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Mother Throws Newborn Off 6th Floor Balcony in Shenzhen Because She “Didn’t Know What To Do”

Posted: 08/24/2014 1:09 pm

shenzhen pregnant mother balcony killerA 19 year-old worker in Shenzhen has killed her own new-born baby by throwing it off a sixth floor balcony shortly after birth, reports Sina Guangdong. It happened Friday night (August 22) at the woman’s apartment on Guanlan Street in Longhua District at around 10pm. The baby boy smashed into a parked electric bicycle below, and then was run over by a motorcycle.

Eyewitness at the scene say the baby still had its umbilical cord attached when it fell.

The woman has been identified as Xiaowei, from Guangxi. After graduating from high school last year, Xiaowei came to Guangdong Province to look for a job. She told Nandu that she “didn’t know what to do” after the baby was born. Xiaowei broke up with her boyfriend in February, and became afraid once she found out she was pregnant. Xiaowei said she is not sure why she acted in this way, and is very regretful over the incident.

Xiaowei faces criminal charges for intentional homicide.

Photos: Sina Guangdong

  • The master of none

    Chinese girl temper tantrum.

  • lacompacida

    High school grad, and don’t know what to do ? Don’t they teach home-ec in school ?

    • The master of none

      Nothing taught in China about living. It all comes from the family and thats from the retarded period.
      She in Shenzhen looking for work straight from high school. Family must be poor to let her go there, she must be under a lot of pressure to earn money to support the family, last thing they want is her pregnant.
      Also her typical chinese boyfriend banged her up without thought.
      She cant marry at 19 anyway. No money for hospital. So she got no one to turn to. Life completely fckd.
      End result full melt down. Normally they jump or do their wrists.
      Its the desperate situation many find themselves in with no control of the situation they in.
      Shenzhen full of them but you dont hear the stories till a baby goes out the window.

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