Go easy on the cola: a boy in Guangzhou gets kidney disease after excessive pop intake

Posted: 03/18/2013 10:00 am

They say everything in moderation, and that old adage applies to carbonated drinks, too.

A 16 year-old boy in Guangzhou has has been hospitalized with kidney disease after drinking around 1,500 bottles of fizzy pop in six months and regularly staying up all night to play computer games, China Daily reported.

Li Fu’an works in a hotel and finishes his shift at 2 a.m. Often unable to sleep, he usually goes to an internet bar to play computer games to wind down. The combination of regularly staying up all night and drinking too many soft drinks has landed him in Liwan District Central Hospital.

A reporter from Yangcheng Evening News went to see the young migrant, who is originally from Lianzhou in Qingyuan. There is swelling all over his body, according to the reporter.

Li’s mother died when he was an infant and the illness has put a huge financial strain on his father.

Tang Donghui, a specialist from the hospital said Li should seek healthier ways of relieving stress.

The spotlight is on carbonated sodas these days, as a 30-year old woman from New Zealand has died after drinking 10 litres of Coke a day.


Another horrific tale of abuse: 2-year old dies after being beaten by dad’s girlfriend

Posted: 01/10/2013 7:00 am

Xiao Lijia’s biological mother, Xiao Lv, by her bedside in the Intensive Care Unit.

A girl in Qingyuan died one month short of her 3rd birthday after spending almost a week in intensive care on January 7. She had been hospitalized after being severely beaten by her father’s girlfriend sometime in late December, Sohu News reports.

According to Qingyuan People’s Hospital, where she was taken to on January 1, Xiao Lijia started having headaches and vomiting on December 29 but she did not receive the care she needed. It was later discovered that his father’s girlfriend, Miss Zeng, had been beating her.

That she wouldn’t stop crying was cited as the reason for the beating. If Zeng is pregnant, as is thought, her sentence may be lighter than it otherwise would have been.

There were severe injuries to her skull and brain when she was admitted to hospital. Brain surgery showed exactly how serious her condition was, and for the last few days of her life she was unconscious and could not breathe unassisted.

Xiao Lijia’s biological mother, identified as Xiao Lv, says she had seen scars on the toddler’s face after being left with Zeng before and that Zeng had denied claims made by the toddler that she had treated her badly.

Xiao Lijia was born outside of wedlock in Dongguan in 2009. His mother, who is now 22 and from Zhoukou in Henan Province, was working as a foot masseuse when she met Lao Xu, a construction worker, who is 19 years her senior. After a brief affair, Xiao Lv got pregnant by accident. They had the baby but later broke up.

Both parents were at the girl’s bedside the entire time she was in hospital and her mother was weeping uncontrollably for most of the time.

The anguished biological parents

Lao Xu is also expected to face charges as he was the child’s legal guardian.

People talk and talk about improving training and awareness about child abuse which begs the question, how much training do you need to know that it’s wrong?


Explosion in northern Guangdong kills ten people, mushroom cloud seen

Posted: 08/29/2012 4:54 pm

Yingde City in Qingyuan, northern Guangdong, was rocked by a deadly explosion on August 27th, according to the Southern Metropolis Daily. Three trucks carrying explosive material suddenly exploded while workers were unloading the deadly cargo from the last truck.  Ten workers died, another is missing and nine civilians who were nearby are also hurt, according to the report.  The force of the explosion was so strong it blew out windows of a nearby primary school and apartment complex.

Blasting is a regular occurrence in the Longshan quarry, which is on the east side of the Bei River in Yingde. According to a local official, everything was normal when the three trucks arrived and the workers began unloading the explosive material.  But when the workers were on the final truck, a huge explosion and mushroom cloud emerged, frightening nearby residents.

A policeman involved in the investigation revealed that four of the dead workers had the necessary certification to carry explosive material, but the other five did not.  The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.