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Air France Staff Praised For Helping At Scene of Shanghai Car Crash

Posted: 07/28/2014 1:56 pm

shanghai traffic accident foreign good samaritansForeigners who helped out at the scene of a traffic accident in Shanghai have been hailed as “foreign Lei Fengs”, reports iFeng.

It started in the morning of July 27 when two cars headed towards Pudong Airport were involved in a traffic collision. Five people in one of the vehicles were hurt, and another four were ejected from the car. One of those has sustained life-threatening injuries.

It just so happened that at the same time, some Air France staff were driving by the scene and got out of their vehicle.  The French airline staff provided medical aid and directed traffic with safety vests on.

The report emphasizes the airline personnel were not directly involved in the accident, but were simply passing by when they decided to get involved.shanghai traffic accident foreign good samaritansshanghai traffic accident foreign good samaritansshanghai traffic accident foreign good samaritans


Photos: iFeng, Guangzhou Daily

  • The master of none

    The difference between foreigners and chinese.
    Foreigners help people in trouble.
    Chinese stand around taking photos.

  • Langi

    but can you blame them? There is so many scram in China that make people don’t want to get involved.

  • cobbler

    yes you can blame them ,its called EDUCATION ? if you are lying there or your son or father ,mother?? you would be happy they helped them isn’t?? total bullshit SCAM its just a rumour in China to avoid helping other people ..the biggest ego centric group of people in the world !! me me and another me thats important ooh yeah and your bowl of Rice..THATS the most important ….sorry i forgot you dearest poesseion FCK i Phone !!!

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