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Shenzhen Man Crushes Baby After Rolling Onto Him While Sleeping

Posted: 09/25/2014 1:37 pm

longhua shenzhenThis is something that surely crosses every parents mind when they go to bed with a newborn: rolling onto them inadvertently in their sleep. That’s what’s happened to a Shenzhen father, who crushed his 41 day-old baby son to death by sleeping on top on him, reports CCTV.

After going to bed with his son in his arms, the 30 year-old man named Zhang awoke at 6am on September 16 to discover his son bleeding from the nose and mouth. An ambulance was called, but the baby was pronounced dead on arrival at People’s Hospital.

According to the crime lab of the Longhua Public Security Bureau, it looks like the baby was crushed to death as a result of Zhang sleeping on him.

Photo: dszyr


  • Zen my Ass

    41 days is simply too young, you don’t sleep with him. Baby still needs a cradle. Sad sad story.

  • Neobooper


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