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Shenzhen Woman Falls Down Elevator Shaft Under Mysterious Circumstances

Posted: 09/30/2014 11:05 am

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen A 22 year-old Shenzhen woman has fallen seven floors down an elevator shaft under very mysterious circumstances.

Li suffered fractures to her ribs, right leg and arm and damaged her lungs when she fell from the 11th floor of a residential apartment to the top of the elevator car, which was at the fourth floor. Li is in serious condition with life-threatening injuries.

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after price war causes accidents

Li was with her boyfriend, Ye, when the incident happened in the early morning of September 25 at Tianbei Gardens in Longhua New District, reports Nandu.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhenYe said he and Li were joking around after returning home at 5am when they decided to go out again to buy something. Li said that’s when the elevator malfunctioned:

The elevator doors were located exactly behind her when she was waiting for me. I never would have thought that by her leaning against the elevator doors they would have caved in like that.

However, video taken by the surveillance camera inside the elevator shows a different side to Ye’s story.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen

At 5:22am, one minute before the incident occurred, Li and Ye were seen pushing and shoving each other. Then the elevator door opens.

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Two people exited, and then the doors closed. That’s when Li somehow went through the elevator doors and fell.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen

Li’s family claims the doors opened on their own and blame the elevator company, but Mr Lin, the director of the Tianbei Garden Property management, said a domestic dispute is to blame.

If no one touched this door, this wouldn’t have happened to it. What’s more, (the surveillance video) just recorded them having a fight. There can only be one conclusion, and that’s the one in which their altercation ended up breaking open the elevator door.

But Ye blamed property management:

(Nevertheless,) the property management can’t escape its responsibility. The elevator door is clearly broken, and they haven’t sealed it.

This isn’t the first time this particular elevator has had a problem. A girl was previously trapped in the elevator when the doors wouldn’t open.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen

You can see surveillance video in this news report.


Photos: CCTV


University Student Dies in Freak Elevator Accident

Posted: 09/18/2014 5:54 pm

elevator accident fatality Xiamen [This article contains content that may be offensive to some readers]

An unidentified student is dead after an elevator crushed him at a campus building at Huaqiao University in Xiamen, Fujian Province, reports Sohu Video.

The accident happened on September 14, the first day of school. The student entered the elevator and it began to move, while the doors were open and he was only halfway inside. The elevator put enormous pressure on him for 35 minutes. Rescue workers say the student was dead when they arrived. It’s believed the elevator crushed the man’s lungs.


Photo: Sina Video


Guangzhou Escalator Suddenly Speeds Up Creating a Pile of Hurt Bodies

Posted: 08/27/2014 3:44 pm

guangzhou train station escalator malfunctionEleven people were sent to hospital yesterday when an escalator at the Guangzhou East Railway Station malfunctioned, causing a pile-up of 20 people, reports Southern Metropolis Guangzhou.

The escalator in the No. 6 underpass to the train station unexpectedly accelerated during a early morning rush of passengers at around 6am on August 26.

Some people were able to quickly run away from the escalator to try and make their trains, but those who couldn’t escape suffered some painful injuries.  gz train station escalator malfunction 01

Eleven victims were sent to hospital and all are said to be in stable condition. The majority of the victims had skin abrasions and lacerations, and were discharged shortly afterwards.

Emergency Room Director Zeng Yuhui said that two patients had more serious injuries and were required to be admitted overnight. Both are children: one has broken bones while the other requires stitches for deep cuts.

Mr Huang was at the scene:

We were on the escalator when it suddenly sped up. I hadn’t even reacted when I got crushed inside a mass of people. One of the children that fell down had her face cut by a luggage case, and my niece suffered serious injuries when she had her ear torn away.

The escalator involved in incident has been shut down. The railway station says it will look into what happened.

guangzhou train station escalator malfunction

Photos: Southern Metropolis Guangzhou, Money 163


1 dead after bizarre elevator and Metro accidents occur on the same day in SZ

Posted: 09/9/2013 6:48 pm

Yesterday saw two incidents that proved what a dangerous place Shenzhen can be.

A woman was killed after falling down an elevator shaft the same day as three people were squeezed out of a moving Metro train and abandoned in the tunnel.

The woman, a cleaner named Tan Hailan (42) who was from Sichuan, fell down an elevator shaft from the 16th floor to the 2nd after the door opened but the elevator hadn’t arrived, according to Southern Metropolis Daily. The tragedy, which took place in building A of Baoan District’s Fuyong Heping Community at around 2:46 p.m., is the latest in a number of accidents involving elevators in the city.

The elevator in Fuyong Heping Community, image courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily

The cause is being investigated and two other elevators in the complex were closed for maintenance afterwards.

Just over an hour later, three passengers were thrown out onto the tunnel when the door opened on an overcrowded Metro train that was in motion. The incident occurred near Convention & Exhibition Centre, and although nobody was seriously injured, the passengers had to be treated for shock, Xinhua reported.

Mr. Wu said his wife had just come from Zhongshan and they were on a day out with some friends. At 6:05 p.m. they were on a crowded train between Gangxia and Convention & Exhibition Centre when Wu heard a shout of: “There’s been an accident. Help!”

This female passenger’s legs were shaking for hours after the incident and her clothes had been soiled, image courtesy of Xinhua.

The train stopped and Wu turned to see that one of the people that had been thrown out onto the tunnel was his wife. He got out to help her before the trains doors closed and it moved off. The three people standing outside promptly called the police and they had to cling to a fire hydrant while another train whizzed past before anybody could get to them.

South China Morning Post has more:

A Shenzhen Metro spokeswoman surnamed Tang told South China Morning Post on Monday the accident was triggered by a scuffle that broke out between two passengers in the carriage. The chaos prompted someone to pull the emergency cord that eventually brought the train to a stop.

It is yet to be explained why the driver opted to move away while they were still in the tunnel.

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