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Random Knife Attack In Downtown Guangzhou Sends Eight People to Hospital

Posted: 08/22/2014 12:13 pm

tianhe district guangzhou knife attackA knife attack in Guangzhou on Thursday evening sent as many as eight people to hospital, reports Reuters.

A man attacked several people on the street with a knife before being subdued by police shortly after 7pm near Kemulang West Road in Tianhe District at the intersection of Lanyuan Street and Lanyuan New Street.

Reports listing the number of injured victims have varied, with reporting six injured, Reuters reporting seven and iFeng reporting eight.

The injured were sent to Guangzhou Armed Police Hospital for medical treatment. None of their injuries are said to be life-threatening. The ages of the victims range from 19 to 55. The majority of the injuries were either head or hand injuries.

tianhe district guangzhou knife attack

The suspect is said to be a 32 year-old man from Hunan named Fan. Victims say he began slashing people without saying anything or without any expression on his face. A motive isn’t known yet. Fan is in hospital now with injuries to his head.

Although the investigation by police is still in progress, it has been revealed to the media that a history of mental illness or inebriation may have been a factor.

tianhe district guangzhou knife attack


Photos: hc360


Horrific Beating Of Doctor in Hunan Leads to Protests by Medical Staff

Posted: 08/22/2014 9:23 am

More than 200 doctors from Yueyang in Hunan Province staged a protest in front of the local government building on August 21 after a doctor from Yueyang Second People’s Hospital was badly beaten by the family of a hospital patient who died following emergency treatment, reported Beijing News on Wednesday.

The injured doctor is currently hospitalized after the furious family members dragged him in front of the patient’s body, demanding the doctor to kneel down to show his remorse for his failure to save the patient’s life, the report said. The hospital, however, claimed the patient had already lost his pulse when he arrived on August 20 at noon, and after emergency treatment, the patient was announced dead around 14:30.

After beating the doctor, the patient’s family allegedly vandalized the hospital and blockaded the hospital gate, sparky an outcry from doctors at the hospital and other doctors in the city. More than 200 health practitioners in the city marched to pressure leaders to look into the case to ensure a safer working environment for doctors, the report said. “We feel worried at work without a sense of security,” a doctor said.

The doctors were seen holding placards reading “respecting doctors, respecting life” and “punish doctor-beating criminals”. The head of the Yueyang Health Bureau said it is now investigating the case, and confirmed the patient’s family vandalized the hospital. The local police are also looking into the case.

This is the fourth time conflicts have broken out between doctors and patients at the Yueyang Second People’s Hospital in the past month, galvanizing the already strained doctor-patient relationship, according to the report.

Earlier in the month, a similar incident happened in Xiangtan county in Hunan after families blamed a local hospital for negligence for saving a pregnant woman after suffering a rare birth complication.

Photos: Sina Weibo


Family Outraged at Hospital Staff as Mother Dies Shortly After Giving Birth

Posted: 08/18/2014 8:00 am

Zhang’s family crying in the hospital’s operation room

A woman’s family believes that a Hunan hospital’s staff are responsible for her death shortly after she gave birth.

A 27 year-old woman, surnamed Zhang, died during a C-section operation at Xiangtan Women and Children’s Hospital on August 10, 2014. The woman’s family believes hospital negligence was the cause of her death, reported People’s Daily on August 13. Her husband, surnamed Liu, alleged that the doctors and nurses disappeared after his wife’s death and abandoned her body on the operating table.

After more than 11 hours, from the beginning of the operation around 12:00 p.m., the family claimed that no one from the hospital updated them about the surgical operation. Worried about his wife, Liu opened the operation room’s door and found his wife lying naked on the surgical table. Her mouth was covered with blood and there were tears in her eyes, the newspaper said. Several men were seen chewing nuts and smoking cigarettes next to his wife’s body, according to Liu.

Hospital doctors claimed they did everything they could to save Zhang’s life.

According to the hospital, after delivering a healthy baby, Zhang was coughing and vomiting, due to what was believed to be an amniotic fluid embolism, a rare birth complication that has an 80% death rate. The complication occurs when either amniotic fluid, or fetal cells, enter the mother’s bloodstream and cause an allergic-like reaction, according to a report by AP. One in 20,000 women suffers from this complication during childbirth, reported ifeng.

The hospital said they immediately took emergency measures; but, Zhang died at 21:30, due to organ failure caused by the complication, reported Beijing News. The hospital explained that “the doctors and nurses are not gone, but are just resting”.

A Xiangtan health official is equally supportive of the medical staff at the hospital. Deputy director of the Xiangtan health department, Qi Xianqiang, said, “That evening, the family only went in once. The medical staff were, in fact, in an adjoining room resting; they do not have a duty to stand guard next to the deceased. As well, the body had not been moved from the operating room.”

