogey.

“Traditional”? Gold is “traditional”?  Kim Kardashian is a throwback to a more conservative time? It must be her orthodoxy upon rejecting cotton blends. During this time of austerity measures and economic slowdowns, public displays of wealth aren’t taken very well by the public, so we imagine the public reception to this wedding won’t be so fabulous.

zhongshan bling wedding gold braceletszhongshan bling wedding gold bracelets

zhongshan bling wedding gold braceletszhongshan bling wedding gold braceletszhongshan bling wedding gold braceletsVideo with additional car footage here.

UPDATE 2, 10:36pm May 26, 2014: This topic has exploded in popularity on Weibo throughout the day. As of this update, the Sina Guangdong version of this post currently has been forwarded 8713 times, received 6666 likes, and 10034 comments.

Here are some select comments from that post:

Please, this just a custom, alright? Many young married Guangdong women do this! What’s more, all of those many (bracelets) weren’t bought by herself, but given to her by her many relatives; it represents paying your respects to the person being gifted. As for the giving of diamonds, since this is a custom, the traditional concept is to use gold jewelry as the foundation.

Those that don’t understand this is a traditional custom should not talk out of turn. Even ordinary families will carry gold bracelets, and more so in wealthy families. These were given to her by her family, and are paid back a gift in return…

This is just a custom that’s done in Zhongshan. Relatives of the bride and groom give them, friends give them as gifts. Some are rented, and some are fake. Anyhow, you should wear more, (not less). The more gold you wear, the more blessed you will be.

What she’s wearing, in fact, is armor.

This is a crazy person, they have simply gone insane.

That car, that cello, and all that nouveau riche gold: it just doesn’t add up.[sweatface]

Now that’s what you call love!!!!!

As every woman in Zhongshan has a father who is the general manager of a water plant, we’re sure this is a common custom.

zhongshan bling wedding gold bracelet

zhongshan bling wedding gold braceletzhongshan bling wedding gold bracelet

Photos: People’s Daily via Twitter, Guangzhou Daily Report via Weibo, Sina Weibo, Sina Guangdong Weibo


Shenzhen Home to 50 of China’s Billionaires

Posted: 05/9/2014 8:00 am

Shenzhen residents: Love thy neighbor. They may be very, very rich.

Financial magazine Xincaifu has compiled a list of the richest people in China, and wouldn’t you know it—Shenzhen is home to 50 billionaires.

Well, they might not live in your neighborhood, but borrowing a little Grey Poupon is easier in Guangdong Province than anywere else in the country. Guangdong is the Chinese province with the most billionaire residents, followed by Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Jiangsu.

As if to signal the bursting of the real estate bubble, the list mentions the current ten richest people in China as having made their fortunes outside the real estate industry. The fields by which this year’s top moneymakers have rung in their gold include new energy and the internet.

We wonder what could it be that attracts them the most: the clean air, former Hong Kongers with a desire to drive on the right side of the road, uh, the local sports team?

We guess those guys that handle Shenzhen’s position as a technological and manufacturing leader have to live somewhere.

Photo: eChinacities


Maserati Driver Mistakes Accelerator for Brake, Plows Into Vehicles

Posted: 05/5/2014 1:18 pm

maserati crash guangzhou woman driver mistake accelerator brakeBreaking news: the driver of a blue Maserati caused multiple injuries and damages to several cars in Guangzhou yesterday when she lost control of her vehicle, reports iFeng.

At approximately 2.50pm on May 4, a blue Maserati was seen speeding through a parking stand in Xieshan Village, Tonghe Township. The car then proceeded through a memorial arch where it collided with three pedestrians and four cars before finally coming to a stop.

One eyewitness to the scene described the car as travelling very fast. “Once it turned the corner, it just flew in here!” Of the three victims, only a Mr Rong sustained serious injuries to both of this legs; the other two victims escaped with light injuries.

A spokesperson for an insurance company revealed the crash happened because the driver, a woman in her 40′s, had confused the accelerator for the brake pedal. The spokesperson also stated that the car was a new purchase and was only a few days old.

Maseratis are priced at several million yuan in China, and the value of these luxury vehicles usually means that they are allowed to park anywhere at crash guangzhou woman driver mistake accelerator brakemaserati crash guangzhou woman driver mistake accelerator brakemaserati crash guangzhou woman driver mistake accelerator brake

Photos: iFeng, Sina

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