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Shenzhen Masseuse Beaten for Refusing to Provide Sexual Services

Posted: 06/24/2014 8:00 am
shenzhen masseuse beating

Xiao Yan has suffered several tissue injuries.

While Guangdong has been singing the praises of the recent crackdown on the sex trade, which has seen over 3,000 arrests since February, one Shenzhen massage parlor has been accused of openly encouraging it.

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A 24 year-old woman named Xiao Yan who worked at the Golden Beach Club, a massage parlor in Bao’an District, was hospitalized with several tissue injuries following her refusal to provide “special services” to a client, Guangdong TV reported on June 23.

Xiao Yan lies on a hospital bed.

Xiao Yan’s troubles started two months ago when she was lured to the club by its hefty promise of RMB 10,000 in salary per month. The reality was something quite different, with Xiao Yan earning an average of only RMB 3,000 per month.

However, wage concerns were not her only issue. Among the list of services Xiao was expected to provide were sexual favors. “Some clients requested that we massage them with our breasts. (The club) asked us to massage clients’ genitals, and would give us a monthly salary for doing so. Many clients would be naked and ask to touch us, or even request we use our mouth,” Xiao Yan told the newspaper.

The notice allegedly issued by the club instructs its employees to use “special massaging techniques” on clients.

A signed notice, allegedly issued by the club, emphasized that if an employee doesn’t use “special massaging techniques” on clients, her bonus will be revoked, and the masseuse will be disciplined.

The club, however, fervently denies involvement in any illegal sexual services and claims that Xiao Yan initiated the attack on her supervisor, and that he was merely defending himself. Some female masseuses at the club interviewed by the newspaper denied that any sex is offered by the employees and insisted all services are strictly legitimate and non-sexual.

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Do Not Amount to Prostitution

It’s no secret that some high-powered officials have been actively shielding the sex trade business from prosecution. Since the province’s vice crackdown, Dongguan’s police chief has been sacked and, just recently, two local police chiefs were arrested for providing protection to the industry.

While it remains to be seen what really happened at the Golden Beach Club, the story has provoked many comments following its publication. By the end of June 23, it had attracted over 2,500 comments on QQ alone.

Most commentators asked Xiao Yan to quickly leave the city for fear of retribution. Aya wrote: “For your personal safety, I suggest you to leave as soon as possible. In regards to yellow (sex trade operators), black (underground organised gangs) and protection rackets, we ordinary people can’t mess with them.”


Photos: Guangdong TV


Infanticide a big problem in Shenzhen, but why?

Posted: 11/20/2013 7:00 am

After it emerged that Shenzhen’s Baoan District had seen 10 cases of single mothers killing their own babies in the past five years, a report was commissioned to find out what the underlying social causes might be. The report, which was published Monday (Nov. 18), showed that all of the women were migrants from poor parts of the country with little education and low social status, Nandu Daily reports.

The 10 women ranged in age from 16-23 when the infanticides occurred and all did low-skilled jobs in places such as factories and hair salons. The women all feared being unable to raise a child, especially when the fathers were not certain to offer help, and blame this on their having to revert to desperate measures. Some also cited the social stigma attached to being an unwed mother.

As well as blaming their own ignorance on sex and child rearing, some of the women even claimed to be unaware that their actions were criminal.

The report called for more support to be offered to unmarried mothers, such as free medical coverage.

Here are some of the stories the report revealed.

Miss Tao

Miss Tao discovered she was eight months pregnant on October 11 2012, which is far too late to get an abortion. On the very day she was told, she went to the bathroom on the first floor of Shiyan Hospital and gave birth there unexpectedly.

Instead of seeking help, she left the baby in the dustbin of the bathroom and fled. A cleaner found the dead baby several hours later.

Miss Tao was arrested the following day.

Choking the baby to death

On October 19 this year, Miss Hou, 17, suddenly felt severe stomach pains when in her home in Shajing’s Wanfeng Village.

After trying to rush down the stairs, she gave birth in the stairwell. Hou heard the newborn screaming and grabbed its neck, holding on for two minutes. After seeing the infant was still moving, she covered its nose and mouth for another minute before returning to her dormitory.

