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Another sinkhole in Shenzhen swallows up two vehicles

Posted: 08/19/2013 7:00 am

Shenzhen has had a startling number of sinkholes in recent months, and now it has another to add to the list: the latest opened up in Yantian District on Saturday morning (Aug. 17) swallowing two vehicles. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured. This one was 30 square metres in size and five metres deep and, like the last sinkhole in Shenzhen at the start of this month, locals had previously warned authorities that something similar was liable to happen and were ignored, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

Now for the clean-up operation, image courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily

Local residents near the scene of the sinkhole on Yankui Road had noticed several road signs had been collapsing in recent weeks and that sediment had slid onto a nearby basketball court from the road.

Geng Xueming was driving a delivery truck at 6:15 a.m. when the ground opened up beneath his vehicle. He told reporters that he climbed out himself before calling the police. The vehicles were lifted out by crane and the road was cordoned off.

Deputy Mayor Lu Ruifeng arrived at the scene that afternoon to oversee the investigation, which found the culvert under the road, which was built in 1983, needed to be renovated. A collapsing culvert was also the cause of a sinkhole in Granby, Massachussets in the United States last week.

The Shenzhen Meterological Bureau pointed to the fact that the Xiaomeisha area where the accident took place has seen some of the heaviest rain in the city over the past week, which of course increases the likelihood of a sinkhole.

Headlines were made around the world when a 26 year-old security guard was fatally swallowed up by a sinkhole in Futian District in March and when five died in a sinkhole in Longgang District in May. But, to have a sense of perspective, sinkholes are far from a major cause of death, even in Shenzhen.

h/t Hug China.


Shenzhen’s Dameisha beach deemed too filthy for foreign guests

Posted: 07/19/2013 7:00 am

The Shenzhen Special Zone Daily has published a report on the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of Yantian District’s Dameisha Beach after a local businessman complained that the beach was too filthy for his foreign guests.

On the evening of Friday July 5, Mr He and his two clients, an American and Canadian, decided it was too hot to stay inside, so went to Binhai Park on Dameisha beach. However, they only lasted 10 minutes in the water as they were sick of plastic bags and candy wrappers getting stuck to their bodies as they waded.

Binhai Park during better days, courtesy of Google Images

Having heard He’s complaint, a reporter went to Binhai Park on July 13 to see for himself what the fuss was about. He arrived there before lunchtime when there were already almost 10,000 people on the beach. The water was nowhere near as crowded as it would be a few hours later but the sand was already covered in bottles, candy wrappers, and the shells and cores of eaten pieces of fruit.

There were also plastic bags blowing around, and to top it all off, the reporter saw trash cans that were half empty.

A man at the beach named Mr Wang who lives in Buji told the paper that the problem was a lack of suzhi or character among some beach goers. But he also said that, considering the number of people who swim there, it is unrealistic to expect the water to be clean by international standards.

A Mr Qin who had come from Luohu District with his family described littering on the beach as “immoral as well as disgusting.”

Big things have small beginnings, courtesy of Sina Weibo

In other news about people lacking suzhi, a woman in Shenzhen’s Baoan District has drawn complaints from neighbours after gaining a reputation for regularly throwing garbage and even feces off the roof and directly onto the ground in her residential complex. You can see the news report, including footage of her in the act here.

But it’s not all bad news on the suzhi front. In recent days, the image on the right of a migrant worker cleaning up after himself on the subway has gone big on Sina Weibo.

The worker was overcome by some mild nausea, and when a stranger gave him a tissue to wipe his mouth, he first got down and cleaned the floor, a respected Panyu-based microblog has claimed.


Former hospital chief in Shenzhen pleads guilty to accepting bribes

Posted: 09/21/2012 7:00 am

After we told you in June of the arrests made at six Shenzhen hospitals of staff accused of accepting bribes, a former president of Henggang People’s Hospital has pleaded guilty to the charges, according to Shenzhen Daily.

Kong pleaded guilty at Yantian District People’s Court to accepting bribes of 2.4 million yuan on September 18, according to the paper.

Kong Deqi

Kong allegedly took bribes in exchange for hospital projects, medicine and equipment procurements and personnel appointments between 1999 and 2012, while he was president of Dapeng, Pinghu and Henggang hospitals in Longgang District.

Kong’s lawyer insisted that his client was a responsible and caring physician in spite of his crimes, and he was a caring member of society who had never seriously harmed anyone, according to Huarenwang.

According to his confession, Kong earned up to 250,000 yuan in legal income per year and expected to receive a 200,000-yuan annual pension after retirement. He could have legally earned at least 6.25 million yuan by age 80, Shenzhen Daily added.

Local media commented that he effectively lost 6.25 million yuan in order to gain 3.24 million yuan illegally. A fine doctor maybe, a mathematician no.

The mathematics of Kong’s crime, courtesy of Southern Metropolis Daily.

There are a total of nine hospital executives in Shenzhen who are still under investigation.

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