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Shenzhen Woman Falls Down Elevator Shaft Under Mysterious Circumstances

Posted: 09/30/2014 11:05 am

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen A 22 year-old Shenzhen woman has fallen seven floors down an elevator shaft under very mysterious circumstances.

Li suffered fractures to her ribs, right leg and arm and damaged her lungs when she fell from the 11th floor of a residential apartment to the top of the elevator car, which was at the fourth floor. Li is in serious condition with life-threatening injuries.

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Li was with her boyfriend, Ye, when the incident happened in the early morning of September 25 at Tianbei Gardens in Longhua New District, reports Nandu.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhenYe said he and Li were joking around after returning home at 5am when they decided to go out again to buy something. Li said that’s when the elevator malfunctioned:

The elevator doors were located exactly behind her when she was waiting for me. I never would have thought that by her leaning against the elevator doors they would have caved in like that.

However, video taken by the surveillance camera inside the elevator shows a different side to Ye’s story.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen

At 5:22am, one minute before the incident occurred, Li and Ye were seen pushing and shoving each other. Then the elevator door opens.

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Two people exited, and then the doors closed. That’s when Li somehow went through the elevator doors and fell.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen

Li’s family claims the doors opened on their own and blame the elevator company, but Mr Lin, the director of the Tianbei Garden Property management, said a domestic dispute is to blame.

If no one touched this door, this wouldn’t have happened to it. What’s more, (the surveillance video) just recorded them having a fight. There can only be one conclusion, and that’s the one in which their altercation ended up breaking open the elevator door.

But Ye blamed property management:

(Nevertheless,) the property management can’t escape its responsibility. The elevator door is clearly broken, and they haven’t sealed it.

This isn’t the first time this particular elevator has had a problem. A girl was previously trapped in the elevator when the doors wouldn’t open.

elevator accident domestic dispute shenzhen

You can see surveillance video in this news report.


Photos: CCTV


Shenzhen Man Crushes Baby After Rolling Onto Him While Sleeping

Posted: 09/25/2014 1:37 pm

longhua shenzhenThis is something that surely crosses every parents mind when they go to bed with a newborn: rolling onto them inadvertently in their sleep. That’s what’s happened to a Shenzhen father, who crushed his 41 day-old baby son to death by sleeping on top on him, reports CCTV.

After going to bed with his son in his arms, the 30 year-old man named Zhang awoke at 6am on September 16 to discover his son bleeding from the nose and mouth. An ambulance was called, but the baby was pronounced dead on arrival at People’s Hospital.

According to the crime lab of the Longhua Public Security Bureau, it looks like the baby was crushed to death as a result of Zhang sleeping on him.

Photo: dszyr



Man Walking By Shenzhen Apartment Killed When Object Falls From Above

Posted: 08/19/2014 9:04 am

death from above

A man in Shenzhen who died when an object fell from an apartment above him is just the latest in a string of recent cases when somebody has been hurt from falling objects.

Yang, 38, from Hunan Province was killed instantly when a chopping block fell on his head from a 13th floor apartment as he passed by on the street below in Longhua New District on August 16.

A average-sized chopping block weighs about 10 kilograms. A suspect, named Zhou, has already confessed to the crime and will be charged by police.

knife in building

In another case that took place on August 14, a butcher’s knife that had apparently fallen from above become stuck in the side of an exterior wall of a Chongqing high-rise building (seen above). While bizarre, falling on somebody below could’ve been much worse.

knife in head

In another case that took place on August 7, a Guangyuan, Sichuan man named Xiao was out buying groceries when a knife fell from a eight-story apartment above him and struck his head (seen above). The injury was so sudden that Xiao had to be told he had a knife sticking out of his head by the manager of a cigarette store before getting medical aid.

In another case that took place on August 1, an eight year-old girl named Xiaoqi was seriously injured when a beer bottle tossed from an apartment building landed on her head. Xiaoqi was on vacation in Shenzhen for the summer, and is now said to suffer from epilepsy.

In a case that took place last year, Longhua was again the location in which a falling object fell and injured a pedestrian walking below. This time, a pregnant woman was injured in the head and hand by a falling knife.

The latest report on the accidental death of Mr Yang said people can still be seen putting cooking utensils on window sills and balconies.



Photos: Chengdu Morning Report, Yangcheng Evening Report, Shenzhen Evening ReportiFeng


Fujian Toddler Dies After Being Forgotten in Car for 12 Hours

Posted: 08/12/2014 4:27 pm

child left in car fujianA two year-old Fujian girl is dead after being forgotten in a hot car overnight, reports the Shenzhen Police.

The girl, only identified as Xiaohuan, was sleeping in the back seat of the car with her cousin as her aunt and uncle drove her home. But after they got there, the aunt took her own daughter out and apparently told the uncle to get Xiaohuan. The uncle thought the child was with the aunt, so he locked the car doors and went inside to bed.

It was only the next day when the family discovered the child had been left in the car for 12 hours. She had already passed away by the time they found her.


Photo: Shenzhen Police

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