Hou claims she acted in a state of panic because she would have had to live with having an illegitimate baby for the rest of her life.

Throwing the baby out of the bathroom window

Miss Chen had been dating her boyfriend since 2010. For two years they had regular sex without any contraception. In the second half of last year, she discovered she was pregnant and did not tell anyone.

On March 12, Chen gave birth in the bathroom of her home in Fuyong Street. Considering herself unable to raise a child, she threw the baby girl out of the window and it died instantly.

The report’s findings

The women’s crimes range from intentional homicide to negligence.

As well as punishing criminals, the report also called for preventative measures to be taken. These could include more support for single mothers such as free medical courage.


Photos: Shopping mall in Shenzhen destroyed by fire

Posted: 11/4/2013 7:02 pm

A fire that raged for six hours on Saturday night and Sunday morning destroyed the Shengzhuang Department Store (Skrong) in Shenzhen’s Baoan District, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

Five workers were trapped inside but all were rescued and there were no casualties. The fire is thought to have been caused by a short circuit, but an investigation is ongoing.

Here are some images, courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily:

Emergency services arrived at the scene just after midnight on Sunday morning

Due to heavy winds, the pungent fumes badly affected the area around the shopping mall, which is located on Shiyan Street

Many of the stores, most of which sell cosmetics or clothing, have been destroyed.

via Shanghaiist


Man in SZ caught cheating when his mistress’ name appears on his ancestral tomb

Posted: 09/13/2013 9:00 pm

A man was sentenced to five months in jail for bigamy in Shenzhen’s Baoan District after his wife saw his mistress’ name inscribed on the family’s ancestral tomb, Xinhua reports.

Image courtesy of The Daily Sunshine

The marriage between Mr. Chen and Mrs. Zeng, originally from Hunan, had always been troubled as she was unable to produce a child and she had lied to him about her age, revealing that she was 3 years older than him only after they married. Starting in October 2010, Chen would frequently fail to come home at night and from February 2012 stopped coming home at all.

Twice in 2012, Mr. Chen appealed to a court in Nanshan District to get a divorce but failed on both occasions as it would have cost him 500,000 yuan.

In March this year, Mrs. Zeng heard that her husband had had a baby with a different woman the previous year and went to the hospital to see the record of the birth herself.

But the moment when Mrs. Zeng was finally compelled to see a lawyer came shortly after when, on a trip to their hometown in Hunan, she saw that on the family’s ancestral tomb was engraved not her own name but the name of Mr. Chen’s mistress, commonly known as a “xiaosan,” a Ms. Zhong.

A “xiaosan” is a different type of mistress to an “er’nai” in that a xiaosan has designs on eventually marrying their unavailable partner.

Mr. Chen and Ms. Zhong had met at a party in August 2011, after which they had a one-night stand. Ms. Zhong later discovered she was pregnant and, despite his reluctance, talked Chen into letting her have it. The baby girl was born in June last year.

Mr. Chen insisted that he never lived with Ms. Zhong so wasn’t a bigamist, but his protestations proved ineffective.


1 dead after bizarre elevator and Metro accidents occur on the same day in SZ

Posted: 09/9/2013 6:48 pm

Yesterday saw two incidents that proved what a dangerous place Shenzhen can be.

A woman was killed after falling down an elevator shaft the same day as three people were squeezed out of a moving Metro train and abandoned in the tunnel.

The woman, a cleaner named Tan Hailan (42) who was from Sichuan, fell down an elevator shaft from the 16th floor to the 2nd after the door opened but the elevator hadn’t arrived, according to Southern Metropolis Daily. The tragedy, which took place in building A of Baoan District’s Fuyong Heping Community at around 2:46 p.m., is the latest in a number of accidents involving elevators in the city.

The elevator in Fuyong Heping Community, image courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily

The cause is being investigated and two other elevators in the complex were closed for maintenance afterwards.

