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Breaking: Four Schoolchildren Dead After Knife Attack in Guangxi [UPDATED]

Posted: 09/26/2014 11:09 am

lingshan guangxiFour schoolchildren are dead after being attacked by a suspect wielding a knife in Guangxi Province, reports the People’s Daily Online.

The attack took place at 6:20 am as the children were on their way to school.

Three of the children died at the scene, while the other was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

The attacker hasn’t been caught yet.


guangxi knife attack schoolchildrenUPDATE 1:25pm September 26: A suspect in the knife attack has been identified and announced by police, reports Southern Daily.

The suspect is named as Shi X Yan*, male, and is aged 56 years-old (pictured above). Shi is a resident of Gupu Village, Pingshan County. Shi is described as obese, and was driving a three-wheeled vehicle at the time of the attack.

Shi is now reported to have escaped to a mountain top located near Zhengling Village, Fozi County. Hundreds of police officers are reported to be working together to secure his capture.

* The name is partially censored



Shenzhen Man Crushes Baby After Rolling Onto Him While Sleeping

Posted: 09/25/2014 1:37 pm

longhua shenzhenThis is something that surely crosses every parents mind when they go to bed with a newborn: rolling onto them inadvertently in their sleep. That’s what’s happened to a Shenzhen father, who crushed his 41 day-old baby son to death by sleeping on top on him, reports CCTV.

After going to bed with his son in his arms, the 30 year-old man named Zhang awoke at 6am on September 16 to discover his son bleeding from the nose and mouth. An ambulance was called, but the baby was pronounced dead on arrival at People’s Hospital.

According to the crime lab of the Longhua Public Security Bureau, it looks like the baby was crushed to death as a result of Zhang sleeping on him.

Photo: dszyr



Guangdong Reports 1,200 New Dengue Fever Cases In Just 3 Days

Posted: 09/23/2014 6:23 pm

mosquito The crisis over the Dengue fever outbreak in Guangdong has escalated as 1,200 new cases have been reported in just three days, reports Shenzhen Weibo. That brings the total to over 6,000 across the province, a big increase from the 4,800 reported just a few days ago on September 19.

These are the areas hardest hit: Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, and Jiangmen. At present, Shenzhen has ten reported cases.

Guangzhou leads the way with 5,190 cases. Two people have died, but doctors say their deaths are not directly related to the disease. Dengue fever is transmitted via mosquito bites.

If you’re in Guangdong – and Guangzhou specifically – and end up with a rash or fever, you’d best seek a doctor ASAP.


Photo: zszx


[Photos] Explosion at Xiamen High-Rise Leaves Five Dead

Posted: 09/19/2014 2:48 pm

xiamen guotai tower explosion gas A gas explosion has claimed the lives of five people at a high-rise in downtown Xiamen, Fujian Province, reports the SCMP.

The explosion took place this morning at around 11:20 in a small eatery located on the first floor of the Guotai Tower.

The blast shook nearby buildings and covered roads in glass and debris. Four other stores are said to be destroyed as a result of the blast.

Ten victims are listed in serious condition, with around a dozen other people described as also being injured.

The cause of the explosion was first suspected to be a faulty gas line, but now confirmed by firefighters to have been from a gas tank. Some nine other gas tanks have been removed from the scene.xiamen guotai tower explosion gas xiamen guotai tower explosion gas xiamen guotai tower explosion gasxiamen guotai tower explosion gasxiamen guotai tower explosion gasxiamen guotai tower explosion gasxiamen guotai tower explosion gasxiamen guotai tower explosion gas Photos: Sina Guangdong, Yangtse Evening Report, China News Network


University Student Dies in Freak Elevator Accident

Posted: 09/18/2014 5:54 pm

elevator accident fatality Xiamen [This article contains content that may be offensive to some readers]

An unidentified student is dead after an elevator crushed him at a campus building at Huaqiao University in Xiamen, Fujian Province, reports Sohu Video.

