Unsolved mystery: Chinese businessman found dead in foreigner’s GZ apartment

Posted: 04/23/2013 7:00 am

A businessman was found dead in the apartment of a foreigner in Guangzhou after he took 100,000 yuan in cash there to do business on April 20. The foreigner, a Caucasian male, is now missing, Southern Metropolis Daily reports.

When Mr. Mian, 32, was not answering his phone on the evening of April 19, several dozen of his friends were worried because one had seen him withdraw 100,000 RMB from an ATM on Xiaobei Road in Yuexiu District that morning.

Shortly after Mr. Mian withdrew the money at around 11 a.m., Hu Lin, his friend from his hometown of Ningxia, witnessed him agree to go to the apartment of a foreigner to talk business.

As late as 7:20 p.m., Mian answered his phone and told a friend that he was in an apartment complex in Zhujiang New Town. Twenty minutes later, Mian stopped answering his phone.

Concerned, his friends and family filed a police report. Although he hadn’t been missing for long, they knew he had a lot of cash on him so the situation could be serious.

The following day, Mian was found dead on the sofa of the foreigner’s apartment in Bolin International Apartment Complex. There was no blood, so evidence suggests he was suffocated by a pillow.

Security camera footage showed the two men enter together and the foreigner later leave alone at 12:40. The money was not found on Mr. Mian.

Police want to talk to the foreigner.