According to a Weibo post by a user, the real reason why doctors and paramedical staff left the operation room was due to the victim’s family’s agitated behaviours and vandalism. The posted photos showed white banners hanging across the hospital’s front gate, with black characters written next to smudges of “blood”. One of the banners read, “Return my wife! (We need to) see if she is alive! Otherwise, we need to see her corpse!”

The family demanded RMB 1.2 million worth of compensation; but, this was rejected by the hospital. Local heath and law departments are investigating the case.

Photos: Sina Weibo; Xiangtan Public Metropolis TV Station 


Man Goes For A Massage In Shenzhen, Leaves Paralyzed

Posted: 06/17/2014 4:41 pm

massage unconscious paralysis shenzhenA 34 year-old Shenzhen man is currently unconscious and unable to breathe on his own after collapsing while receiving a massage, reports Guangzhou Daily.

Mr Liu went to the Seaside Resort in Shiyan New Town, Bao’an District with five of his friends at 2:30 am on June 16. The group had all purchased the RMB 90 karaoke-footbath package. The friends sang together and drank alcohol.

The friends then separated to receive their massages. That’s when Liu’s masseuse knelt on Liu’s back in order to work on his neck. Twenty minutes later, however, Liu fell to the masseuse’s feet from a sitting position.

Liu’s friend Zhang said Liu was unresponsive:

We tried to wake him up, but he wasn’t able to say anything. Instead, his eyes rolled in his sockets, his tongue fell out, and tears continually rolled down from his eyes.

When Liu was taken to the hospital, not only was he still unconscious, but Liu had lost the ability to breathe on his own. He’s now in intensive care with a ventilator to help his breathing.

According to an x-ray, the first and second vertebrae of Liu’s neck were displaced. The deputy head of the intensive care department Dr You said it’s too early to link Liu’s massage with his unconsciousness, but said the worst case scenario would see Liu suffer from paralysis.

The masseuse at the Seaside Resort is reportedly a 25 year-old woman with three years experience as a masseuse. All massage practitioners at the resort are trained according to resort standards as explained by a representative for the Seaside Resort, Mr Xing:

(Massage) practitioners at the resort can complete their required training in ten days if they are quick, or 12 days to half a month if they are slow.

Police are currently investigating.


Photo: Guangzhou Daily


Top International Hospital Set to Open in Guangzhou in 2016

Posted: 05/8/2014 11:00 am

Guangzhou residents seeking medical treatment from Western-styled international hospitals will have another selection to choose from when the Guangzhou United Family Hospital is opened for operation in 2016.

Through its parent company Chindex International, United Family Healthcare will partner with Guangzhou Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to establish a joint venture company to build and operate this hospital that will provide full services at international standards.

Construction of the hospital will be complete by 2015. The hospital is planned to be the fifth and largest of the United Family Healthcare network that also includes branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Qingdao.

Gong Erzhen, deputy mayor of Guangzhou, said that the hospital will be a point of reference as Guangzhou reforms its healthcare system.

The UFH currently maintains a local presence. The United Family Guangzhou Clinic offers select medical services during regular business hours.

The Guangzhou United Family Hospital will join other local JCI-accredited medical facilities Clifford Hospital and the Guangzhou CanAm International Medical Center.

Photo: United Family Healthcare


Scared of a Beating, Guangzhou Doctor Jumps Out of Window

Posted: 04/24/2014 7:40 pm

The recent announcement that police presence will be ramped up at Guangdong hospitals may have to do with incidents like this one.

A woman named Yi has a long-standing grievance with the Shijing People’s Hospital in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou. For ten long years, Yi has tried to taken the hospital to court, but has always been unsuccessful. Never one to consider that she may in fact be wrong, Yi has come to the hospital on several occasions lately to air her grievances in person.

This time, Yi has brought along family members for support, reports 21CN. According to an eyewitness, Yi and her family arrived at the gynecology department and, without first saying a word, began to beat a female doctor with fists and kicks. As the male family members locked the door and prevented anyone from coming in, Yi took out a knife with a 20-30 cm blade.

When security guards finally gained access to the room, they tried to separate the family from the doctor, but were unsuccessful due to the threat of the weapon. Yi and her family continued to beat the doctor, an altercation that lasted approximately 30-40 minutes in total. It wasn’t until the doctor climbed through the window of the examination room that she was finally able to escape, crying as she ran.

The doctor sustained a concussion and bruising throughout her body while the family was taken away to a police station.

And the reason for Yi’s imagined injustice? Yi’s daughter, born ten years ago to the doctor she was beating, suffers from cerebral palsy that Yi believes was caused by the doctor’s improper use of retractors.

Photo: N21


Dongguan hospitals beef up security after nurses, doctors beaten up

Posted: 03/12/2014 9:08 am

A patient in wheelchair chasing to hit a doctor in Donghua Hospital in Dongguan (Photo credit:

The fearful nurses and doctors in Dongguan turned to helmets, shields and long sticks for protection following various reports of hospital staff being beaten up by angry, drunken and sometimes powerful patients, Yangcheng Evening News reported on March 11.

