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[Photos] Fujian Fishermen Catch Endangered 2 Ton Whale Shark

Posted: 08/22/2014 11:41 am

endangered whale shark fujian Fishermen in Fujian made a big catch this week, but they had no idea how big until later: it is a two ton whale shark, which is on the official endangered species list.

CCTV had this to say about the controversial catch:endangered whale shark cctv

Mistakenly caught dead endangered species; on no terms are you to do this on you own. You will be sentenced to prison!
Today, Fujian fishermen caught and landed a two-ton whale shark. At the time the whale shark was caught, it was already dead. Whale sharks are a species protected in the Xiamen Ocean Valuable Animal Sanctuary. Police authorities say, whale sharks are classified as category two national endangered species. When the fishermen caught this animal, they suspected it to be an endangered species and reported it to police. No matter dead or alive, profiting or use of this animal by private individuals is expressly forbidden, otherwise violators may be punished by up to five years in prison. (CCTV reporter Shi Jinbin)

endangered whale shark fujian

As the use of an endangered species in China is illegal, we can only assume that the meat of this whale shark is being kept fresh with ice for some other reason other than consumption. After all, no one is interested in a fish that was dead when it was captured, right?

It’s unclear what the law says if people catch an endangered animal that is already dead, but if it was still alive at the time of capture these fishermen would be going to jail.

endangered whale shark fujianendangered whale shark fujianendangered whale shark fujianendangered whale shark fujian

Photos: CCTV


Setting Yourself On Fire? It’s a Form of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted: 06/11/2014 11:39 am

fire therapy chinese medicine acupuncture

It might be called therapy, but it sure doesn’t look relaxing.

The photo above, of a man’s crotch on fire, is one of several that have surfaced online depicting “fire therapy”, a kind of Chinese medicine. But even though the treatment originates here, even Chinese netizens are aghast at the photos that have been posted online.

fire therapy chinese medicine acupuncture

Wenzhou Sina News was the first to publish images of a person with two feet sticking out from a pile of towels that were set on fire. Even after it was explained as a form of therapy, many netizens continued to voice their shock and bemusement on Weibo:

Is this regulation service?

And I was thinking, ‘Why is he setting his penis on fire?’ [laughingface.emo]


Sir, how well would you like your meat cooked?

Oh my goodness! Seeing this picture fill my computer screen just made me feel ill! It looks like that man is enjoying himself, the crotch of his pants have caught fire. Who isn’t scared when looking at this?

“Fire therapy” is an old Chinese medicine technique that uses the same principles as baguan (fire cupping technique) and acupuncture..

fire therapy chinese medicine acupunctureAs reported by Guangming Network, the key to this practice is the “fire rope”, which is made out of some 20 different types of Chinese herbal grasses. The procedure begins by placing the fire rope on the patient’s body, which is covered by a translucent wrap to guard against the heat. Placed on top of the wrap are two wet towels. Alcohol is then poured on top and set alight. The procedure must be performed three times.

fire therapy chinese medicine acupuncture

fire therapy chinese medicine acupuncturefire therapy chinese medicine acupuncture

Fire therapy professionals stress there are important safety procedures to follow: first, the fire must occur at the correct acupuncture point to be effective; secondly, there must be a wet towel held by an attendant right next to the open fire; third, contact must be maintained with the client at all times; and finally, the fire must be extinguished immediately if the patient believes it’s too hot.

One “fire therapy” victim patient described the treatment this way:

It’s a warm and comfortable feeling. I feel a warmth soaking into my body.

For such an established Chinese procedure, fire therapy doesn’t seem to be familiar to the younger Weibo generation. One expressed her surprise when she saw it:

fire therapy chinese medicine acupuncture

Shocking scene from a beauty parlor: A person burned alive—apparently, this is a technique in Chinese medicine. Has anyone seen this before?

While foreigners have taken to acupuncture and other traditional Chinese procedures, it may take a while before fire therapy really catches on outside of China.

Photos: Yangcheng Evening Report, Wenzhou Sina News, Weibo


More than 30 Vietnamese workers, seeking higher wages, caught illegally in Shenzhen

Posted: 03/11/2013 7:00 am

Thirty-three Vietnamese nationals who had entered the country illegally and intended to work illegally in Fujian Province were arrested in Shenzhen March 6, CCTV News reports. The youngest of the illegal immigrants was just 17.

Courtesy of Baidu images

The Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau received a tip off last month that a criminal organization intended to transport the illegal immigrants from Pingxiang and Dongxing in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, according to YESKL.

After an investigation, the operation saw three buses with Guangxi license plates seized at the toll booth on the Longgang stretch of the Jihe Expressway at 1:45 a.m. on March 6.

The illegals consisted of 23 men and 10 women and most were from the same town in Vietnam.

This 2010 article in China Daily talks of a surge in illegal immigration from Vietnam because the pay is better in China. In one case last year, 42 Vietnamese illegal immigrants were nabbed.

Forbes offers this analysis of the situation of illegal immigration into China from Southeast Asia.


Police in Fuzhou arrest a 62 year old for prostitution, along with her 85 year old John

Posted: 05/24/2012 3:02 pm

Earlier this month, police received a tip-off that sex was being solicited along Taijiangyang Zhong Road in Fuzhou, Fujian, and that most of the prostitutes were in their 50s and 60s.  Police followed some women who were suspected of being prostitutes, and discovered that they were even soliciting sex during the day on a stretch of the road.

When police raided the building which the women were emerging from, they found that three rooms on the second and third floors were being used for prostitution. In one room on the second floor, two men and two women were found together naked on a small bed. A large stash of condoms was also found. At the same time, the 85 year-old, identified as Lin, was found with a 62 year-old prostitute, the oldest woman the city has ever arrested for prostitution.

After being arrested, Lin told police he would accept punishment, but tearfully begged them not to tell his family because he “could not face them.”  Aside from Lin, two other prostitutes and two other Johns were also arrested.

A policeman told the Fuzhou Evening Post that society needed to stop marginalizing old people and be more sensitive to their needs.

Once stigmatized as a sign of lack of filial piety, an increasing number of Chinese are putting their elderly parents in retirement homes as the country develops and people’s working lives get busier.

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