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Bomb Explodes Outside Wenzhou Police Station [UPDATED]

Posted: 06/12/2014 11:33 am 11:51am June 6: The suspect is said to be able to speak the local Wenzhou dialect, leading to early speculation that he is a local resident.

[Added pictures of bomb squad dismantling bomb directly at the scene to end of the post.]


One suspect has been caught after a bomb was detonated beside the entrance to a police sub-station in Wenzhou, Zhenjiang Province, reports People’s Daily. The blast happened at 9:36am today.

An eyewitness named Pan said after the device exploded, a man tried to detonate a second bomb but was caught by police.

The scene of the blast shows bomb fragments consisting of ball bearings, screws, and parts of firecrackers.

There are no reported injuries at this time. The motive of the attacker is also unknown.

wenzhou police station bomb

UPDATE: Here are pictures of a bomb squad dismantling the bomb:wenzhou police station bomb zhejiang explosionwenzhou police station bomb zhejiang explosionwenzhou police station bomb zhejiang explosionwenzhou police station bomb zhejiang explosion

Photos: SCMP, Caijing, Hong Kong Wenqu Net (2), People’s Daily


Prostitution Returns to Dongguan Under Protection of Local Police

Posted: 05/19/2014 2:08 pm

dongguan vice prostitution undercover crackdown corruptionDespite a crackdown that arrested a few prominent people and reportedly put 200,000 people out of work, prostitution has not been eradicated in Dongguan. On the contrary, it looks to have concealed itself very well with the aid of local police.

So very vice to see you again, but then, maybe you’ve just never left.

A Guangdong TV reporter recently went undercover to investigate a complaint that Dongguan entertainment venues were engaging in prostitution without any reprisals from the police (video here). With the help of a local resident named Wang, the reporter infiltrated several brothels in the Longhua Street area in Longhua New Town, Dongguan. It’s as though we’ve all seen this before

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Far from the city center, Longquan Garden by Jianda road is located a kilometer away from Hualong Road. During the day, there is not much pedestrian traffic in this residential area, but at night there is more activity that includes seven to eight motorcycle riders who zip around and ask random strangers:

Do you want to play around? For such a young guy and so full of life, no need to be so coy! The girls are of an impeccable quality; I’ll bring you over.

Through the access of a twisted labyrinth of very narrow alleys, the reporter is ushered into the fourth floor apartment of the Shengyuan Foot Bath. There, he is asked by the proprietor if he is interested in anything:

We have many different prices according to your different needs. For RMB 200 you can have the whole service, top and bottom.

That night, the reporter visited a total of seven establishments that engaged in prostitution that also included the Weiwei Leisure Club located in the 3-star Yinglun Hotel, also an establishment that also offers “foot baths”.dongguan vice prostitution undercover crackdown corruption

Upon visiting the brothels, the reporter reported these places to the 110 emergency services hotline. Some ten minutes later, the police arrived at the Yinglun Hotel, and then some ten minutes after that, they left.

After asking follow-up questions to the police, the reporter was told by a police sub-station representative:

We went there to have a look, and we did not find any prostitution as you described.

All seven brothels visited by the reporter are under the jurisdiction of the Longcheng police sub-station. The closest reported brothel to the police station is the Weiwei Leisure club only 500 meters away.

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We imagine the Mayor of Dongguan Yuan Baocheng will be shocked at the problem—again. Or, maybe Yuan will be shocked at himself for having said these words at the beginning of April:

“Three months from now, we will have adopted measures that no one would have expected. I can fundamentally make the determination now that whatever cases we find, we will investigate.”

Hopefully his nerves will be soothed by the rousing anthem of civic pride sung by local youths, because it seems his troubles aren’t going to end soon. A recommended replacement work force consisting of robots will just bring up the equally frustrating problem of having to deal with robot whores, but that’s another case of nuts and bolts.


Photo: Yancheng Evening Report

h/t @MissXQ


Guy attacks an ostrich as part of elaborate suicide attempt, ultimately fails

Posted: 01/23/2013 7:00 am

A man was rescued by police in a zoo in Shaoguan City on January 19 after a bizarre suicide attempt which followed even more bizarre behaviour, Shenzhen Satellite Television reports.

The man, Li, 27, from Yunnan Province, attacked an ostrich in the zoo and bit it to death in front of onlookers who included children and elderly people. He then slashed his wrists as police were called.

Xu Jianwen, deputy head of Datang Road police station told reporters that when he arrived at the scene, Li was highly excitable and simulated firing a gun at the policemen. He was already covered in blood when police arrived.

As he began to lose strength, Li lay on the ostrich’s corpse like a pillow before police approached him tentatively. He offered little resistance before police dragged him away.

He was rushed to hospital where his condition soon stabilized. However, that night, his condition worsened and he was returned to hospital. He appears to be out of the woods now. A suicide note was found on his person. The note urged his parents to have a good life, saying there was no need to worry about him anymore.

Li works as a security guard and has been described by colleagues as an introvert who is unusually quiet when at work. He was also described as being straight-forward.

Police drag a bleeding Li away from the ostrich’s corpse

The name of his company was not revealed to media.

Whether this was a genuine attempted suicide or a cry for help, I think we can all agree: the man needs help.

Li claims to have no recollection of the incident. The investigation is ongoing.


Two cops murdered at police station in Shenzhen

Posted: 09/15/2012 8:00 am

Two police officers were murdered at the Public Security Bureau headquarters on Wenjin South Road in Shenzhen on Sept. 13, Jinghua News reports.

At 9:10 p.m. on Sept. 13 an ambulance was seen entering the headquarters of the Public Security Bureau. It had come for two injured policemen. The yesterday at 12:36 a.m. the Public Security Bureau announced through its microblog that the two officers had died.

Both officers were covered in blood when they were taken away, according to a witness. The officers have been identified as Yang Shao, a departmental deputy in his 30s and Wu Qianchun, an officer in his 50s who had been on patrol earlier in the day, according to local media.

The surgeon who announced to journalists outside Luohu People’s Hospital at 11:30 that night said that both bodies had numerous bullet wounds.

An investigation showed that the two men were found on the floor of Yang’s office around 8:40 that evening. There were no witnesses or CCTV footage. Both officers were highly regarded within the police force, according to colleagues.

The investigation is ongoing.


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