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Mother Throws Newborn Off 6th Floor Balcony in Shenzhen Because She “Didn’t Know What To Do”

Posted: 08/24/2014 1:09 pm

shenzhen pregnant mother balcony killerA 19 year-old worker in Shenzhen has killed her own new-born baby by throwing it off a sixth floor balcony shortly after birth, reports Sina Guangdong. It happened Friday night (August 22) at the woman’s apartment on Guanlan Street in Longhua District at around 10pm. The baby boy smashed into a parked electric bicycle below, and then was run over by a motorcycle.

Eyewitness at the scene say the baby still had its umbilical cord attached when it fell.

The woman has been identified as Xiaowei, from Guangxi. After graduating from high school last year, Xiaowei came to Guangdong Province to look for a job. She told Nandu that she “didn’t know what to do” after the baby was born. Xiaowei broke up with her boyfriend in February, and became afraid once she found out she was pregnant. Xiaowei said she is not sure why she acted in this way, and is very regretful over the incident.

Xiaowei faces criminal charges for intentional homicide.

Photos: Sina Guangdong


Shenzhen Raid Captures Enough Prostitutes to Fill a Basketball Court

Posted: 05/27/2014 2:30 pm

shenzhen vice bust prostitution dongguanA police raid upon several Shenzhen establishments has resulted in the arrest of 69 people in various prostitution-related crimes, reports People’s Daily Online.

After receiving complaints from local residents, several Longhua District brothels masquerading as foot massage treatment centers, leisure clubs, or night clubs were raided by Shenzhen police during the early morning hours of May 19. There were so many people arrested they filled a basketball court.

Many of these sex workers are described as originally coming from Dongguan. They apparently went to nearby Shenzhen when a well-publicized prostitution crackdown occurred back in February. Police say the first half of this year has seen a continuous flow of sex workers from Dongguan entering Shenzhen.shenzhen vice bust prostitution dongguan


Photos: People’s Daily Online


Prostitution Returns to Dongguan Under Protection of Local Police

Posted: 05/19/2014 2:08 pm

dongguan vice prostitution undercover crackdown corruptionDespite a crackdown that arrested a few prominent people and reportedly put 200,000 people out of work, prostitution has not been eradicated in Dongguan. On the contrary, it looks to have concealed itself very well with the aid of local police.

So very vice to see you again, but then, maybe you’ve just never left.

A Guangdong TV reporter recently went undercover to investigate a complaint that Dongguan entertainment venues were engaging in prostitution without any reprisals from the police (video here). With the help of a local resident named Wang, the reporter infiltrated several brothels in the Longhua Street area in Longhua New Town, Dongguan. It’s as though we’ve all seen this before

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Far from the city center, Longquan Garden by Jianda road is located a kilometer away from Hualong Road. During the day, there is not much pedestrian traffic in this residential area, but at night there is more activity that includes seven to eight motorcycle riders who zip around and ask random strangers:

Do you want to play around? For such a young guy and so full of life, no need to be so coy! The girls are of an impeccable quality; I’ll bring you over.

Through the access of a twisted labyrinth of very narrow alleys, the reporter is ushered into the fourth floor apartment of the Shengyuan Foot Bath. There, he is asked by the proprietor if he is interested in anything:

We have many different prices according to your different needs. For RMB 200 you can have the whole service, top and bottom.

That night, the reporter visited a total of seven establishments that engaged in prostitution that also included the Weiwei Leisure Club located in the 3-star Yinglun Hotel, also an establishment that also offers “foot baths”.dongguan vice prostitution undercover crackdown corruption

Upon visiting the brothels, the reporter reported these places to the 110 emergency services hotline. Some ten minutes later, the police arrived at the Yinglun Hotel, and then some ten minutes after that, they left.

After asking follow-up questions to the police, the reporter was told by a police sub-station representative:

We went there to have a look, and we did not find any prostitution as you described.

All seven brothels visited by the reporter are under the jurisdiction of the Longcheng police sub-station. The closest reported brothel to the police station is the Weiwei Leisure club only 500 meters away.

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We imagine the Mayor of Dongguan Yuan Baocheng will be shocked at the problem—again. Or, maybe Yuan will be shocked at himself for having said these words at the beginning of April:

“Three months from now, we will have adopted measures that no one would have expected. I can fundamentally make the determination now that whatever cases we find, we will investigate.”

Hopefully his nerves will be soothed by the rousing anthem of civic pride sung by local youths, because it seems his troubles aren’t going to end soon. A recommended replacement work force consisting of robots will just bring up the equally frustrating problem of having to deal with robot whores, but that’s another case of nuts and bolts.


Photo: Yancheng Evening Report

h/t @MissXQ


Man attacks a street cleaner in Shenzhen, completely unprovoked

Posted: 08/17/2012 7:00 am

These are the kinds of stories that could happen to anybody.

Police subdued a knife-wielding man on Gongye Road in Shenzhen’s Longong District after he attacked a street cleaner with a knife, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.  The attack was apparently completely unprovoked.

A plain-clothes police officer had to first tackle the man and take the knife off him before other officers assisted at around 3:30 p.m. You can watch the scene unfold here.

He randomly attacked the woman before being subdued

The victim was a 47 year-old woman named Zou Yinfang, who has worked for Fengcai Cleaning Company for over three years.  She was responsible for that area of Gongye Road.

Her boss, surnamed Li, watched the attack but claimed to have been caught unaware as the attacker was concealing the knife under his clothes. After Zou was attacked, Li rushed to the nearby Longquan Hotel to get a security guard.

Zou’s screams could be heard from nearby buildings and when people rushed to their doors they saw the cleaner covered in her own blood, but the attacker had already left.

After ripping his shirt off, the attacker had rushed some 500 meters north toward Renmin Road by the time police got to him.

During a 10-minute stand-off in which police tried to talk the man into putting his knife down, the man exclaimed that he was from Hunan and he was afraid because people were chasing him and trying to kill him.

Eventually, a plain-clothed officer tackled him from behind and others gathered to subdue him.

The man’s name is Song Quanzhong and he is 29. He has been detained for questioning.

Zou, a 49 year-old woman from Sichuan, received severe injuries to her left arm. She is recovering in Longhua People’s Hospital and is in a stable condition.


Woman falls from a 10th floor window after explosion, lands on passerby below

Posted: 08/1/2012 2:17 pm

A gas explosion at a rented appartment killed a woman instantly in Yucui Village, Shenzhen’s Longhua District on the evening of July 30, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

According to a neighbour, a blast could be heard at about 7:00 pm, then someone shouted “gas explosion!” The whole building shook. When the neighbour went outside, he saw the charred remains of a woman on the ground and also saw that the tenth-floor window from which she had fallen was smashed.

“She was a divorcee who had had a quarrel with her boyfriend. It is very possible that their frequent quarreling was what drove her to commit suicide,” said the neighbour.

Police said the woman was around 30, came from Hunan Province, and worked as a bus conductor. She ignited a gas canister at her home at 6:47 pm.  Police say her unhappy love life was the most likely reason for her suicide. A passer-by was hit by the falling woman and was taken to hospital but had no serious injuries.

One Weibo user asked what is about the modern age that is making people so fragile. Another said it isimpossible to know whether to blame society or to blame the person. Another suggested that this was all simply because women are stupid.


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