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Taxi Driver Violently Attacked by Foreigner in Shanghai [GRAPHIC]

Posted: 06/5/2014 5:01 pm

shanghai beaten cabbie taxi driver laowai foreigner[This story contains violent images]

Mr Zhang, a taxi driver in Shanghai, was on his way home last night when he stopped at a red light at the intersection of Jiangsu Road and Wuding West Road in Changning District at around 11pm. That is when he encountered something very strange: a cyclist on a motorbike stopped right in front of his car, blocking it.

As QQ reports, this person entered the taxi via the front passenger door and violently beat Zhang for a full minute. Zhang was unable to exit the vehicle, and could only try his best to defend himself. After the attacker escaped, Zhang was left with multiple injuries: his right brow is cracked, his nose broken, and he has suffered multiple contusions, especially to his hands.

Zhang said he has never met this laowai before, nor had he any reason to expect someone would want to assault him. Zhang described the attacker as a foreigner, but the report didn’t go into any other specifics.

Police say an investigation is underway.

shanghai beaten cabbie taxi driver laowai foreignershanghai beaten cabbie taxi driver laowai foreigner

Photos: QQ

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