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China Has One Fewer Good Samaritan After Shenzhen Man Ends Up In Jail

Posted: 07/17/2014 6:08 pm

good samaritan fail shenzhen windows of the world sex assaultXiao Tu is a good guy. Recently graduated from a Sichuan university, Xiao came to Shenzhen looking for work. And on July 1, at Windows of the World, Xiao saw a woman in distress and tried to do the right thing. The problem is that “the right thing” hasn’t worked out for Xiao Tu.

Miss Liu had gone to a beer festival hosted by Windows of the World that night, and now found herself being molested by a man named Song. When Xiao Tu stepped in to rescue Liu from the sexual assault, it didn’t occur to Xiao that Song would get injured from the fracas; nor was he aware that Song was a security guard that works at Windows of the World.

The police considered Xiao Tu to have used excessive force, and had him sent to jail on July 2 for 15 days, reports Southcn. For his part in the incident, Song was jailed for only five days.

Xiao Liu, the woman who was being assaulted, apparently tried to get Song to help free Xiao Tu from prison, but Song brought up his medical costs, loss of wages, and rehabilitation fees totaling several hundreds of thousands of yuan.

On the evening Xiao Tu was released from jail, July 16, a news conference was held. Zhang Xin, deputy head of the Nanshan sub-office told reporters that the circumstances of this case are special. Zhang said police properly treated Xiao Tu in full compliance of the law. It was after an investigation that police discovered that the man that was being detained was a good Samaritan who was not responsible for Song’s injuries. Police said they will compensate Xiao Tu for his bravery.

As encouraging as it is to hear good Samaritans being rewarded for their deeds, it may actually be too late for this “nice guy”. In an interview, Xiao Tu asserted his innocence, but said:

I have always considered myself to have done the right thing. However, the law is the law; the law thinks that I have intentionally hurt this man, but I had no choice.

Xiao Tu refused to settle this case out of court with Song because his principles wouldn’t allow him to admit he was wrong. As well, Xiao simply didn’t have the money Song was asking for.

However, Xiao Tu was very forthcoming in describing how the incident has changed him:

I have no regrets. But in jail I have come to the conclusion that the next time I encounter such a situation, I won’t volunteer myself to help. I will just call the police instead.

A country that sorely needs good Samaritans now has one fewer of them.

Photos: Dongguan Times, Nandu

  • The master of none

    Chinese police like everything else in China are useless.
    I not seen one in this city pounding the beat in two years.
    They ride around on motorcycle no helmet once a month. Just to see if anyone lieing dead in the gutter.
    Oh and occasionally road blocks grabbing scooter riders while ignoring everyone driving through red traffic lights nearby.

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