Forty out of the 47 secondary and tertiary hospitals have finished building hospital police stations in case any staff member might get roughed up. Most of the police stations are equipped with security gear including police batons, stab-resistant body armour, and more.

“Reports of brutality against hospital staff are so frequent and have taken a great toll on doctors. People used to encourage their daughters and sons to become doctors when they grow up, now 90% of hospital staff are against the idea,” said one executive with a public hospital in Dongguan.”Doctors are humans too, and need security. One gets beaten-up just by sitting in the clinic. How can doctors treat patients without being worried about being beaten?”

The report came days after a doctor in Donghua Hospital in Dongguan was hit by a former vice president of the city’s disabled federation and three of his companions. The male doctor was hit in the crotch several times when the cohorts accused him of not treating the former official in a timely manner. He sustained a minor fracture, China News reported on March 4.

Earlier on February 25, a nurse in a Nanjing Hospital was paralyzed after being beaten by an official working in the city’s propaganda department. The official was detained a week after the incident and was dismissed amid public anger.

Home page photo credit: Yangcheng Evening News


Drunk dies of alcohol overdose at hospital, family blames the doctor

Posted: 03/6/2014 3:36 pm

A doctor in Chaozhou has found himself in the crosshairs of a family that lost a relative to alcoholism.

It all started on Tuesday (March 4) when a heavily inebriated man showed up at Chaozhou Hospital. A doctor tried to treat him, but the patient died from an alcohol overdose. The family, however, clearly believe the doctor didn’t do enough to save their relative, so they rounded up more than 100 people to protest at the hospital the following day, leaving the doctor distraught and in tears.

The protest out front of the hospital has gone viral on Sina Weibo, and comments are pouring in. Here are a few highlights:

“First, check to see if there’s a medical accident. If not, these protesters should be severely punished. My parents are doctors. I often see them running out to the hospital at night to save people’s lives. The protest will definitely hurt the doctor, maybe even damage him psychologically.”

“What? It lasted for half of hour? Even the police are controlled by this family?”

“Surely, not all doctors are good, but we are hoping that they all have a heart to save people’s lives. Everyone faces diseases and eventually die, this family should be reasonable and face it.”

“I have to admit, being doctor is a dangerous career at present.”


Toddler who had eyes gouged out is recovering well in Shenzhen

Posted: 11/26/2013 7:00 am

Surely you remember little Binbin, the kid who went out to play and then was attacked by a relative who gouged out both of his eyes this past summer. The attack happened in Shanxi Province, but Binbin was sent down here to Shenzhen for treatment.

Binbin arrived in Shenzhen a timid little boy who needed a lot of medical help. Doctors at the time said they wanted to give him two artificial eyes and navigation sensors. Fortunately for the little guy, the operations have all gone well.

Shenzhen Daily reports on Binbin’s progress, according to his doctor Fairooz Manjandavida:

“Binbin is recovering well, without infection, and he could be discharged from the hospital in two weeks if everything goes well,” Dr. Manjandavida said. “The implants have stabilized, with tissues and muscles attaching to them so they can move like real eyes. The tissue in his left eye socket was too scarred to hold an artificial eye, so a graft from his left buttock was used instead. The prosthetic eyepiece was finally installed after many adjustments.”

Binbin can now brush his teeth, get dressed and go to the bathroom by himself after a month of training and practice.

This is great news. Even better, the paper says his psychological condition has improved greatly:

“Binbin was suffering from significant psychological trauma when he first arrived at the hospital, often hiding behind his mother, but after psychological counseling his senses of safety, confidence and independence have greatly improved,” [Doctor Dennis] Lam said.

It turned out Binbin’s attacker was his aunt, who committed suicide after the attack. We’ll never know her motive.


Ouch! Penis chopped off after circumcision goes wrong in Guangzhou (graphic)

Posted: 07/4/2013 4:19 pm

A man who went to Guangzhou to get circumcised experienced every man’s nightmare when his genitals were accidentally cut off. He posted the (extremely graphic) pictures online and exclaimed: “How can I go on living?”

The man is now appealing for support on Sina Weibo. His user name is @无助55求帮助 and he has even added an image of his mutilated pelvic region as his profile picture.

According to inewthings, the man went to the Jili Hehan Plastic Surgery Hospital in Haizhu District to get the surgery done. After it went tragically wrong, he claims the hospital threatened him and said any attempt he made to get compensation was doomed to failure.

Amazingly, he had the presence of mind to take a photograph of what was left of his manhood.

The hospital describes itself as an ethical and professional institution that improves lives, careers and marriages with its plastic surgery. Hmmm

Remember expats in Guangdong Province, you live close to the Hong Kong border. Keep this in mind next time you need to put your life in surgeons’ hands.

You can see more graphic photographs of the aftermath of the accident here. But don’t click if you’re eating.

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