The accident happened on September 14, the first day of school. The student entered the elevator and it began to move, while the doors were open and he was only halfway inside. The elevator put enormous pressure on him for 35 minutes. Rescue workers say the student was dead when they arrived. It’s believed the elevator crushed the man’s lungs.


Photo: Sina Video


Attacker Invades Hubei Elementary School Killing 3 On 1st Day of Class [UPDATED]

Posted: 09/1/2014 3:42 pm

hubei school stabbings [This post contains graphic images that may be upsetting to some readers.]

It is an ominous start to the new school year.

A man charged into an elementary school in Hubei Province on the first day of classes today and attacked students and faculty with a knife, killing three children and leaving six others injured, including a teacher, reports CCTV.

The assailant used a knife to attack a total of nine people. In addition to the three fatalities, six people have been injured. Five of the injured are students, and one is a teacher named Liu Hongqing.

Two of the students are in serious condition. The victims have been moved to hospital for medical treatment.

The attack happened at 10:40 this morning at the Yanxi County East Elementary School. Following the attacks, the suspect, identified as Chen, committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the school building.

A parent named Li Zhiguo said her ten year-old daughter was attending her fifth grade class when she was attacked. Li’s daughter sat in the desk in the second last row next to the window. The assailant didn’t even enter the class to attack his victims, but used his knife to slash through the window, injuring Li’s daughter’s face.

hubei school stabbingshubei school stabbingshubei school stabbings

UPDATED 4:51pm September 1: According to a preliminary investigation, the discovered why Chen used a knife to kills and injure so many schoolchildren is because his own daughter was not allowed to enroll for class today because she had not completed her assignments from summer holiday, reports the Foshan Daily.

Chen is now said to have specifically come to the fifth grade class of the school to attack its students and teacher with a fruit knife.

Photos: Weibo (2), CCTV


Explosion in Beijing’s Heavily Populated Chaoyang District Leaves One Dead

Posted: 08/29/2014 1:18 pm

beijing residential blastOne person has died in an early morning explosion at a home in a residential area of Beijing, reports Sohu. The blast occurred at around 5:30 this morning at building #12 in the Zuojiazhuang Beili neighborhood of Beijing’s Chaoyang District.

Windows were broken and cars damaged from the blast that local residents describe as being a loud explosion strong enough to shake the ground.beijing residential blast

An early report from the Beijing Fire Department said eight people were injured, including one with serious but non-life threatening injuries. However, the total number injured is still unknown as fire crews dig through the rubble.

The cause of the blast is under investigation.beijing residential blast

Photos: Beijing Youth Daily, Sohu


[Graphic] Guangdong Man Dies from Bite from Severed Snake Head

Posted: 08/25/2014 1:06 pm

Snakes-head[This post contains content which may be upsetting to some readers]

A chef in Foshan, Guangdong has been killed by the Thailand king cobra he was preparing for a meal when it bit him long after its head was cut off, reports China Daily. Some reports say the head had been severed for 10 minutes when the bite occurred, with other reports saying 20 minutes had passed.

The victim has been identified as Peng Fan from Shunde. He was working in an unidentified restaurant that serves poisonous snakes to customers. Peng was throwing out the decapitated snake head when he was bit.

“It is a highly unusual case but it appears to be just an accident,” a police spokesman said. “He prepared the snake himself and was just unlucky. There was nothing that could be done to save the man. Only the anti-venom could have helped but this was not given in time. It was just a tragic accident.”

One news report used the incident to look more closely at the dangers posed by severed snake heads. It shows how snakes continue to move after having their heads separated from their body. This video goes to a a snake farm where several snakes have their heads cut off:

severed snake head

Earlier this month, an online community was outraged because they suspected a Shenzhen woman released live poisonous snakes into a local park.

Southern China is home to 35 types of snakes that are venomous. These include the Chinese cobra, the king cobra, Fea’s viper, and Russell’s viper.

Photo: Daily Mail


Man Walking By Shenzhen Apartment Killed When Object Falls From Above

Posted: 08/19/2014 9:04 am

death from above

A man in Shenzhen who died when an object fell from an apartment above him is just the latest in a string of recent cases when somebody has been hurt from falling objects.