Just over an hour later, three passengers were thrown out onto the tunnel when the door opened on an overcrowded Metro train that was in motion. The incident occurred near Convention & Exhibition Centre, and although nobody was seriously injured, the passengers had to be treated for shock, Xinhua reported.

Mr. Wu said his wife had just come from Zhongshan and they were on a day out with some friends. At 6:05 p.m. they were on a crowded train between Gangxia and Convention & Exhibition Centre when Wu heard a shout of: “There’s been an accident. Help!”

This female passenger’s legs were shaking for hours after the incident and her clothes had been soiled, image courtesy of Xinhua.

The train stopped and Wu turned to see that one of the people that had been thrown out onto the tunnel was his wife. He got out to help her before the trains doors closed and it moved off. The three people standing outside promptly called the police and they had to cling to a fire hydrant while another train whizzed past before anybody could get to them.

South China Morning Post has more:

A Shenzhen Metro spokeswoman surnamed Tang told South China Morning Post on Monday the accident was triggered by a scuffle that broke out between two passengers in the carriage. The chaos prompted someone to pull the emergency cord that eventually brought the train to a stop.

It is yet to be explained why the driver opted to move away while they were still in the tunnel.


Big-hearted shopkeeper avoids ratting out thieves who stole from her in Shenzhen

Posted: 08/15/2013 10:00 am

A female shopkeeper in Shenzhen’s Baoan District refrained from calling the cops on August 9 when she saw a woman steal four large bottles of milk, Anhui Television reports.

Her reason? She didn’t want to damage the thief’s self-esteem. The thief and her accomplices have gone on to reoffend and the shopkeeper has expressed her regret at failing to call the cops.

Below you can watch footage of the thief and her alleged accomplices entering the Ganghuo shop in Shajin one-by-one. At 40 seconds you can see her helping herself to four bottles of milk.

She was then confronted by the shopkeeper who explained that she would give her a chance to wipe the slate clean. However, when told that the thief was part of a wanted gang of petty criminals which had gone onto reoffend and was still at large, the shopkeeper spoke of her regret.

She said she had learned from the mistake and would always call the cops on shoplifters in the future.


Scary: Elevator in Shenzhen plummets 16 floors, strands passengers for over an hour

Posted: 08/8/2013 6:15 pm

Eleven people had to be rescued from an elevator that plummeted from the 21st floor to between the 4th and 5th floors in Shenzhen’s Baoan District on Tuesday night (August 6), Guangdong Satellite Television reports. The elevator is said to have been made by Weida Elevator Shenzhen Ltd., the same company as the one in which a nurse was decapitated by a malfunction in May.

Victims helping each other to safety, image courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily

One of the victims, Mr. Li, told the Southern Metropolis Daily that he and some friends were going to visit a home on the 23rd floor of building A in Chujing Gardens. After a student got out on the 21st floor at around 10:20 p.m., the elevator suddenly plummeted before the door even closed. There were eleven people inside.

The people ended up being stuck for over an hour before rescue workers lifted the roof off the elevator, allowing them to climb to safety. All were taken to hospital with their injuries, including three with particularly severe pains in their waists.

Although all of the victims were kept in hospital overnight, most were found only to be suffering from shock.

Victims recovering in hospital, image courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily

Wu Min of the building’s management centre said inspections would be done on all of the elevators in the complex to make sure nothing similar happens again.

Owner Miss Zhang said that in 10 years there had only been several minor accidents. She did acknowledge that she’s been concerned of late, as questions surface about the safety of elevators in Shenzhen.

Victim Mr Li said while in hospital that if anybody had been standing too close to the door of the elevator, they would have been a goner.


Family walks home together… from Shenzhen to Hunan Province

Posted: 08/6/2013 7:00 am

An 8 year-old girl is joining her parents in walking from Shenzhen’s Baoan District to their hometown of Shaoyang in Hunan Province. The family set off on the 700 km journey on July 13 and have already reached Yongzhou so are within around 100km of their destination, Nandu Daily reports.

