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Another laowai Good Samaritan injured while trying to break up dispute in Shenzhen

Posted: 05/29/2012 7:00 am

The assault happened outside King Glory Plaza

The latest laowai Good Samaritan, sometimes known as Yang Lei Feng (foreign Lei Feng), has appeared and once again paid for his virtue.

The foreigner, who hails from the Netherlands and currently studies in Hong Kong, was up in Shenzhen doing some sightseeing when he saw a Chinese male, surnamed Wu, pulling the hair of a female near King Glory Plaza in Luohu District.  The foreigner asked the man to stop hurting the woman, and when he refused, tried to intervene.  That’s when the man slashed the foreigner across the chest and the arm with a knife.

Shenzhen Daily says Wu has been arrested for assault:

Investigations showed that Wu and his girlfriend, identified as Hu, were quarreling at Kingglory Plaza about a breakup and money issues. Hu, who was very agitated, had swallowed a handful of stomach medicine, causing Wu to grab Hu’s mouth and try to make her cough up the pills. When Hu didn’t cooperate, Wu slapped her, which made Hu angry. Hu pulled a small knife — used for artistic work — from her pocket and attempted to kill herself, according to police. Wu snatched the knife from Hu and pulled her hair, trying to take her to a hospital, police said.

The incident happened on May 2 and there’s been no update on the condition or name of the foreigner who got involved.

The man from the Netherlands is the second laowai this month who’s paid for breaking up a dispute in the PRD.  Previously, a Brazilian man was beaten after trying to prevent a thief from stealing a woman’s handbag in Dongguan.


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