Yang, 38, from Hunan Province was killed instantly when a chopping block fell on his head from a 13th floor apartment as he passed by on the street below in Longhua New District on August 16.

A average-sized chopping block weighs about 10 kilograms. A suspect, named Zhou, has already confessed to the crime and will be charged by police.

knife in building

In another case that took place on August 14, a butcher’s knife that had apparently fallen from above become stuck in the side of an exterior wall of a Chongqing high-rise building (seen above). While bizarre, falling on somebody below could’ve been much worse.

knife in head

In another case that took place on August 7, a Guangyuan, Sichuan man named Xiao was out buying groceries when a knife fell from a eight-story apartment above him and struck his head (seen above). The injury was so sudden that Xiao had to be told he had a knife sticking out of his head by the manager of a cigarette store before getting medical aid.

In another case that took place on August 1, an eight year-old girl named Xiaoqi was seriously injured when a beer bottle tossed from an apartment building landed on her head. Xiaoqi was on vacation in Shenzhen for the summer, and is now said to suffer from epilepsy.

In a case that took place last year, Longhua was again the location in which a falling object fell and injured a pedestrian walking below. This time, a pregnant woman was injured in the head and hand by a falling knife.

The latest report on the accidental death of Mr Yang said people can still be seen putting cooking utensils on window sills and balconies.



Photos: Chengdu Morning Report, Yangcheng Evening Report, Shenzhen Evening ReportiFeng


Family Outraged at Hospital Staff as Mother Dies Shortly After Giving Birth

Posted: 08/18/2014 8:00 am

Zhang’s family crying in the hospital’s operation room

A woman’s family believes that a Hunan hospital’s staff are responsible for her death shortly after she gave birth.

A 27 year-old woman, surnamed Zhang, died during a C-section operation at Xiangtan Women and Children’s Hospital on August 10, 2014. The woman’s family believes hospital negligence was the cause of her death, reported People’s Daily on August 13. Her husband, surnamed Liu, alleged that the doctors and nurses disappeared after his wife’s death and abandoned her body on the operating table.

After more than 11 hours, from the beginning of the operation around 12:00 p.m., the family claimed that no one from the hospital updated them about the surgical operation. Worried about his wife, Liu opened the operation room’s door and found his wife lying naked on the surgical table. Her mouth was covered with blood and there were tears in her eyes, the newspaper said. Several men were seen chewing nuts and smoking cigarettes next to his wife’s body, according to Liu.

Hospital doctors claimed they did everything they could to save Zhang’s life.

According to the hospital, after delivering a healthy baby, Zhang was coughing and vomiting, due to what was believed to be an amniotic fluid embolism, a rare birth complication that has an 80% death rate. The complication occurs when either amniotic fluid, or fetal cells, enter the mother’s bloodstream and cause an allergic-like reaction, according to a report by AP. One in 20,000 women suffers from this complication during childbirth, reported ifeng.

The hospital said they immediately took emergency measures; but, Zhang died at 21:30, due to organ failure caused by the complication, reported Beijing News. The hospital explained that “the doctors and nurses are not gone, but are just resting”.

A Xiangtan health official is equally supportive of the medical staff at the hospital. Deputy director of the Xiangtan health department, Qi Xianqiang, said, “That evening, the family only went in once. The medical staff were, in fact, in an adjoining room resting; they do not have a duty to stand guard next to the deceased. As well, the body had not been moved from the operating room.”

According to a Weibo post by a user, the real reason why doctors and paramedical staff left the operation room was due to the victim’s family’s agitated behaviours and vandalism. The posted photos showed white banners hanging across the hospital’s front gate, with black characters written next to smudges of “blood”. One of the banners read, “Return my wife! (We need to) see if she is alive! Otherwise, we need to see her corpse!”

The family demanded RMB 1.2 million worth of compensation; but, this was rejected by the hospital. Local heath and law departments are investigating the case.

Photos: Sina Weibo; Xiangtan Public Metropolis TV Station 

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