Xiong Bingji on a country lane on Saturday Aug. 3, image courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily

Zeng Ziqi was born in Shenzhen and is currently in the 3rd grade. Her father, who had been in Shenzhen for 20 years, had always fantasised about walking back to his hometown, staying in villages and towns along the way. He ensured that his daughter would only have to come if she wanted to, so was quite surprised when she immediately agreed.

When they arrived in Guangzhou after three days, the girl’s mother, Liu Xiaoyan, gave her the option of turning back.

The girl has not stayed sprightly the whole time, and her enthusiasm was at its lowest between Guangzhou and Qingyuan. But the sheer variety and novelty of everything she’s seen has kept the city girl persisting, said her mother, who if anything has been less hardy than Zeng.

Having a well-earned rest

Some of the terrain they crossed has been dangerous and they have even walked along highways at times of poor visibility. But they crossed over into Hunan on July 25, and on July 29, Zeng’s father wrote on QQ that people should enjoy every step one-by-one and he was glad to be finally making this journey and seeing his daughter grow up along the way.

Deputy head of 21st Century Education Research Institute, Xiong Bingji, said it was an interesting adventure for the family and a good way of helping toughen up the child. But Xiong also stressed that not all children were cut out for such a journey.


Shenzhen’s Dameisha beach deemed too filthy for foreign guests

Posted: 07/19/2013 7:00 am

The Shenzhen Special Zone Daily has published a report on the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of Yantian District’s Dameisha Beach after a local businessman complained that the beach was too filthy for his foreign guests.

On the evening of Friday July 5, Mr He and his two clients, an American and Canadian, decided it was too hot to stay inside, so went to Binhai Park on Dameisha beach. However, they only lasted 10 minutes in the water as they were sick of plastic bags and candy wrappers getting stuck to their bodies as they waded.

Binhai Park during better days, courtesy of Google Images

Having heard He’s complaint, a reporter went to Binhai Park on July 13 to see for himself what the fuss was about. He arrived there before lunchtime when there were already almost 10,000 people on the beach. The water was nowhere near as crowded as it would be a few hours later but the sand was already covered in bottles, candy wrappers, and the shells and cores of eaten pieces of fruit.

There were also plastic bags blowing around, and to top it all off, the reporter saw trash cans that were half empty.

A man at the beach named Mr Wang who lives in Buji told the paper that the problem was a lack of suzhi or character among some beach goers. But he also said that, considering the number of people who swim there, it is unrealistic to expect the water to be clean by international standards.

A Mr Qin who had come from Luohu District with his family described littering on the beach as “immoral as well as disgusting.”

Big things have small beginnings, courtesy of Sina Weibo

In other news about people lacking suzhi, a woman in Shenzhen’s Baoan District has drawn complaints from neighbours after gaining a reputation for regularly throwing garbage and even feces off the roof and directly onto the ground in her residential complex. You can see the news report, including footage of her in the act here.

But it’s not all bad news on the suzhi front. In recent days, the image on the right of a migrant worker cleaning up after himself on the subway has gone big on Sina Weibo.

The worker was overcome by some mild nausea, and when a stranger gave him a tissue to wipe his mouth, he first got down and cleaned the floor, a respected Panyu-based microblog has claimed.


200-metre street in Shenzhen has 150 trash cans ‘to promote civility’

Posted: 06/20/2013 10:00 am

A 200-metre street outside a factory in Shenzhen’s Bao’an District boasts 150 trash cans. The reason the trash cans were installed, according to a representative of the factory, was to promote civility and discourage littering, Liaoning Satellite Television reports.

Henggang Lower Street, courtesy of Yangcheng Evening News

Henggang Lower Street first came to the media’s attention when local residents complained to Yangcheng Evening News about the number of trash cans. No bench is more than a few feet away from a trash can, so it’s difficult to sit anywhere that doesn’t stink, residents told the paper.

However Mrs. Cheng from the Suntak company, the Shenzhen-based electronic products manufacturer which owns the nearby factory, insists that the environment has been improved in the area and uncivilised behaviour such as littering, has been reduced.

The company claims to have spent 2 million yuan installing the trash cans and benches.

Other types of uncivilised behaviour such as couples making out on the benches next to the stinky bins have also been reduced, presumably.

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