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[Photos] Fujian Fishermen Catch Endangered 2 Ton Whale Shark

Posted: 08/22/2014 11:41 am

endangered whale shark fujian Fishermen in Fujian made a big catch this week, but they had no idea how big until later: it is a two ton whale shark, which is on the official endangered species list.

CCTV had this to say about the controversial catch:endangered whale shark cctv

Mistakenly caught dead endangered species; on no terms are you to do this on you own. You will be sentenced to prison!
Today, Fujian fishermen caught and landed a two-ton whale shark. At the time the whale shark was caught, it was already dead. Whale sharks are a species protected in the Xiamen Ocean Valuable Animal Sanctuary. Police authorities say, whale sharks are classified as category two national endangered species. When the fishermen caught this animal, they suspected it to be an endangered species and reported it to police. No matter dead or alive, profiting or use of this animal by private individuals is expressly forbidden, otherwise violators may be punished by up to five years in prison. (CCTV reporter Shi Jinbin)

endangered whale shark fujian

As the use of an endangered species in China is illegal, we can only assume that the meat of this whale shark is being kept fresh with ice for some other reason other than consumption. After all, no one is interested in a fish that was dead when it was captured, right?

It’s unclear what the law says if people catch an endangered animal that is already dead, but if it was still alive at the time of capture these fishermen would be going to jail.

endangered whale shark fujianendangered whale shark fujianendangered whale shark fujianendangered whale shark fujian

Photos: CCTV


Fishing Ban Flaunted in Shenzhen Bay as Ecology Is Slowly Destroyed

Posted: 07/30/2014 4:15 pm

coast guard shenzhen bay fishing ban fisherman illegal netsWhen a moratorium upon fishing was imposed on Shenzhen Bay on May 1 this year, you would’ve thought all fishing in the area would stop because it became illegal. And yet, two months after the fishing ban was imposed, fishing in Shenzhen Bay is still a common occurrence, reports the Shenzhen Evening Report.

Municipal authorities have revealed ever since the ban was instituted, illegal nets measuring a total length over 13,000 meters (or 13 kilometers) have been confiscated and pulled from the water.

What has proven to be particularly frustrating for the Shenzhen Municipal Ocean Fisheries Inspection Department are poachers who say they had no idea a ban is in place.

Shenzhen Bay is an important spawning ground for fish, shrimp, and clams, as well as a migratory point for many bird species. The area’s ecology is heavily damaged by the nets, which have smaller apertures than even commercial fishermen use.

Municipal authories have stepped up their patrols of Shenzhen Bay to deter any further fishing.

Photo: Shenzhen Evening Post

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