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Mystery Foreign Woman With Newborn Confounds Guangzhou Officials

Posted: 10/15/2014 9:44 am

mystery uzbekistan woman with childImagine your worst nightmare as a newcomer to China: you’ve lost your passport, all your identification papers, your phone, you don’t have any money, and don’t understand Chinese.

This is only the beginning for a mystery woman from Uzbekistan who doesn’t have the ability to speak, and recently gave birth to a baby boy whose father has disappeared. Nobody knows her name or when she even came to China.

Blogger haonowshaokao first brought up the story in September, and little has been learned of her since then.

mystery uzbekistan woman with childHere’s what the authorities know so far.

The woman was seen on surveillance video pacing back and forth at Baiyun International Airport. When she was discovered to be pregnant and overdue to deliver her baby, the woman was sent to Baiyun Hospital on September 22. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy the next day.

Mothers with newborns are usually discharged after three or four days, but as Sina reports, the woman was kept at the hospital because she had nowhere else to go.

Medical staff were unable to communicate with her using Cantonese, Putonghua, English, or Russian. Her nationality was only discovered by chance when a Uzbek patient began speaking, and she answered questions by nodding.

mystery uzbekistan woman with child

It turns out the woman is from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. She had broken up with the child’s father last March, but decided to come to Guangdong with him in June to do business. The woman lost contact with the man around September 22.

The woman’s only wish is to return to Uzbekistan with her child. However, if that happens, it won’t be with the help of her own country. There is no Uzbekistan consulate in Guangzhou, and the one in Shanghai says it can’t confirm if she’s actually a national so won’t offer any help.

Photos: Sina Cantonese Report, haonowshaokao

  • Neobooper

    The Terminal the sequel

  • trademind

    proves consulate are bunch of useless farts as usual.

    • jaw

      Fully agreed. Just a bunch of gasbags blowing against reinforced glass.

  • Amanda Roberts-Anderson

    What a story. That poor woman (and beautiful baby!). Though, recently having dealings with my own consulate in GZ, I would agree with other commentors that the consulates are surprisingly useless and unwilling to help. They seem more inclined to help Chinese citizens who have dealings with their country than with their own citizens living here. You would think they could at least get her name and try to contact her family back in Uzbekistan. It doesn’t seem that hard for the consulate to at least try.

    • haonowshaokao

      Getting her name is quite difficult as she can’t speak and won’t write anything down.

  • Zen my Ass

    Agreed, beautiful baby and awkward situation. I really hope she can return safely home. Agreed again, consulates are just parasites milking the taxpayer’s money. Few times I needed the help of my consulate, I had to confront arrogant, lazy, unprepared people.

  • Love, Shenzhen

    My friend, who is Polish, got a call the other day from the Polish consulate in GZ. It seems that a Polish guy had a couple kids with a local lady, including a newborn, then just up and flew back to Poland. They were calling around the see if anyone could help her. So, one decent consulate.

  • charlesliu

    This story couldn’t be brought to press two weeks ago because there were next to no details that could be confirmed about the woman.

    Two weeks later, with just a few more details, the story now becomes that still nothing can be confirmed about her despite her own consulate getting notified to no avail.

    I’m afraid this will become a bigger story.

    • Amanda Roberts-Anderson

      It needs to become a bigger story so that either the consulate will act or her family will see the pictures. I just wish there was more we could do to help her. Does she need money? Food? What practical help can people give?

      • haonowshaokao

        I think what she really needs is somewhere to stay.

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  • haonowshaokao

    Thanks for getting this story out there – it’s such an odd one that people are not sure what to do / how to help, so it’s been stuck at a dead-end so far. Hopefully this extra exposure will change that. Buying a plane ticket won’t work because she has no passport, so for now she needs somewhere to stay – perhaps she should even be moved to Beijing so she can go to the embassy.

    Just a few minor corrections – the woman is from Samarkand rather than Tashkent, and she wasn’t overheard by an Uzbek patient – a Korean woman was able to somehow figure out she was Uzbek and called an Uzbek friend who was able to communicate with her. Also she’s at Jingxi Nanfang Hospital – not sure what / where Baiyun District Red Cross Hospital is, it may just be an alternative name for the same hospital for all I know.

    The last I heard she was being moved to a less-busy ward. I later saw her baby being brought upstairs to be washed a few days after that, and AFAIK she’s still there.

  • Zen my Ass

    I’d like to know if there are updates on this story. I really hope everything is turning out well.

  • jaw

    Papa was a rolling stoooone! do do do da da,
    workin’ small-time trade in Guangzhouuu! do do do da da,
    knocked up a girl from back hooome, do do do da da,
    now she’s livin’ down at the airpoooort! do do do da da!

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