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Shenzhen Woman Falls Down Elevator Shaft Under Mysterious Circumstances

Posted: 09/30/2014 11:05 am

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen A 22 year-old Shenzhen woman has fallen seven floors down an elevator shaft under very mysterious circumstances.

Li suffered fractures to her ribs, right leg and arm and damaged her lungs when she fell from the 11th floor of a residential apartment to the top of the elevator car, which was at the fourth floor. Li is in serious condition with life-threatening injuries.

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Li was with her boyfriend, Ye, when the incident happened in the early morning of September 25 at Tianbei Gardens in Longhua New District, reports Nandu.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhenYe said he and Li were joking around after returning home at 5am when they decided to go out again to buy something. Li said that’s when the elevator malfunctioned:

The elevator doors were located exactly behind her when she was waiting for me. I never would have thought that by her leaning against the elevator doors they would have caved in like that.

However, video taken by the surveillance camera inside the elevator shows a different side to Ye’s story.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen

At 5:22am, one minute before the incident occurred, Li and Ye were seen pushing and shoving each other. Then the elevator door opens.

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Two people exited, and then the doors closed. That’s when Li somehow went through the elevator doors and fell.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen

Li’s family claims the doors opened on their own and blame the elevator company, but Mr Lin, the director of the Tianbei Garden Property management, said a domestic dispute is to blame.

If no one touched this door, this wouldn’t have happened to it. What’s more, (the surveillance video) just recorded them having a fight. There can only be one conclusion, and that’s the one in which their altercation ended up breaking open the elevator door.

But Ye blamed property management:

(Nevertheless,) the property management can’t escape its responsibility. The elevator door is clearly broken, and they haven’t sealed it.

This isn’t the first time this particular elevator has had a problem. A girl was previously trapped in the elevator when the doors wouldn’t open.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen

You can see surveillance video in this news report.


Photos: CCTV

  • Neobooper

    They should blame the Japanese and USA

  • Toothless

    Standard Chinese boy girl drama.
    Clearly there is a serious problem with lifts in China.
    Look how weak the door skin is.

  • Zen my Ass

    Leaning by the elevator doors is never a good idea, Chinese made or not. Hope she gets well soon.

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